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Swine Flu -- The '70s Edition

4/29/2009 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check out these swine flu commercials from 1976 -- you'll think twice before you go outside, kiss your wife or breathe again.


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Its only killing mexicans cuz it comes from those sweaty greaseball's taco trucks hahahahaha

1967 days ago


The media is blowing the "swine" flu way out of proportion. Statistically the good old fashioned flu, or influenza kills way more people annually than the new super "swine" flu has. What really happened is, someone high up decided that their stock in tamiflu and surgical masks needed a boost.

1967 days ago


The swine flu shot in '76 made many people very sick, I remember my grandmother getting very very ill from the shot. I was just a kid but I seem to remember that it contained too much live virus or something like that. I still fail to see how this flu is any more dangerous than any other flu outbreak. Thousands die from the flu every year.

1967 days ago


Poor Betty!

1967 days ago


Hey Dogg
You're not funny. You are just stupid.

1967 days ago


This isn't a "joke" or "hype to sell vaccines" you bunch of idiots. There was a case diagnosed in my county (Du Page, IL) . look at the cases popping up in Michigan. Think the fact migrant workers from Mexico are arriving there now just in time for blueberry season has anything to do with it? Look at the areas it has been found and you will see a high concentration of Mexican workers. Of course you fools in the sticks are in denial. Stupid, stupid people.

1967 days ago


Only Mexicans die from it because they still haven't figured out how to throw the tp in the toilet after wiping their ass.

1967 days ago


The real problem here is that the testing is being done locally which is taking several days and then being sent to the CDC and that's another several days. Testing where I live is not being finalized for seven days! That is putting all of our lives at risk!! This is a flu that is known to kill within 2-10 days so why aren't we prepared and why isn't the testing process streamlines so that local labs can do the testing? It isn't that difficult to let local labs know what the strain looks like. Is this because the CDC doesn't want to let go of any control? AMERICAN LIVES SHOULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN EGOS!

1967 days ago


Great I have had five people cough on me already this week.

1967 days ago


Do you realize that EVERY year the Regular FLU kills more then 30,000 people in the USA!!!!

This is total BS about Swine Flu.

1967 days ago


"But Betty had a heart condition, and she died" LOL! WTF??!!

1967 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

I dont want to play with fire. Because we will all get burned if we all have the attitude of # 15 This is no joke and no laughfing matter. Today is my day off work and in the early hours of this morning there were only 31 cases by this evening there are over 100 cases of swine flu and people are dieing and are being hospitalized! Are you still laughfing? Im not this is PANDEMIC now and the danger leve is 5! Thats world wide for all you idiots that think this is a joke!

1967 days ago


This videos seem to be straight from the DHARMA initiative...LOL

1967 days ago


That swine flu shot didn't work on kids and killed more elderly than the flu itself. The music in the first one was SO 70s lol.

1967 days ago


WOW.I was around then but dont remember those ads.Was at Teaxas Medical Center 2day and people were wearing masks and gloves...due 2 the death of a one year old transported here from MEXICO. Im not going outside...I'll watch TMZ.Thanks guys!

1967 days ago
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