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Tupac Alive -- The Plot Thickens

4/30/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We just got new pictures of a guy (left) people think is the same guy we plastered all over our site yesterday -- a guy we think could actually be Tupac Shakur. People from all over the world went nuts yesterday after we posted the pics (right). Frankly, we don't think the new guy is the same as the one we put up yesterday -- we still think yesterday's dude -- who was in a bar in New Orleans over the weekend -- is 2Pac.

Tupac - click to viewTupac shakur - click to view


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it's too bad we can't see the other side of his neck. he has a tatoo "makeveli" on that side, he got it right around the time of his death, so i've heard. of course he could have gotten it removed since then...

and i totally agree about the ear thing josh.. it's amazing how exactly there ears match. also the head shape, the bump on the top of the head and the neck slope. incredible look alike

1946 days ago


I agree with TMZ new guys is not the same as the pic. before... Its as easy as looking at the ear size... take a closer look and you can see the new guy has a bigger ear. And the biggest difference is the ear ring piece at the noise... You can't miss that for anything.

1946 days ago


If you view you can see his autopsy photos. He is definately not among the living!!!

1946 days ago


ya all three of his funerals were cancelled at last minute, also vegas police have a posting out on him as a missing person from hospital on sept 13/06. His mother has never cashed in his life insurance policy as that would make her a criminal if he is still aliveand resurrects like he states he may in 2012 or something. his coroners report states he was 200lbs and we all know pac was a skinny 168lb 25 yr old. if anyone really cares about tupac, they should youtube everything on him for a few hours. you will put it all together. especially the holla back video where tupac is near a 2002 red mustang. there is soooooo much evidence to verify he never died. police in nevada still question and have wanted posters of him as a missing person from the hospital back in 1996.the fake autopcy pic was from a video where he was in same position laying next to a woman he did. the fake atopcvy pic also dosent have his neck tattoo and coroners dont cut open bodies the way the fake pic was plastered on net back in 96.

1946 days ago


those autopsy photos have been proven fake btw

1946 days ago

moment of truth....    

Please, this new guy doesn't look anything like him. What, all bald black guys look alike? Booo

Posted at 10:29AM on Apr 30th 2009 by CHEVY

Well Chevy, you hit the nail on the head...yes all bald black guys look alike....give em a white t shirt thats 12 sizes to big, a pair of stupid jeans and air force ones and only their mothers could tell them apart....

1. enough TMZ....hes dead let him rest in peace

Posted at 10:28AM on Apr 30th 2009 by assmouth

As for you Assmouth, get a life, TMZ keep up the great work....pissing people off from the left coast to the right....hell yea

1946 days ago


yesterdays pic is him, on right. he is wearing a high collared long sleeve shirt covering his neck tattoo. imagine a 38 yr old man out in a club with 21 yr old chinese girls dancing who were 8 when tupac died??? kids in clubs are kids, like 21. i doubt they were into tupac at 8 when he died or could resemble/remeber if it was him in this pic on weekend. he probably loiters in kiddie clubs as the next generation wont remember him as much as the ppl close to his age do today. why are others wearing short sleeves on a hot loiusianna night and tupac all covere up in a long sleeved collared dress shirt near his neck tattoo.

1946 days ago

Carrys F.    

They got a picture. Did any crack journalists at TMZ think to actually TALK to the guy? Interview him? Yeah. A picture proves he's still alive. And my dog can drive my car.

1946 days ago


The man in this photo does not have the same earlobes as Tupac. Look at a photo of Tupac and the difference is apparent.

1946 days ago

Carrys F.    

Remember all those Elvis sightings in the Enquirer in the 80's? Same thing. Nothing but nothing.

1946 days ago



1946 days ago


So basically, according to the 'fine folks'(read that how you want) at TMZ, all Black Men look alike. I can't believe you did this a second time, with a different guy. SMDH.

1946 days ago



1946 days ago


What are you trying to say TMZ, all black guys look alike?????

1946 days ago


I believe that the pics from yesterday were of 2-Pac, the side profile looks like him more than any of the other fake pics i,ve seen, now the one that was posted today does not look like him. I am one of those people who never believed that he died, I believed that he did fake his death, After thirteen years away he is not going to look exactly the same he did back in 95 or 96, but you still would be able to tell. The man "was" very talented, take another look at Scarface the rap artist "Smile for Me" video and tell me that isn't him on the cross. People doubted then and do now without any proof that he is dead. If you think about it thats how 2-pac would want it. He wants people to believe that he is dead, therefore he can pull stunts like this, knowingly get pictures taken, and the mass majority still won't believe its him because of all the imposter out there acting like they're him. 2-Pac aka Makaveli, I feel wanted to get away from the drama and bull. People are so quick to say that those pics are not him, that he's the "Black Elvis". I want those who know that he is dead to prove that he is rather than continue to just go off hearsay.

1946 days ago
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