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Tupac Is Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/29/2009 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photographic evidence that Tupac Shakur is alive and well and drinking Hand Grenades in New Orleans -- unless we're terribly mistaken.

Tupac Shakur: Click to view!

13 years after he was shot and "killed" in Las Vegas ... a man appearing to be 2pac was spotted in a bar on Bourbon Street last weekend.

We were unable to get any sort of DNA evidence -- but this photo is good enough for us.

Thug life, bitches.

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if he was in new orleans just chillin we would have more media coverage. com on tmz you know that aint him if you thought it was it would be your number one story. dont you think its hard for his mom that has to see pics supposedly of her dead son every week. that woman cant get no peace. imagine if your child died and people steady put pics out asnd talked about that he was alive youd be pissed and hurt

1971 days ago


I do not really think that is Tupak and if it is wh cares. Obviously if it were him he wants to be a regular so leave him alone. I think it is someone who wants to look like him.

1971 days ago


That's my cousin Jerry. His in New Orleans with his job. We always said he looked like Tupac!

1971 days ago


This man looks latino. I bet you if we saw the front face view instead of his profile we would all agree he doesn't look like him.

1971 days ago

Have no shame    

WAY TO GO TO DIRESPECT TUPAC'S FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should be sooooooo proud.

1971 days ago


My father worked at the hospital where he was in Vegas and he took count of his jewlery and was in the room. Tupac is not alive

1971 days ago


If he is alive, does anyone care????

1971 days ago


It's not him... look at the ears... no way

1971 days ago


It would be amazing if this actually was Pac, but I have my doubts! Somebody would have tried to get an interview. And let's face it, this is TMZ!

1971 days ago


There's alot of wannabe's down in New Orleans and this is just another one...

1971 days ago


i think its him it all goes back to the 7s in his life theres alot of videos on youtube showing pac one especially made by a guy who had just moved to LA he was around a recording studio and was tellin everyone tupac was alive he just seen him and even filmed it find it watch the video notice what the man in the blue hat says to pac he says pac hide man and tells the guy filiming to get the cameras outta here notice how everyone groups around to try to hide 2pac they tried to prove this video fake as an old video but funny how some of the vehicles r 2005 models and what about the rapper black haze who has recorded some stuff and never makes public appearances or live performances anywhere its been said thats tupac just listen to some of the recordings they have on youtube and some of the comparances they have between 2pac and black haze black hazes stuff is either slowed down or time scalled up if u wher to hear black hazes stuff at normal speed it is tupac listen to the flow and whose to say he wouldnt show back up now 2009 do the math 2009 subtract the numbers equals 7 and of course theres the possibility he will be coming back in 2014 add the numbers equals 7 in my opinion 2pac is alive and has been recording all along also check out the subliminal messages on youtube someone played backwards and showed it step by step the song life I lead the lyrics go if u see me holla mo set played backwards it says im alive and me miss you its on your tube check it out everyone has their own opinions and will make em my opinion is tupac is alive and has been all this time and soon the whole world will know

1971 days ago


this is stupid..if he were in hiding N.O. is not the place to hide...altho hiding in plain sight is the best way lololol i don't think his mother would going around crying on tv and grieving if he were alive; no mother i right mind would want to put herself thru that...i'm leaving this one alone...somethings better left stuff like this

1971 days ago



1971 days ago


nope , similar features. has the real morgue pics.. dude's dead

1971 days ago


and also on youtube theres a subliminal message in one of his newer songs might be ghost its on youtube and the message is i misss you mom its on there all you gotta do is go to youtube and thers a lot of those messages in all his newest releases but then again everyone has their own opinion my opinion is still hes very much alive

1971 days ago
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