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Hugh Jackman's Wife Is Elton John?!

5/2/2009 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Hugh Jackman's gorgeous wife Deborra-Lee Furness (left) -- and music legend Elton John in NYC on Thursday (right).

Deborra-Lee Furness and Elton John

Neither has biological children with Hugh Jackman.

We're just sayin'.


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are you sure that is not his mother?? seriously! I am not trying to be mean - but DANG!!!

1814 days ago


She's not ugly!!! Those are just unflattering glasses. I've seen her on tv without the glasses and she's very cute. I'm a bit jealous, though, because she is married to the DELICOUS HUNK OF MAN that is Hugh Jackman. I caught the midnight show of X-Men Origins: Wolverine and thought it was great.

1814 days ago


Can anyone explain what;s going on with her neck?

1814 days ago


She looks good for her age...a facelift and a little longer hair would do her wonders. Hey, if he likes older women, more power to him!

1814 days ago


Thought it was his mother too. He and his wife both need to stay out of the sun.

1814 days ago


OK, yeah, it's really mean...but isn't that what TMZ is all about? C'mon if we wanted to read nice stuff we would all go somewhere else!!! I'm sure Mrs. Hugh Jackman is a lovely and wonderful person, but didn't she almost invite this comparison on herself with those godawful glasses???

1814 days ago

um, no thanks    

Say she is 54 and he is 41. Who cares? Who cares if he is straight or gay? Who cares what their relationship is like?
Some people think they have a basic right to be able to understand and fully comprehend other peoples lives when the reality is many of these same people don't even understand their own.
Some think they are happily married when their spouse's are actually having affairs. Many fight like cats and dogs, never do things together and some rarely even communicate.

With so many bad break ups, divorces and people drinking themselves to sleep and sleeping themselves to drink, eating themselves to death, smoking themselves to death, suffering from illness, loneliness and misery it should make you feel good deep down to see happy people enjoying success who deserve it, are positive and do good things.

Anytime you do something to make others feel good it will make you feel good and anytime you make others feel bad you will make yourself feel bad.
It is a very basic Universal law called The Law Of Attraction. Whatever you put out there, positive or negative will come back to you, always has and always will.
For Hugh and his wife to have these great things happening for them means they had to have been putting great things out there and planting positive seeds.

Have you ever once in your life felt better by making someone else feel bad? No, because it doesn't work that way.
I get it, it's TMZ is a tabloid and not a serious media outlet but aren’t you all tired of A list celebrities who are not nice and won't even give you the time of day?
It's an example of The Law of Attraction and it's why people are giving them love as opposed to jumping on the bandwagon and that's the basic honest truth.

1814 days ago


I've clicked on your site every day for years, but this is the last time for me. To mock someone's wife for the way they look is bad enough, but to mock her for her infertility as well? That's a new low. I won't be back.

1814 days ago

Go Britney    

Deborra Lee Furness is a fabulous woman. He is lucky to have her.

1814 days ago


Making fun of celebrities is one thing. Doing the same to a mother and her kids because they were adopted is terrible. No wonder TMZ is losing viewers. I won't visit again this site (as I already did to Perez site).

1814 days ago

Will not suffer fools gladly    

Considering how kind and accommodating Hugh has been to everyone at TMZ, I find the article and comments on his wife Deb extremely unkind and undeserving. Hugh will always banter with photogs and is never playing the "star" for any paparazzo. Please react in kind and take down this article and put up an apology. I cannot believe that you would treat Hugh and his family in this way.

1814 days ago

Rip M 2 Shreds    

Do you guys have any sense of decency? You guys are truly a bunch of losers.

1814 days ago


are you sure elton john hasnt had kids by him? he has gained a lot of weight hahahaha

1814 days ago


The reason she looks older than her hub is because she is older...... by 13 years. No biggie. They dig each other and that's all that matters. Oh and TMZ, get a grip. She does NOT resemble Elton John, God forbid.

1814 days ago


#121 grow a friggin brain. Stop OVER GENERALIZING your rabid, anti-American hate long enough to pull your head out of your arse..... most of the posters on here, and yes, they are Americans!!!!!! are chastizing TMZ for being jerks...... so get a freakin clue, HATER!

1814 days ago
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