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Taylor Swift Puts Motorists in a Jam

4/29/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops sealed off traffic in all directions ... they blasted their sirens to clear a path ... they forced hundreds of frustrated drivers into horrible gridlock -- all so Taylor Swift could get to the airport on time.

Taylor Swift: Click to watch
While the students at Bishop Ireton High School in Virginia were thrilled that she showed up to their school, the people stuck in the wake of her traffic-stopping motorcade were pissed -- honking, yelling and even getting out of their cars to check on the hold up. And they weren't too happy when they found out who was behind the delay.

Swift was en route to Dulles Airport -- where she boarded a private jet! Talk about Presidential treatment.

UPDATE: According to Britney Spears' Twitter, Taylor Swift was at her Chicago show. That's right, girl got a police escort to the airport so she could make it to Britney's concert. Sound familiar?

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I hate that lil praying mantis lookin' bitch. She needs to learn how tosing and not be such an attention whore.

1967 days ago


Why fly out of Dulles when you are much closer to Ronald Regan! Traffic is Northern VA is a NIGHTMARE to begin with, and now traffic is being haulted for a celeb. The post says this story was posted at 9:30. What time did she actually come thru, the middle of rush-hour!?! Please tell me that is not true! Two-hour commutes are bad enough!!!

1967 days ago


This is just absolutely ridiculous.
I would somehow obtain a gun, shoot the car tires, jump into her car, and punch the skank right in her face. I would never allow this as a celebrity. Does she drive? Does she know how obnoxious that is? Omg its making me angry just thinking about it lol

1967 days ago


Use of a police escort in this way is more than likely an illegal allocation of state resources, but it would take citizens affected by it to file formal written complaints as well as file a lawsuit against the city involved. Most people don't have that kind of time and money to spend.

1967 days ago


Have not liked her since I first heard her sing.Can't sing and all has no variey of music,all her songs sound the same.Also she is below average looking,skinny and has no curves.

1967 days ago


Wow so much for being that down to earth girl she claims to be

1967 days ago


good grief.. americans are crazy about show biznasty personalities.. utter rubbish and she is a waste of space anyway not surprised all that malarky was linked to britney spears.. nutters united...

1967 days ago


OH PLEASE , My daughter goes to Bishop Ireton HS, You would have thought she would have popped in with a guitar and a couple of songs and everyone would have been over the moon but this talented and wholesome young girl via Verizon was preceded by an entourage of 100's who set up and transformed the school auditorium to an Cap center like venue. It was tremendous and for such little publicity spoke volumes to how they regard their fans! Forget Britney Lindsey, and even Miley. Taylor is truly a talent.

1967 days ago


BTW It was about 3pm in the afternoon and the police got her out of there to clear the school neighborhood of all the "looky loos" who wanted to see her. But it was a special performance for the kids at BI specifically because they won a nationwide contest sponsored by Verizon with her performance as the prize.The police escort was there not for her but to clear traffic efficiently for everyone else.

1967 days ago


You have GOT to be kidding! Stopped traffic just so she can get to a Spitney Beers (oops... Brittany Spears) concert? It may be justifiable if a member of her family was suddenly stricken with illness or death, but for a friggin' CONCERT?!?!?!? If I were a taxpayer in THAT town, I think I'd have everyone I know storming City Hall and the Chief of Police offices, demanding some sort of recompense! C'mon! She's not THAT big of a star... So forgettable I don't even know what songs she has done.

1967 days ago

John Edwards    

WHO and WHY. What the F*ck are our tax payer dollars being ussed for? Who approved her escort. What if someone needing the police was told they were busy clearing th roads for some nobody to get to some nobodies concert? Again, What the F*ck! Pisses me off. Who ever approved such a thing should be fired for bad judgement. Wake up.

1966 days ago

Give me a break    

# 13 by down with tmz your disgusting and it should happen to you, idiot

1966 days ago


Loved how when they covered this 'story' on the TMZ tv edition, they introduced the clip and brought up the name "Taylor Swift.."

...And then Harvey & a few of his 'reporters' were like: "Taylor Swift? What does she sing?"

(Like they really didn't know. Uh huh.) :)

Cameraman at least seemed semi-respectful of her, though. That was cool.

1966 days ago


Ok look i think this is as much bulls*** as anybody, BUT i think we should not hang taylor out to dry, not just yet. It was probably her publicist who ordered the police escort AND lets not forget it was the police that did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The police should be reprimanded for doing this for her!!!! Not sure who would reprimand them though. But they should have said no!!! Now since she is the star in question, anyone that looks at this situation will immediately blame her. So as far as a celebrity's responsibility she should publicly say what happened, to either clear the air or take the blame. Either way would be honorable.

1964 days ago


Just read comment #68. If thats true then I understand and recant my statement.

1964 days ago
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