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Miss Cali -- The A-Rod of Pageantry?

4/30/2009 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only star making news for a performance enhanced chest -- Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean thought a new rack would help her win the crown!

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Miss California Exec. Director Shanna Moakler admits the organization paid for Prejean's boob job -- but while unnatural growth may get you punished in baseball, a fake chest is no reason to lose a pageant.

Homophobia however ...


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#13, Kate - well done, you are very wise and have summed things up nicely!

1965 days ago


#9 F*CKTARD...kidney transplants...and FAKE T!TS are two very different things moron!!! not that I would expect an idiot like you to understand the difference or anything. but just for sh!ts and giggle the difference is a failed kidney can kill you...fake t!ts will get more d!ck up your @ss/

1965 days ago

Glass Houses    

TMZ, you are the most petty bunch of b!tches I have ever seen...

1965 days ago


The only thing Carrie believes is that she's found the gravy train!

1965 days ago


TMZ I LOVE you for exposing this dirty c*nt for the fake, trashy hypocrite that she is...keep em coming!!! :-))))

1965 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

The fact that the pageant organizers paid for Carrie's implants isn't a big shocker. Is it really any surprise that she or others have had "enhancements" done? Please...we're talking about a pageant - it's all fake.

1965 days ago


Shanna Moakler is TRASH! The pageant needs to get a California rep that doesn't run to Twitter and start trashing her contestant the moment something goes wrong. We watched your reality show Shanna, we all know you can't even get out of bed to take care of your own kids. Who are YOU to be judging someone? I don't agree with Miss California at all, I DO believe everyone should have equal rights to marriage, but there is no way I would ever fault someone for having a different opinion. WE ARE ALL ALLOWED OUR OPINIONS. And your B.S. about how she is supposed to represent everyone so she shouldn't feel like that is just that - complete B.S. She is representing a state that voted on this issue and the majority has the same opinion she does! How ignorant of you Shanna. You want us to believe that you worked with this girl for 6 months and did NOT know her opinion on this subject? Oh, that's right. You just wanted her to hide her true feelings about it and give a neutral answer, because THAT would be so much better, right? You're a real piece of work. Go back to bed.

1965 days ago


Love the tolerance and love you guys show..Hypocrits!!! Go Carrie! You are still allowed an opinion in America...for now..

1965 days ago

Crazy Oldie    

this girl reminds me of the ones I used to hookup with in HS...they would give BJ's and take it in da butt (what what) yet be hypocrites and praise Jeebus...give me a break!

1965 days ago

Pumpkins Mom    

TMZ you are not all there in the head. Becasue of her statement of not believing in Gay Marrigae that makes her a homophobe? Your out of your ever living mind! People who make statments like you just did are the reason why people in USA can no longer state what they believe if it's not POLTICALY CORRECT! I'm so tired of this crap. Get a grip. Believe it or not most people in the USA at this time do not believe in Gay Marriage.

1965 days ago


#17,retard, why, wont you f*ckin blame God for not giving you strong kidneys b!tch? Wasnt that you logic f*cktard?

1965 days ago


Ed ~ You are so right! One should NEVER upset a queen.......................whether right, wrong or indifferent, the gay man will chew you up and spit you out in the blink of an eye. Example: P. Hilton Now, there is someone to be real proud of! A man that was dominated by his mother yet, hates women and all they stand for.

1965 days ago


#23...NO you dumb c*nt...I don't believe in your fairy tale God...the point is this fake @ss skank who keeps preaching about God but has fake t!ts, does pageants for a living (parading around naked) and has a boyfriend that hits the bong (drugs) which I'm sure she shares his bong with him. where the f*ck does this worthless b!tch get off deciphering the bible. by they way...your mom's the b!tch. c*cksucker!!!

1965 days ago


LOL...I LOVE the fact that even fake t!ts didn't get this dumb skank the crown she so desperately wanted, LOL...serves her right the dumb hypocritical skank!!!

and yes I know she has a right to her matter how disgusting and @ssbackwards...but then I HAVE A RIGHT to my opinion...and in my opinion what she said and how she has responded in the media lets me know she's a worthless hypocrite too dumb to do anything else in her worthless life except parade around in a bikini...the sad thing is she's not even good enough to do that...not until she got fake t!ts, LMAO! pathetic h0e.

1965 days ago

Freak of the Week    

#20 You read my mind! Shanna you shouldn't be the executive director, you are using this entire scandal to merely promote yourself! And, it is quite obvious, the time has come for you get your saggies in for some enhancements, you're hanging low!

1965 days ago
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