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Sean Penn

She Can Pay Her Own Way

4/29/2009 4:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn has filed for legal separation from his wife, Robin Wright Penn -- again, and he's not about to start fronting her legal bills.

0429_sean_robin_launch_bn-1According to papers filed last week in Marin County Superior Court, Penn cites "irreconcilable differences." The couple was married 13 years and has two minor children.

Penn wants each party to pay for their own lawyers. And, he checked the box saying he wants the judge to terminate the court's power to award spousal support.

The couple announced they were divorcing in December 2007 -- but recanted four months later after changing their minds.

They list two minor children -- but Dylan Francis Penn just turned 18, so she's not a kid anymore. Just trying to be helpful....


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Um, TMZ you're a lil late in breaking this news aren't you? It was on the wires THIS MORNING not this afternoon, WTF? I have to admit I did not know a thing about his relationship if you want to call it that with Chavez so thank you to the person that posted that write up on Chavez. As for the rheoteric about losing Madonna, laughs, ugh, I don't think that was any big loss, for either one of them. What I do know is I am a fan of the Chelsea Handler Show, Chelsea Lately on E! and a month or two back she reported on more than one occasion Sean was spotted in a restaurant corner with (hold yourselves) Lindsay Lohan both chatting each other up and smoking......when I heard that I was like oh mother of ducks what the hell would those two even have in common to chit chat about (seriously). On another occasion Chelsea reported that Lindsay showed up at Jack Nichcolson's house totally unannounced (at night and I'm rather certain it was said very late at night) -- guess she was looking for some psyuedo fatherly type advice (cough cough). Anyway, Sean's gonna pay out the ass, c'mon now, CA is a 50/50 state no way around that and with 13 years of marriage, she'll get 1/2 of what he has made in those 13 years (or more). End of story -- next.

2006 days ago


Well Sean has been spending too much time hitting the koolaid if he thinks he's not going to have to pay spousal support. Personally I think he's a piece of trash that Hollywood needs to dump and I hope Shauna gets about $35,000 a month. With no new movies coming out Sean, guess you're going to know what it feels like to work a real job, loser!

2006 days ago


good luck sean, no maintenence, or legal bills?
you've been married over 10 years. i hope she gets every penny she deserves.
the lawyers are licking their chops over this one.
My BF is stuck with 12 years maintenence and paying outrageous college bills.
So maybe you live in a wierd universe where someone with a huge income won't have to pay alimony
then hollywood here we come.

honestly i have a friend who is friends with Robin, and said that years ago Sean was a pretty good guy,
but that was many years, movies and $$$$ ago....

2006 days ago

Not buying the B.S.    

Thank God Robin finally wised up to this little commie prick! I hope she soaks him good!! Now he is free to pursue his "Harvey Milk" dreams! Or, he can always move in with his buddy Hugo Chaviz and they can think up new dispicable things to do to the people! That sick little tool, she's way to good for him! Keep you head held high Robin, everyone is entitled to one mistake!

2006 days ago


What a a-hole. Robin raised their kids he should treat her with respect. I liked his work - but now not very much.
Did he not to long ago had an affair with some top model. Hmm wonder why that did not turn out?.

He needs to get his "BIG and I'm so private big money life with his attitude & just stick it up you know where".

2006 days ago

Over It Already    

Sean Penn -- well those two words pretty much sound like an expletive to me. Robin shouldn't be surprised that after spending all of her valuable time with this bozo, that he's throwing her to the curb. No worries. He'll be having drinks with Hugo Chavez while Robin is living the life she should have all of these years without this uber-liberal, out-of-touch, selfish, who-cares-if-he won-an-Oscar blowhard. Best wishes Robin.

2006 days ago


She is entitled to half of every thing they own so she won't need spousal support.

2006 days ago


Venue is Marin. The judges there aren't used to high profile anything other than the occasional courthouse shooting,

However, they will view Ross as an outsider if Robin uses one of the local FLEAS.

2006 days ago


But if you want to know how Marin on the name, and don' hop towards a FLEA.

(Locals understand what that stands for)

2006 days ago


Why does this not surprise me!? Sean has yet again shown himself to be a complete douche! Robin is a lovely (and super hot woman) who basicallty gave up her career to raise his children and has constantly supported him and this is how he repays her??? Robin, you are lucky to be free of him! He was physically abusive to Madonna back in the day, I can imagine he wasn't much better to you! Hope she gets every dollar she deserves for enduring him over the years! I think Sean is the only Liberal I hate, so bravo Sean!!!

2006 days ago



2006 days ago


I was so embarrassed for her at the Oscars when he thanked everyone BUT her! She needs some therapy to help her see how much better off without him she is and why she deserves so much better. I think she is a lovely woman and talented actress who needs to hold her head up high while she takes him for everything he is worth.

2006 days ago


She's a lovely woman who is simply very different than the father of her children. If she is awarded half of his estate earned during the past 13 years of marriage plus another five years of living together (with their first born) prior to legally marrying, she most likely will not want spousal support since the children are almost grown. However, they have been married for over 10 years and, therefore, she can be entitled to alimony for life in the State of California. He's a great actor but is probably difficult in relationship and, especially, one where he feels the partner does not stand shoulder-to-shoulder beside him. I hope Robin Wright finds freedom and great happiness now that her children are nearly grown as we know ignorant women will be flocking to his side simply because he is a famous actor and activist. I would not be surprised if he and Madonna don't end up with each other once again!

2006 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Sean is a liberal dimwit and ugly as hell. He is so in love with himself, he can't love anyone else. Hope Robin gets at least half of his money - she deserves even more than that. How she lived with this nasty piece of trash is beyond me.

2006 days ago


You are such a beautiful person: he is an over-rated egomanic and does not deserve you.
He is such a narcissisist it is almost hurmorous--he's s total idiot.
Sorry for your loss, but it is way more his loss.

2006 days ago
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