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Sean Penn

She Can Pay Her Own Way

4/29/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from his wife, Robin Wright Penn -- again, and he's not about to start fronting her legal bills.

0429_sean_robin_launch_bn-1According to papers filed last week in Marin County Superior Court, Penn cites "irreconcilable differences." The couple was married 13 years and has two minor children.

Penn wants each party to pay for their own lawyers. And, he checked the box saying he wants the judge to terminate the court's power to award spousal support.

The couple announced they were divorcing in December 2007 -- but recanted four months later after changing their minds.

They list two minor children -- but Dylan Francis Penn just turned 18, so she's not a kid anymore. Just trying to be helpful....


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Robin, you don't need him! I hope you get some good meaty roles soon, I miss you on the silver screen!!

1968 days ago

Linda Mott    

Chavez hates gays and has them killed, but I think he loves Sean so much that he may change his mind and marry him. He did say he was his kind of guy.

1968 days ago

Green Is Good    

Wow, what a ass. Way to try and screw the mother of your two kids, jackass.

The stupid prick can file whatever he wants. CA is a community property state.

1968 days ago


sean penn is the most disgusting pig who has ever existed. period.

1968 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Sean Penn called Hugo Chavez 'Warm' and 'Friendly'. Hugo Chavez has been called ,by many, Soth America's first Fascist.

Hugo Chavez brief background: Hugo Chavez is a violent Dictator and has Forced (at Gun point) the democratically Major of Caracas (Rosales) out of office (maybe the last Chavez Opponent). Hugo Chavez has aided terrorists like Al Qaeda and Drug Dealers in venezuela (according to news outlets), Hugo Chavez Supports Sudan's al-Bashir before international bench warrant issued against him(Al-Bashir committed Genocide in Darfur). Many citizens and students end up missing or killed (example " 3 October 2008 Update: Student leader Jesus Soto- President of Zulia Student Union. He was an active member of the regional opposition to the Chavez´s administration at the University. It is still unclear who could of killed him" -south american news agancy reports)

"Hugo Chavez's regime may have been responsible for as many as 6,000 killings according to the U.S. State Department. He has been accused of Torture and a 2008 State Department report says, "Reports of beatings and other humiliating treatment of suspects during arrests were common and involved various law enforcement agencies." President Chavez has taken control of virtually all the country's media and he rewrote laws so that insulting the president is punishable by up to 30 months in prison.'" (According to post news agncies)

In 12/2006 Hugo Chavez stated that the ‘Jews own all the world’s wealth’, In 2007 Chavez stated that Catholics are ‘Liars and Perverts’ when catholics leaders did not agree with his plans, Chavez has laws against people who disagree with him politically and is Jailing or eliminating them , Chavez claims he owns countries around (like Colombia), Chavez changed the flag and time zone, has a violent & oppressive police force (now),constantly increasing his military, considered South America’s first Fascist, claims thier will be a never ending war with the USA, and the list goes on and on.

1968 days ago


Yes, she has been a doormat for too long... he is a creep. He needs a good lesson - I hope she does her homework and get's THE BEST attorney in Hollywood and makes him pay her spousal and child support. THEN... she will be set to live life on HER terms, and be free to AS SHE PLEASES..... It will KILL the ego maniac.....He deserves it too.

1968 days ago


He is sexy and the worlds best actor. She should have been a better wife to him! If you don't keep your man happy at home he will go elsewhere, which he is doing. She is a dumb bitch!

1968 days ago


This worthless piece of sh@* makes me sick!!! I have to say, I use to like Robin Wright. But when she married this waste of space, I lost all interest. Too bad it wasn't Sean that died instead of his brother Chris - who BTW had the real talent in that family! I can't believe that Natalie Portman has ANYTHING to do w/this piece of sh@*! I USE TO think she was a very talented young lady w/a good head on her shoulders, but the choice she's made to be involved w/worthless piece of sh@* shows she doesn't have an ounce of common sense.

1968 days ago


So glad everyone that reads TMZ is in agreement about this jerk. He was caught cheating again. Cheater, liar, and commie

1968 days ago


penn is a DOuche

1968 days ago


"Actor" / Quasi Politico-"Ambassador", Sean Penn has long since showed the world what a TRUE AMERICAN ARSE he is and can be. Whether it was his left wing "trips" to the Middle East, or to events happening right back here (the United States). I wish nothing but flops and failures for the remainder of his professional and personal lives. He is a NOTHING who, unfortunately, has been lucky and granted a much larger stage to spew his lopsided views forth upon the world. A personal message to Ms. Wright Penn, I totally could NOT believe it when you met this guy and not long after that, married him. I wish you much luck and and even more success in everything that you ever do. I personally think and believe that you'll be much happier WITHOUT this "commie homo". God bless the United States and freedom of the pen and press.

1968 days ago


What has gotten into Sean Penn? A wonderful actor who simply takes himself way too seriously? Being a good actor does not give him intellectual heights which are beyond his educational level or his genetics. He is an ACTOR, albeit a good actor.
A Harvard educated Miss Portman will quickly see through his BS and run! Robin Wright-Penn is classy, sexy, gorgeous, a great actor, and a fine person. Who really is the better off with this separation. I'm afraid Sean Penn may have really been a method actor when making Fast Times and simply never got off the bong. Sad...

1968 days ago

I Smell Michael Burning in Hell - AHHHHH! AAAAAH!    

Go Sean, dump that raggedy biotch who passed her expiration date. Now she will be just another annoying skank living off the 1 good film she ever did.

1968 days ago


Life is so short.
She's bound to find a better man.
Especially since he turned out to be such a dud.

1968 days ago


Most of you posters probably have no clue "why" you hate Chavez, Cuba, "Commies" just hate them cause your government told you to hate them. I'm gonna guess that 100% of you have bought something "Made In China"...guess what?! China is a Communist country, HYPOCRITES!

Sean Penn is a brilliant actor. He expresses his right to free speech.

I do think he's an absolute jerk for dragging Robin through the mud all these years. She stuck by him, raised his kids, supported him through all the "bad" times, and then she gets treated like this...when he made his Oscar acceptance speech and she was looking up at him with such love in her eyes...and he didn't even mention her...ugh.

1968 days ago
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