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Ben & Jen

Blue Ribbon Home

5/2/2009 11:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have just purchased a mansion that was formerly owned by Gregory Peck -- thereby placing the couple the closest they will ever get to an acting Oscar.

The 8,000 square foot ranch house in the Pacific Palisades was sold to the couple for a whopping $17.5 million by mega-producer Brian Grazer, according to Hot Property. The five bedroom house features a gym, swimming pool and eight bathrooms -- and Gregory Peck once shot an ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer in the den.

The house was originally listed for $27.5 mil. Times are tough people, sometimes $17.5 mil is all a man can get.


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I have never read so much whining in my life. If you people care so much about the environment, then how about getting off the computer, which, um, uses electricity, and go out and enjoy life.

Do you people have any idea how you sound, with this poor pitiful me crap that you continually post about?

So they bought a house, big friggin deal.

It seems to me that a lot of people here are jealous.

1946 days ago



Get over yourself. Whether they help the poor or not, is none of your business. They bought a house. That is all. They are rich because they were/are successful in their chosen careers. That doesn't make them spoiled.

1946 days ago

really now    

Ummm yeah , T M Z please get your facts straight before you post. Ben did win an Oscar for Good Will Hunting . Sheesh.

1946 days ago

really now    

If I had their kind of money , I would buy a nice big house too. So what , they have earned it . It's THEIR money people ! I also would give back to our society where needed . Why shouldn't they live in a nice big house . Should we all live exactly the same no matter whom does what for a living ? I think there are a lot of jealous people out there. I say good for them !!!

1946 days ago


Great couple. So down to earth, so what if they have a big home? If they can afford it ..why not??? Don't be so jealous!

1946 days ago


that house is definitely the house that grazer sold to affleck

1946 days ago


My god people- this is one couple that is making it in Hollywood. Stop hating on them. They've been in their old house since before Violet was born. I'd buy the new house too if I could. They both still have the star power to get people out and spend money. All you haters are just jealous you can't look like that, make that kind of money and produce beautiful children as well. GO BEN & JEN -- you guys ROCK!

1946 days ago


If this pic is any example ,they got rirpped off, that room is ugly.

1946 days ago


who gives a F. about that washed up actor

1946 days ago

Liz P    

You idiots..He HAS an Oscar. This site is retarded.

1946 days ago


Posted at 9:18PM on May 2nd 2009 by kennedy

Obviously you. You took time out of your day. Clicked on the story. Posted a note. Went to your email account to confirm your post. Sounds like you care.

1946 days ago

ACLU member    

Ben Affleck is the worst actor in Hollywood history, nothing else to say! He is an embaarssment for for the actors around the world!

1946 days ago


To all you non haters out there, what is your problem?If you "hate" haters what are you doing on this site? How retarded is that? Yes I SAID THAT! Last I checked this is still a free country and we are free to hate all we want. Big celebrities have a tendency to piss me off. Hard working people out here are loosing their homes but these rich spoiled stars seem to think they need to live in a house that could buy thousands of people homes and they could still live in a really nice home. They get paid mega bucks for doing what, the fine art of "pretending". Give me a break.

1946 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Who in The World would have a somewhat abstract painting of shoes on their wall? I am
no interior decorator (honest) but come on.

1946 days ago

who dat    

Congrats to all of you who contributed to this thread. You are by far the dumbest MF'ers that I have every seen assembled on one specific story thread.

1946 days ago
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