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Cindy Crawford's Hubby Sued for Harassment

5/1/2009 6:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rande GerberRande Gerber, the business mogul husband of Cindy Crawford, is being sued for sexual harassment by a pair of former female employees.

According to a lawsuit filed in March in San Diego County Superior Court, two former waitresses claim they were fired from a restaurant owned by Gerber's company for refusing to give in to the advances of Gerber and other managers where they worked.

On one occasion in 2008, while working at the Moonstone Lounge located in the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, one of the women claims Gerber attempted to kiss her three times during the night, then "put his hand up [her] dress in between her legs in an attempt to fondle her crotch."

The women are suing for unspecified damages.

Gerber's reps tell us, "These allegations were previously investigated and shown to be baseless," adding, "This lawsuit has no merit."

He's married to Cindy Crawford, for cryin' out loud ...


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For the sake of his kids, I hope this is not true. It is such a betrayal of trust when you find out one parent has stepped out on the other parent. It hurts.

1967 days ago


how does his wife's looks has any effect on his alleged desire to fondle people in his employ? stupid writer at TMZ with their "fire bad, water good" worldview. keep up the good work :P

1967 days ago


Cindy is the sexiest woman of all time BUT if she's too busy playing Mom then Randy is probably looking for some uh attention. Men have needs and most women just don't understand.

1967 days ago


No one knows who is telling the truth in the situation, but men cheating has nothing to do with their wives being attractive. It is about is about is about having someone is about making wrong is about unfaithfulness which may seem exciting to some. Actually unfaithfulness can lead to problems in your marriage and divorce. I suspect Cindy Crawford knows whether there is truth to this, and his marriage will hold up or suffer accordingly. By now, she suspect she knows her husband.

1967 days ago


You guys make it seem so outrageous that someone would cheat on a supermodel. Get real. They mgiht be beautiful, but sadly, men are men, and maybe, she's pretty, but boring. Besides, if Cristie Brinkley's husband cheated on her, why the heck is it so far fetched that Cindy's husband wouldn't cheat. It happens, and has zero to do with how hot your spouse is.

1967 days ago


What an ugly sleeze bag he is. And saying hes married to CC is not gonna get him off.
lets see, theres been Hugh Grant and the ugly man that was married to Christie Brinkley and that whatshisname married to Halle Berry and David Duchovny, lol. Just cause the wife is hot doesn't meant that the hubby is not a pervert!

1967 days ago


Just because a man is married to a celebrity does not make him a "saint!" There are other words to describe someone like him but, "saint" is not one of them!

1966 days ago


Not everything is always what it seems.

Seems to me, as a woman, if a man tried to kiss m and fondle me in 2008, I would've sued in 2008, not later.

Shoot, he would no longer have a hand!

I will wait to hear the WHOLE story because to me, it sounds like the girls figured CC's husband + harrassment charge = payday!

Did you know that legally, if these women were found to be totally false, even in a court of law, nothing can be done to them? Nothing!

1966 days ago


I have seen this man many times at the Hard Rock in Vegas with other women who are not Cindy. Right after they got married my boyfriend at the time (we lived in Vegas) spotted him in a second sitting at the main bar at the Hard Rock with a blonde. The only reason we recognized him was because he had just been in People mag with Cindy about their wedding and my boyfriend was a famous jeweler and noticed his really expensive watch and how rare it was and it dawned on us...hey that's Rande Gerber. The boyfriend still lives in Vegas (ex) and still sees him all the time with other chicks there. Men wives or not.

1966 days ago


I used to work for this a-hole back in the 90's, trust me these allegations are true!

1966 days ago


He's married to Cindy Crawford "for crying out loud?" Are you serious/ Do you know how many beautiful women get cheated on? He was married to Halle Berry for crying out loud, he was married to Christy Brinkley for crying out loud, he was married to Uma Thurman for crying out loud,etc.,etc.,etc.............

1966 days ago

Men Cheat    

Men Cheat. We just pay more attention to the cheaters who are married to beautiful, famous people. If you don't keep your man happy, he's going to go out in pursuit of happiness!

1966 days ago
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