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John Edwards' Wife -- He Made Me Throw Up

4/30/2009 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

John EdwardsJohn Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, hurled in the bathroom after learning about her hubby's affair.

Elizabeth has written a book, "Resilience," and the New York Daily News got an advanced copy. Elizabeth says John fessed up just days after announcing his run for Prez.

The buzz we're hearing ... John literally won't go out of the house these days because he can't handle the reaction he gets. And Elizabeth is still with him.


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When you marry you take vows. They should be honored. When a spouse strays, you have to build trust to put it back together. Divorce is too easy. More people should be like them and try to work things out. Look at the timing of it all. They lost their eldest son, she had breast cancer, then it came back, she's terminal. They have been through alot and are trying to work it out for the sake of their children and the love they say they have. Leave them alone and let them try. And if writing a book makes her feel better more power to her. Maybe it will save another marriage or make someone think before they do something stupid and hurt the person they love. I believe her when she says, "If you take out this one piece, I had a perfect marriage and I believe her. She and her family should be in our prayers.

1993 days ago

PEPSI Generation    


2001 days ago


of course she is still with him. I "pays" her to still be associated with him. Greed is very tolerant.

2001 days ago


Of course she shoould leave him!! a no brainer

BUT....and it's a big but

she is coping with CANCER and apparently will be dying from it

so NO she should not- she has children who will be living with their dad after she dies and she is sacrificing her temporary piece of mind for the permanent stability and cohesiveness of what will remain of her family

it is another example of the ULTIMATE SACRIFICES that sometimes mom's make for the sake of their kids

it takes a brave woman to leave-but given her cancer-it takes a dignified and loving woman to stay so the upheavel of her children will be somewhat minimized after her passing

Kudos to her for being selfless at a time when most can afford to be selfish

2001 days ago


i was very disappointed to learn that John Edwards lied to the public. he should leave the country. and his wife should leave him.

2001 days ago


She is terminally ill. What purpose would it serve to leave him now?

2001 days ago


If she threw up about the affair, what did she do when she found out he has a BABY??!! Hmmm?

2001 days ago


It's their business. Butt out!

2001 days ago

Right On    

Another dirtbag democrat.....the party of "hope and change." Edwards "hoped" he didn't get caught while "changing" the diaper of his love child.

2001 days ago


I admire her for staying. This is one case, where I can say this, and no other. The woman knows that cancer will probably end her life, so she wants her children to remain with their father, and not have the horrible memories of a divorce, given she doesnt know how much time she may have left.

I canimagine she feels so betrayed by her husband, after giving him a lifetime of being a good mother and wife to the marriage. Now, she has to die, thinking it was all for what? A man who fathered another child by someone else. I fell bad for her, but she is a classy lady, and her chidren will see this when they get older.

2001 days ago


This is not new. John McCain set the standard when he had multiple affairs after he returned from Vietnam. His poor wife had been in a terrible accident and gained weight and he started to act like he was on MTV Spring Break, leaving his wife for a young rich skinny blond. Not only that, Rudy was cheating on his wife in the Governors Mansion, Newt left his wife for another while his wife was recovering from cancer, Rush Limbaugh cant keep a wife. John Edwards simply got caught-up in what conservative politicians do best, lie and cheat!

2001 days ago


Here is what made ME throw up..
1. She put up with his philandering and smiled the entire time
2.She stayed to further herself
3. I feel sorry for her having a terrible illness, but she doesn't want him, just doesn't want anyone else to have him either.

2001 days ago


Democrat/Republican/Liberal/Conservative/Green or whathave you...The guy is a dirtbag. Isn't anyone faithful anymore? .... I just hope she threw up ON him. After burning all of his personal belongings in a bonfire in the backyard with all of her friends and a bottle of rum. Then let his naked arse beg for forgiveness in a public areana. ..... Poor woman. a person really one needs one @$$hole, she has two.

2001 days ago


I hope she lives FOREVER and shaves him bald in his sleep.

2001 days ago

Helen Rainier    

i was very disappointed to hear about this when it was finally made public. That said, just like Hillary and Bill Clinton, it is a personal issue between them and they are the ones who need to make the decision as to what is best for them.

2001 days ago
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