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Lindsay Lohan Eats It

4/30/2009 10:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What goes up on a surfboard, must come down ... demonstrated here when Lindsay Lohan got shredded by the gnar in Maui yesterday.



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We love blonde hottie dude!    

wow. what a bunch of hateful comments. I bet you all the comments about her being so thin, eat a burger, etc, etc are being posted by the 200+ crowd. Why don't u post a photo of how your butts would look on a surfboard in a bikini? At least she can wear a bikini, you can always put on weight but most lazy slobs can't take it off and keep it off. Go back to your chips and soda and quit hating. Karma will get you everytime. What do you gain by being so hateful with your comments? Miserable people.

1969 days ago


OH, I miss Maui, soooooo beautiful.

1969 days ago


I think I would be rather be in the 200+ crowd and enjoy my burger, rather then deal with being a wanna be hollywood schitzo drunk with feet alf would be jealous of.

PS.... Think I will have my doritos and my burrito, now if thats ok... oh and let's not forget my pepsi...... wooooohooooo for the "fat" people

1969 days ago


great posts, #31, #33, #37. funny!

1969 days ago

The Dude    

Shortly after Lindsay entered the water, a high contamination and bacteria level was detected. The center of the chem-bacterial plume seemed to originate somewhere around where Lindsay was in the water. Sudden death of fish, crabs, seagulls and even a shark was found floating nearby. Other surfers around Lindsay reported getting a bad rash accompanied by vomiting.

the beach remains closed until the plume moves out to sea.

Nah..just kidding....but, you never know

1969 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

Ugh! Look at those saggy baggies! Droopiest chest nuts in CA or HI or TMZ with the possible exception of Betty White (my sincere
apologies to Ms White - Class Act every day of the week)!

Sister Ali has a way better body than Lilo, but Ali's face leaves a LOT to be desired; whenever I look at it, I'm reminded of Sam or Kelly Osborne - that is NOT a good thing
Lilo may be in her 20's, but her bod and skin look to be in the late 40's. Rode way too hard and put up way too wet and too damn often! She's already moving into has-been territory and by next year she will be firmly entrenched in what-the-hell-was-her name?-land. Wonder if 15 year old Ali is going to be 30+ by the time she's 20?

Maybe it's a genetic thing, you think? Younger sister/cousin/obscure relative of celebu-wreck has the same mutated be-stupid/act-stupid/burn-out gene? Must be that Achilles curse thing - live fast, die young, leave a burned out, famous-for-14.5-minutes corpse to be dragged around the city!!! If so, Lilo is right on track!

Best body/face around is Bar Rafael. So why are still seeing pics of Lilo and genetic family? Oh! This MUST be TMZ! If there are pics of Lilo, then it must be any day of the week and TMZ! Yawn.

Next comes the obligatory article about OctoMom octo-spawn, and then the gratuitous bit about whatever flavor of the week black rapper/NFLer/NBAer/actor/etc. got caught DUI/beating wife/girlfriend/paparazzi/stranger/etc. this week! One of TMZ's select/fill-in-the-blank, insert name here type original and thought provoking articles, complete with typo, bad grammar and syntax errors.

Must say Paris Hilton has been remarkably quiet and well behaved these past few weeks. This new guy appears to be good for her. Maybe she is finally settling down and growing up, with the support of the right man in her life. That certainly proved true with her mother at her age. I really hope it last and they make. TMZ's loss, Hilton families gain!

What were we talking about before I dozed off??

Bob, Still Old, Still Grey, And Still A Woolf

No trees were harmed in the sending of this message and a very large number of electrons were asked their permission to be terribly inconvenienced. And a party was thrown for them afterwards for being really cool about it.

Bob's Space - Home Page of the Olde Greywoolf

"Life is a journey - not a guided tour!"

1969 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Too bad it was not a shark pulling her skanky, skinny ass off that board.

1969 days ago

for now    

Not only are the perverts jealous of Lindsay,
they are jealous of a 15 year-old girl.
What should we expect?

1968 days ago


If she would have gotten stuck under at least there couldn't be any brain damage. hehe

1968 days ago
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