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Oh My Lord ... Tupac!

5/1/2009 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we've gotten to the bottom of the mysterious pic of the dude who looks very much like Tupac Shakur ... kinda.


Here's what we know. The man walked into Bourbon Rocks in New Orleans last Sunday, and he caught the eye of the D.J. on duty -- MC Difficult. Mr. Difficult grabbed the mic and hollered, "Tupac's alive!" The crowd cheered and Difficult went over to the guy and asked his name. The man said, "My name is My Lord."

Tupac shakur - click to viewMr. Difficult then took a pic with Mr. Lord/Tupac (above), who then drank Budweiser for three hours with a hot chick. On his way out, Mr. Lord/Tupac asked Mr. Difficult if he knew where he could score some good weed.

Sounds like Tupac to us ...


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no the guy is not that rapper he doesnt even look like him but the weed thing was a good un so funny...!! and soooo sooooo typical!!

1965 days ago


ok first thing i dont think its the same guy if you look real close at the one (everyone thinks might be tupac) he has greyfacial hair, in the new pic the guys clothing is different if its so called taken the same night his facial hair is totally different , its odd for the guy to say his name is my lord i think the media planned this new guy to appear to not blow pacs cover by the way i'am a HUGE tupac fan im just stating the facts i see as so does everyone else

1965 days ago


This is not Tupac. It is his brother, I can't remember his name, but I was introduced to him in LA a few years back. His rep introduced him as Tupac's brother.

1965 days ago


I've met this guy before at Les Deux in Hollywood...he's a Tupac impersonator.....I have his business card somewhere..looks just like Tupac in real life.

1965 days ago


for f*cks sake why dont you just hire me already. as i posted the autopsy pics first after your dumb spread of this fake, gimme a break

1965 days ago


this guy is not tupac., he looks nothing like him...he is not the same guy in the first set of pictures..............

1965 days ago


just look at the eyeborws people. plus dudes face in the pic with the DJ is bigger than the face on the on the right. the person on the right has a more defined jawline (Like tupac) who had a very sharp profile. Also. look at the goatee. The person on the right has his goatee connected to his moustache. Are you telling me the "lord" shaved right before he took the pic with difficult? (Highly Doubtful). Biggest and strongest rumor ive heard about pac is he was placed in federal protection due to his involvement and willingness to cooperate with the FBI for the Demise of death row records which was tied up with a buisness venture with a person who is now incarcerated and under going a federal investigation himself. Suge Knight has lost everything due to Federal investigators putting their nose in his books. Just remember, If the government has a satellite that can track a dime on a street corner, They can make ANYONE dissapear.

1965 days ago

brooke cheshewalla    

Tupac had tatoos galore, where are they now. in the one pic hes wearing a short sleeve tee, not one is showing.

1965 days ago


this is so not 2pac!! hi just look alike but his shoulders and hands...nop!!! same dude in both pic. but not the view of camera. 2pac lovers don't get fool so easily!!! TMZ u got punked!

1964 days ago


I went to Jr high and High School with mylord, This is Hilarious! everyone always teased him for looking like 2pac growing up. OMG LOL

1964 days ago


Why is that douche flashing a W sign if he's in New Orleans? Also, people still wear Affliction? Isn't that like the popped collar of today?

1964 days ago


the pic with the d.j. must be an old one, that one IS tupac...the new orleans night pics were NOT. campare the ears on both pics, then compare the ears with pics of tupac...the guy with the dj is tupac ,the guy in orleans is not... different ears, way different.

nice scam tmz!

1964 days ago


did a photoshop side by side. The first pics you posted are a pretty damn near match with known photos of Tupac. The new pic with the DJ is an altogether different guy. I am not into conspiracy theories, BUT...that first guy sure does match up extremely well TMZ. You need a specialist in photo comparison to confirm it.

Original pic taken from:
the overlay pic from your "original Tupac" sighting

1964 days ago


Tell tale sign that this is not Tupac......he can't even give the Westside sign right. You find me a picture of Tupac throwing up the Westside sign with his middle finger overlapping his ring finger....and we'll talk. It is the other way around. Tupac's ring finger always overlaps his middle finger!

1964 days ago

Jason Dodson    

I don't care what anyone says, the guy at the top of the page with Mr. Difficult is not the same guy in the white collared shirt below. The guy in the white collared shirt looks A LOT like 2Pac. I know he's alive, and I'm not saying how I know, but I know. 2Pac is a legend, always was, always will be.

1964 days ago
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