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Oh My Lord ... Tupac!

5/1/2009 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we've gotten to the bottom of the mysterious pic of the dude who looks very much like Tupac Shakur ... kinda.


Here's what we know. The man walked into Bourbon Rocks in New Orleans last Sunday, and he caught the eye of the D.J. on duty -- MC Difficult. Mr. Difficult grabbed the mic and hollered, "Tupac's alive!" The crowd cheered and Difficult went over to the guy and asked his name. The man said, "My name is My Lord."

Tupac shakur - click to viewMr. Difficult then took a pic with Mr. Lord/Tupac (above), who then drank Budweiser for three hours with a hot chick. On his way out, Mr. Lord/Tupac asked Mr. Difficult if he knew where he could score some good weed.

Sounds like Tupac to us ...


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Hahahahaha You people are idiots

1945 days ago

Balloon Dude    

He looks more like NBA Star, Vince Carter.

1945 days ago


What age do you stop flashing gang signs? How juvenile!

1945 days ago


Ha-ha-ha!!! Losers TMZ!!! He doesn't EVEN look that much like Tupac......look at his nose, and that chessy moustache....ahhh get it together TMZ!!! It must be that blonde guy.....doing the reporting

1945 days ago


Just think rationally about this. If you're Tupac and you faked your own death like 12 years ago, he'd be like 37 now right? So number 1 he'd look way older than the guy in this photo does. Number 2, if you went out of your way to fake your own death, why would you emerge 12 years later looking EXACTLY like you did when you died? You'd take out that nose piercing, grow out your hair, shave your beard...he'd be virtually unrecognizable that way. No way would he have been able to be incognito all these years looking the same way.

1945 days ago


once again stop drinking on the job! Looks nothing like the dead guy, you know the DEAD guy.

1945 days ago

pink floyd    

what's with gang signs,morons

1945 days ago

Just Noticing    

It never WAS Tupac. Move on.

1945 days ago

SoCal Razzles    


1945 days ago


I bet if TMZ took an older pic of Tupac and had it computer aged and added a touch of weight it'd be the same guy in the pic. No one ever saw Tupac's body and there was never a funeral so WTF....

1945 days ago


Let the man rest in peace.......Quit messing with the memory of tupac its rude and incensitive ........and he doesnt even look anything like tupac soon your going to put pictures of the guy of played B.I.G in the movie and say hes alive too???!!???
they died in the late 90`s let there souls rest and quit soiling there names .. Instead of trying to find look alikes remember what they stood for and what messages they where trying to bring to the world

1945 days ago


Now stop posting pics of a man who has a longer face and find the real 2Pac, because he is alive!

1945 days ago


1st Tupac is alive, and that isn't the guy in the photo that TMZ took, no way in HELL

1945 days ago


I've said it once and will say it aain ... WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM ... just the 'dead' Elvis!

1945 days ago


Anyone who thought this was Tupac needs to putt the bong down.

1945 days ago
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