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That's Incredible!

5/1/2009 2:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 67-year-old resurfaced backstage at "American Idol" with Paula Abdul this week, looking unbelievable.

John Davidson

John was voted best looking in his high school yearbook.

In 1977, Davidson was the headlining act at Kentucky's Beverly Hills Supper Club the night a fire burnt it down and claimed the lives of 165 people.


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I haven't seen him since he was doing those informercials on the sands of Hawaii with that real estate "expert" who's now serving time in prison for fraud associated with his get-rich-quick system.

2003 days ago


He looks really GOOD, That's Incredible was a Cool show back then-Watched it all the time.

2003 days ago


Last time I visited my grandparents at their "active adult community", they dragged me to his show. He didn't actually suck and seemed pretty nice to all the oldtimers.

2003 days ago


Still looking handsome...That's incredible!

2003 days ago

Julia need to fix your article, TMZ. John Davidson never hosted the $10,000 Pyramid. he hosted the $100,000 Pyramid, poorly at that.

2003 days ago


Man, I'd soooooooooooo tap that! ;-) I bet he looks HOT nakey! lol

2003 days ago


Never could stand looking at his freaky looking coke eyes.

2003 days ago

Mrs Patrick Campbell    

John is a 100% homosexual who - 20 years ago - very much resembled our gorgeous blond horse-hung ex-husband.

Rumor has it that John also has sizemeat.


2003 days ago


Mrs.Patrick Campbell, you make me laugh!!! He is kind of a pretty boy, isn't he? I think he's better looking now than he was 30 years ago. He's less 'pretty', and much more 'handsome' now.

2003 days ago


Imagine all the time he could save by filling those dimples with chip dip.

2003 days ago


John Davidson is a hero. Some 30 + years ago there was a horrible fire at a super club in Kentucky where a whole bunch of people were trapped and died. John Davidson risked his life trying to assist the guests out of the building. Liked him on Hollywood Squares.

2003 days ago


Wow, I haven't seen John in a long time. Actually since he hosted H'wood Squares.

He still looks GREAT though

I've always liked him. Years and years ago (I'm telling my age here I guess) back in the late 60's he hosted a summer show called The Kraft Music Hall and despite me being like 7 yrs old, I had this huge crush on him. He was SO cute and he could sing.

My older sister who is now deceased really had a crush on him and I remember having to be dragged all over our little town by her looking for his records. And yeah, back then they were the old vinyl 45's and REAL albums lol. Seeing him here brought back some good memories for me, reminding me of her and her search at the record stores for his latest records. THAT made me smile. THANK YOU TMZ for jogging that fun memory of my sis.

Yes over the years he outgrew the cuteness and became such a handsome man. He still is!

GREAT to see him. Thanks TMZ!

2003 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

#12 two you really have you facts straignht on that fire in Kentucky? check again you SOB.

Secondly John Davidson baskstabbed Mike Douglas but stealling his daytime talk show and then destroying it. I will never EVER forgive him for it...

oh and here is the third thing...he looks like he has had his eyes done... men always look weird after this type of plastic surgery...

His fans are usually messed up in some way... especially the male ones....

2003 days ago


I don't know who he is or was, but I can see he is very scary looking. I might have nightmares from this, thanks TMZ.

2003 days ago


Estelle Getty's sex change operation was apparently a success.

2003 days ago
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