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Miss Cali -- The A-Rod of Pageantry?

4/30/2009 1:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez isn't the only star making news for a performance enhanced chest -- Miss USA loser Carrie Prejean thought a new rack would help her win the crown!

Shanna Moakler: Click to watch
Miss California Exec. Director Shanna Moakler admits the organization paid for Prejean's boob job -- but while unnatural growth may get you punished in baseball, a fake chest is no reason to lose a pageant.

Homophobia however ...


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Shana needs to be quiet now. This particular incident is old news. She isn't helping anyone by her continued whoring with the media.

1970 days ago

Is she blind?    

I APPLAUD CARRIE PREJEAN FOR ANSWERING A CONTREVERSIAL QUESTION HONESTLY. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL HER WHAT HER BELIEFS SHOULD BE. I think people are so concerned about being politically correct that they are afraid to stand up for their own values anymore. Just as the homosexual groups have the right to petition for and celebrate gay marriage rights, when awarded, hetrosexual people are entitled to answer a question about their beliefs without criticizm. I personally agree with Carrie regarding gay marriage however neither she, myself or millions of others who share our opinion are going to public forums bashing gay people for trying to get their relationships legally recognized.
TMZ, I think you calling Carrie a "homophobe" is totally out of line. Too much attention has already been given to a single question and answer. If I want to read exaggerated/pansied comments, I'll go to on

1970 days ago


Barack the Magic Fraud YOU sound like you think President Obama is the hell is he supposed to clean up a mess in a 100days that took bush and his crooks 8 years to create? had the village idiot gone into Afghanistan instead of Iraq to begin with we would have been done a long time ago. but keep talking about President Obama when this post has nothing to do with're starting to sound like a sore loser. if we had to deal with the drunken moron bush for 8 years while he p!ssed on everything America stands for the least you can do is swallow your pride and step up and do the same with President Obama while he's trying to clean up their mess...but hey you are entitled to your opinion, in my opinion from what I've seen so far he's the best president we've had in decades.

1970 days ago

She is hot    

F*ck this SKANK

The media and Obamas followers act like he is Jesus!! Hell, they have chills running up their legs everytime he speaks. I am not a sore loser at all because i know that the people that voted for him voted on "hope" and "change" without asking what kind of hope and change!! Your right Bush did so much wrong by killing Hussein and his two angels of sons that raped and murdered at their will. Freeing the Iraqi people of them was HORRIBLE of America!! Clinton was offered Bin Laden on a silver platter and didnt take him into custody. Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac? Who Barney Franks, Dodd, and Reines said there was nothing wrong with them just prior to them going down the crapper but that is Bush fault to of course. Katrina was Bush's fault to and Ray Naigan had no responsibility at all in telling them to get out.

Calling Miss Cali a homophobe is just another example of liberals and people like Obama giving someone hell because they are against gay marriage, but Obama gets a free pass!!!

1970 days ago


How utterly unprofessional of Shanna to make those remarks. She only became Miss USA herself because the original girl won Miss Universe. Shanna is a selfish, self-centered attention whore. I hope Miss California goes on to do great things. She didn't do anything wrong!

1970 days ago


Yuke - Shannon looks like a DRAG QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk about stirring the point. This is all old news..............MOVE ON.............

1970 days ago


Barack the Magic Fraud

you're right, I certainly did vote for President Obama mainly because 1. he is not a repub, 2. hope and 3. change...and on all counts he has delivered and I couldn't be more proud of my President and I can't wait to see what else he accomplishes in the remainder of his term and beyond.

so we come back to my statement a few posts ago, I would rather my tax money go to AMERICANS and improvement of AMERICANS' think it's ok to spend our tax money "saving Iraqis from Saddam and his sons" even though more Iraqi kids have been killed since America set foot in Iraq than ever before under Saddam's rule...whatever makes you sleep better at night I guess, LOL. but the fact remains, you would rather spend your tax dollars in Iraq, because in your mind you are making their lives matter how wrong and misguided/brainwashed you are to believe that, but that's a different story for a different day. and I would rather spend my tax dollars here in the US improving our education system, making more environmentally sound choices as a nation, hopefully offering health insurance to the less fortunate, etc. I'd rather help my country FIRST before helping other nations, specially nations that hate us and want nothing to do with us.
and as things stand right now we have an amazing President in office who sees things my way and my side wins...quit crying and man up. you may get your chance to ruin our country again in 4 years when you can elect another trigger happy moron repub...or maybe not...the republican party is falling apart and with good reason too, and I for one couldn't be happier.

1970 days ago


What I think is funny is that we are all supposed to have "freedom of speech" if that's the case, why can't she voice her opinions about gay marriage? If she had gotten up there and agreed with gay marriage, it would have been okay, she would have won. Give me a break TMZ, shouldn't we give Perez Hilton some grief for being downright disgusting?

1970 days ago


Somone please make this woman stay home and not go out in public

1970 days ago


Ah good ol' America! The country where we pat ourselves on the back with one hand for our freedom of speech, while pointing the finger with the other hand at anyone who dares have an opinion we disagree with.

She phrased her opinion respectfully, without any hate or suggestion of violence. Can the people who disagree with her point of view say the same? No, because they are the biggest most hate filled hypocrites around. Liberals crack me up, so filled with self adoration for their "open mindedness" while being the first to verbally castigate anyone who dares disagree with them. Not thinking homosexuals should be allowed to marry does NOT immediately make you a homophobe, it's just a natural label attached by those who need to attack and defame anyone who thinks differently than themselves so they can elevate themselves that much more in thier own hate filled minds and agendas.

Just remember, if you deny ONE person their freedom of speech, it's only a matter of time til you get the same "reward".

1970 days ago


WTF? why would the organization pay for the boob job? I will not let my daughters watch pageants anymore, pageants should be of girls who are naturally beautiful and not fake bimbos!! This is outrageous!!!
Oh and 2nd of all who really cared what Moakler has to say anyways? shes a fake her self

1970 days ago

cry me a gay river    

Shanna Moakler has taken the Miss California pageant down another notch with her childish rants. She thinks she's helping gays???lmao! She and Perez Hilton are slowly but surely losing ground for gay marriage proponants. I know I certainly would think twice before EVER giving this disgusting two-some anything, much less the right to marry a same-sex partner. The California Miss USA pageant sponsers should re-think having bigots like Moakler & Hilton speaking for them.

1970 days ago


The really funny thing is when asked, hardly anyone knows who won the Miss USA pagaent...
But, they all know who Miss California is...

As for Obama, his LIES are unraveling as we speak...Has anyone of you taken the time to investigate the latest regarding the promised Stimulus Checks that will cost future generations big $$$?...Turns out that those too are now being "reconsidered" and the promised amounts cut...
Just like when he said last night that he "Doesn't want government involved in businesses", then turned around and forced Chrysler into bankruptcy this morning...What becomes of the "bailout" money the taxpayers were bilked into giving to Chrysler?...Will it be written off as "bad debt" to screw us again?...

So, now we know that Shanna Moakler is a washed up has been, Carrie Prejean will continue to rise at their expense, and Obama's LIES are catching up to him...

Next subject...

1970 days ago



1970 days ago

She is hot    


Well said!!

1970 days ago
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