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The New Older Woman in Joe Jonas' Life

4/29/2009 9:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jonas' purity ring is really being tested -- the dandy evangelical Christian boybander stepped out with a leggy brunette that isn't Camilla Belle in Australia on Wednesday.


The 19-year-old hit the town unchaperoned with Lisa Origliasso, 24, of The Veronicas.

Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle and now Lisa -- this guy has "not slept" with a lot of chicks!


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Okay, this is totally random, but please say I'm not the only one that hates his hair like that. I used to always be curious, wondering what it'd look like if it were curly like his brothers, and now I regret it. Stick to straight, Joe! And go back to Taylor. I hate Camilla! And I don't know this girl, lol...

1955 days ago


ughh. i do not like camilla belle. this is what she did to joe.
and yeah thats one of those veronica chicks, but they're just friends. i think i'd like joe date that veronica girl than camilla.

1937 days ago


Zero........comment = I don't care anything about a Jonas

1968 days ago

KWAI-TV3 Los Angeles    

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww... MAJOR [f]ucking GREASEBALL to the *max*!!!!!!!! Face it: The Jonas Brothers simply *aren't* WHITE. They *gotta* be Middle Eastern. Look at their naturally-tanned skin, dark curly hair and brown eyes. Stop posing!!!! A bunch of phony sell outs, too. Hate them.

1968 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Give it a break, TMZ: If you wanna show one of these guys with a date, cool. But enough with the snide purity ring/evangelical Christian jive. If/when you have evidence, fine, show it. Until then, you really owe it to these guys to just take 'em at their word and show some respect. You have a nice pic of a nice moment for each of them. Just let it be.

1968 days ago


sure that's Joe Jonas? doesn't like anything like him!

1968 days ago

Chris Hansen    

these kids don't look christian at all. they look like a bunch of effin heebs,,,

1968 days ago


With legs like that- wear pants!!

1968 days ago


Damn.. those are some white legs. Does she have any blood?

1967 days ago


What's so horrible about a guy deciding not to accidentally create a baby, anyway? You do know that the only way to be 100% sure that no pregnancy will occur is to either 1) be absolutely sterile or 2) not do anything that lets your little swimmers near an egg....

Every other method of contraception can fail, they just reduce the odds. They can fail even if the couple is using several different methods at once. The TMZ guys might think abortion is a dandy solution when such failure occurs, but it's not so easy for the woman - most have to feel they have no other options before doing it, and it's something they never forget. By the time they know they're pregnant - it's no longer just a little clump of cells (go check a human biology book, guys).

My guess is that the Jonas boys just want what their dad has - a long-term, stable partnership with a woman and the chance to be a day-to-day father rather than just an occasional visitor and supplier of monthly support checks. The only way to get that is to make sure they've got a real long-term relationship before making any babies. Just ask any dad who loses that day-to-day access to his kids by divorce or lack of any marriage contract. Clear?

1967 days ago


I thought it was his brother that is dating Camilla Belle.....
Joe dosn't look well,,,,,I don't really have an opinion tho

1967 days ago

Hell's Bells    

1. This really doesn't look anything like Joe Jonas.

2. With all the unwanted and unplanned pregnancy in the US today...I'm just glad there are some out there who are trying to set a good example by not having sex until they are married and in a committed relationship.

3. Maybe if more kids followed this road...we would have less issues with children having children and living on welfare.

4. TMZ...when you have actual proof that any of the JoBros are having sex then maybe it would be a good time to get going on them wearing purity rings.

Reguardless of your's not right to harass someone for theirs just because they are different from you. It is just another form of bullying...

I, as a parent, admire Jordan Sparks and the JoBros and anyone else who wears a purity ring for standing up and proudly and loudly proclaiming their desire to remain pure until marriage.

1967 days ago


DAMN! Are those legs WHITE or what?

1967 days ago


When I was 20, my boyfriend was wearing his purity ring whilst I took his virginity.

PS. The Jonas Bros are three of the homliest boys on the planet.

1967 days ago


This doesn't look like Joe Jonas. Joe wears his hair straight.

1967 days ago
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