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Tupac Alive -- The Plot Thickens

4/30/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got new pictures of a guy (left) people think is the same guy we plastered all over our site yesterday -- a guy we think could actually be Tupac Shakur. People from all over the world went nuts yesterday after we posted the pics (right). Frankly, we don't think the new guy is the same as the one we put up yesterday -- we still think yesterday's dude -- who was in a bar in New Orleans over the weekend -- is 2Pac.

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the new guy looks like my homie 2pac, but why is he hiding ?

1590 days ago

the truth    

This aint Pac and we might never see hime again but after listening to the messages in the song "hold ya head" and knowing that 200 people a year get away with faking there deaths for insurance fraud. I believe that his mother planned it out cause he says "maybe mama had it all right, rest your head. Trading conversation all night, bless the dead". And the song chorus says "how do we keep the music playing" thats why the track "Hold Your Head" because he had figured a way to escape the fam and still give us music for about 10 years after his death. He wdidn,t want to give his enemys the opportunity to kill him so he came up with a way to leave the rap game "holding His Head" up.

1569 days ago


Tupac est vivant et il vie sur la Cote d'Azur.... .... .... .

1544 days ago


bitch aint pac

1518 days ago


"the best way to get back at your enemy is to make them believe you dont exist".....strong words that Pac learned while(to dodge his enemies) he was locked up. the man that wrote that also either wrote or demonstrated, and fake death and a returning in (i think) ten years. but Pac will pop back up.....and it just might suck too. but yeah, his latest strongest knowledge what this.

1436 days ago


ok so number one i have been pretty much crazy about PAC since before his death his music movies poetry its all just beautiful and so nicely done now pac yes did not live his life in the light the people wanted for him but the way i look at it is "Only God Can Judge Me!!" that's how i live day in day out and if you listen and watch his work you will notice little things 7 day theory 7th day 7hour 7years...also in one of pacs songs he says i gotta stay rich till '96 they man isn't dead he is are black Elvis he will never die if he is dead or if he is alive and he really does die he could drop dead in front of the whole world and everyone would be like damn you see that **** the man dropped dead!!! then the guy right next to you yo man that aint PAC that mans alive in Cuba>>>yep haha its are thought are breath are blood sweat and tears that is tupac shakur that's why i say he is still alive he is a rap god he will never die in my or anyone Else's eye you listen to his music read his poetry watch his movie's that's PAC alive right in front of you showing you his life and how good it was......R.I.P Tupac Shakur>>>>>

1252 days ago


**** Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

1215 days ago


I believe that COULD be 2pac (the guy in the right). He doesn't look super young like the fake pics that appear on the Internet all the time, and some ask why would he appear somewhere all of a sudden? well, simple, I think he wanted to go out, what would people expect if that's 2pac, that he'd spend the rest of his life hiding? Besides, he'd be relying on the fact that everyone thinks he's dead and that even if he popped up somewhere all of a sudden, there'd always be people saying that's not him, blah blah blah, so he can go out and he'd know that it'd be difficult to prove that that's really him. I don't know if he's still alive or not, but I wish with all my heart he was ok.

1163 days ago


hey tmz one of ma old rich friend said if u guys find tupac and tell him were he live at he will give 2.5 million dallors

1118 days ago


la gente es imbecil!!! como va a ser tupac? claro que NO es!!!

910 days ago
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