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Miley Cyrus -- 16 Going on Britney

4/29/2009 12:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which is worse: 16-year-old Miley Cyrus' leaving Koi restaurant with 20-year-old BF Justin Gaston, or her lace, backless, ridiculously short skirt?

Miley Cyrus: Click to watch


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I think the dress is cute, she wears it well, and unlike Britney and Paris, Miley can get into a car in a ladylike manner. There seems to be a lot of jealousy here. Her parents approve of this relationship; give this girl a break.

1966 days ago


To me the bf. Reason is because all 16 year old girls have short skirts and slutty clothing. But not all have a 20 year old bf

1966 days ago


fix the damn comment link tmz its not working!!!!

1966 days ago


damn i would run up in that

1966 days ago

Amanda Levi    

I was watchin your show tonight and was highly offended with your southern comments. I happen to be from Ga and think the south is much better than any kind of ignorant city folk.

1966 days ago


Heck I was 16 when my dad let me start talking to boys on the phone. I'm 38 now. This girl has been dating a grown man for quite some time now, so it's a pretty good bet that they are doing something sexual. And the dress doesn't look anything different than what the rich girls wear on that MTV show called My Super Sweet 16. I guess that's what they wear nowadays.

1966 days ago


Wow.She really is "getting the best of both worlds"...teeny bopper/lolita

1966 days ago


You Guys That Are Insulting Miley And being Cruel To Her need To get A Life.
Like Seriously "Nick" You're Stupid.
He's Not A Pedophile Or A Rapist.
That Right There Is Immature.
Yeah Its A Little Short, BIG WooP
I Bet Almost Any Other 16 Year Old Dresses Even Sluttier.
I'm Not Calling Her A Slut Or Anything, But You Guys Are Over Reacting
Like Seriously.
And Age Doesn't matter At All!
Its Only Four Years.
You All Need To Get A Life..
Stop Hating.
&& p.s. Her Parents Aren't Stupid They're GREAT!
Ya'll Need To Get Over Yourselfs.
Your Just Nagging On Her Cause She's A Disney Star, And Is Young And Rich.
That's All I Gotta Say!

1965 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Prostitutes wear more clothing than slutty cyrus! That is the skankiest outfit ever for a 16 year old, it is sending the wrong message to underwear boy. And, Smiley Miley is not a child, she is old enough to know right from wrong.

1965 days ago

hayley (:    

i have a dresss exactly likee that
and i am sixteeeen
i dont see the big deal
miley is sooo beautiful

1965 days ago


what no comment about the smokes she picked up?

1965 days ago


people say she is ugly, i guess they dont watch medium. now those girls are ugly!

1965 days ago


Stephanie, when your at the mall you dont see famous young 16yr old people dressing that way. She has the younger generation looking up to her. Like Jamie Foxx stated maybe she should do PORN...

1965 days ago


What angers me is how hard they went on Jamie Foxx for the remarks made about her, but these are the people that have the inside track on the truth about each other. He knows what she is and what she is about.

She is living an adult life, screwing this boyfriend and running back to the lying "virgin" Jonas brother boyfriend in between.

Mily is no "kid" she is on her back and should stand up or sit down and cross her legs.

She can not have it both ways, protection of her age and the right to "live" and "screw" like an adult.

1965 days ago


I cant believe what some ppl are saying about this girl. That dress not that bad she was just naked on a magazine cover right? I mean the boyfriend is expected she isnt living a normal 16 yr old life with 16 yr old boys around who can handle her life. You like who you like within age range and anything 5 yrs or younger is okay range where I m from.And come on now lets stop comparing every young white pop or disney star to Britney Spears. Britney is a grown woman that had some problems, the media blowed out of proportion not knowing what her family was going threw was, including her sister having a baby to, most people NOT JUST SOUTHERN GIRLS HARVEY have experienced or witness worse. At least she still trying the shelters and corners I can take you to are filled with alot worse.there is a REAL WORLD OUTSIDE ALL THAT B.S THIS CELEBRITIES BE CREATING!!

1965 days ago
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