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Linda's Boyfriend Free to Burn Hulk's Rubber

4/30/2009 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It looks like Linda Hogan isn't the only thing her 19-year-old boyfriend is allowed to ride -- a judge just blocked the Hulkster's attempt to keep the youngster from driving his cars too.

Hulk Hogan: Click to view docs!

Hulk had asked the judge in Pinellas County to keep Charley Hill out of the driver's seat because he feared his marital estate would be liable if the kid got into a wreck.

Hogan tried, the judge denied -- but the judge didn't necessarily disagree with Hulk's plight. In the papers, the judge wrote that it "would appear to be exceedingly imprudent" to keep Charlie from getting behind the wheel.

Hulk's attorney told us, "This issue certainly isn't over... clearly from [the judge's] statement from this hearing that in principal he agrees with our position but legally does not feel he is able to grant an injunction."


No Avatar


man i dig where Hulk is coming from...ur the bread winner of that whole damn estate over there n bad enough he's swimming in ur paid for ish banging out ur wife but now the CADILLAC'S...OH HELLS TO THE NO...Hulk should have a couple of his street friends put the fear of the Hulk in that ass n keep him out of the driver's seat one time...ol Fabio lookin summamabitch

2010 days ago

Blog King    

He is concerned for own estate as well as the life of the young 19 year old. Im pretty sure he knows what he is doing, He was once 19.

2010 days ago


they aren't "his cars", obviously the idiot didn't realize he was MARRIED. The cars also belonged to LINDA. Men seem to go way crazy in divorces, suddenly thinking everything is "theirs" . Women realize it's 50-50. So I'm sick of women being played up as greedy, since its always men who start squealing that everything is "theirs". He ought to act more dignified towards his ex wife and the mother of his kids and quit acting like a first grader. And I'm glad Linda is having fun with her young boyfirend. She's being put through a BIG double-standard with that too. DROP the double standards on women.

2009 days ago


Yeah...I agree with "tmzjunkie".....the wording of this post makes no sense.....if it were IMPRUDENT to keep him FROM getting behind the wheel, then that means the judge thinbks they should ALLOW him behind the wheel. C'mon, guys...hire a proofreader.

2009 days ago

Boo Hoo    

are you kidding me, this dumb c*nt did nothing their entire marriage except bend over and take it in you know what. Hulk had the job, hulk bought the cars, hulk bought the houses, Hulk bought the boats. and now this ugly cow wants everything. yeah 50 50 sure if both earn their keep durning rhe marriage. not a one sided situation like this, let her new boytoy buy her a car. Oh wait he has no job just like her, their both living off hulks income.
nuff said.

2009 days ago


Can no one put a cap on Linda and how she is taking Hulk to the cleaners. Everytime they are in court it seems Linda has won again along with her boy toy. Really, When will this ever end. I say freeze up all assests and see how each person does. I know Hulk could make a living but really could Linda, I think not. Let her go out an earn some money of her own and let see how much she gives her boy toy then.

2007 days ago
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