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Crazy Fan Arrested

at Britney Spears Concert

5/3/2009 2:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

britney-spears-1Cops tell TMZ a man was arrested last night after jumping on stage during Britney Spears' concert at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

Connecticut State Police say they arrested 20-year-old Kyle King -- who they say had definitely been drinking -- after he charged on stage during Britney's encore performance of "Womanizer."

Security and Brit's backup dancers were able to stop King before he could come in contact with Spears -- and he was arrested for breach of peace.

The CSP says after King was taken into custody, he was being highly uncooperative -- so they also booked him for interfering with police.

He was released this morning after paying a $250 bond and is due in Norwich Superior Court on June 18.

UPDATE: In the video, you can clearly see the man jump on stage and try to bust a move with Britney, before being hauled away by her dancers and security.

UPDATE: Despite what cops previously told us, they now tell us he wasn't booked for interfering with police.

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No Avatar

Isabella #33...Here's what she's achieved in such a short time...LOSING HER KIDS 'CUZ SHE WENT BESERK!!! so SHUT UP and STOP DEFENDING SUCH A SAD,LOST CAUSE!!! (and yes,I mean Britney!)

1995 days ago


I think they took the wrong crazy person off the stage.

1995 days ago


You know whether you like Britney or not that wasn't really the focus of the post. All of you people saying it would have been great if he would have had a weapon and hurt or killed her are disgusting! She is a person! Forget the fans she has family and two small children. Think about your comments before karma catches up with your ass! And...How can you judge an entire concert on a 20 second clip focused on a specific event?

I seen a longer version of the video and I did also notice like someone said she was shaking and stopped singing and all you heard was the music. I was kind of shocked that she was actually singing, good for her.

1995 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Her two small mean the ones she abused badly enough to have lost custody of and can't be trusted to be alone with for a single second? And she clearly was not singing! She yelled her ass off at the idiot fan, but strangely, not one word came through her microphone! He was probably there to tell her something was hanging out again!

1995 days ago


....look. i am not built perfectly, but i don't go on stage and perform for people for lots of money......sooo i would expect her to be fit and in shape. she looks chubby again. if she's trying to look like a "madonna": type of performer in those costumes, she needs to have a hot lean body. her legs look huge. i have seen her look alot better than this. don't be an elvis, ok. i like elvis too, don't get me wrong but like cary grant said performers are the merchandise they are selling. so look the part!

1995 days ago

Gossip Girl    

i think this is not fair, after all he is her fan and she is all because of her fans
so from my point of view she should give him a personal favor

check out hollywood page 3 magazine

1995 days ago


Why anybody would pay good money to see this goofball is beyond me. Crazy indeed.

1995 days ago


She is awful. Bad dancing, trampy looking..... and oh, when did it become so acceptable and commonplace for these so called "artists" lip synch the whole show? Please, please, just GO AWAY you talentless hag!

1995 days ago

Eileen Gatti    

Sing a dirty song ya get a dirty dancer! I say let the man dance!

1995 days ago


that's the best.......lip syncing ive ever heard!

1995 days ago


Very few concerts sound good when played in this manner. Being there in person things sound different. If you do not care for Britney that is fine. I give her credit for putting her life back together or trying to. I have not seen her show so I cannot comment on whether it is good or bad but it seems that is not stopping many on this board from trashing her when they have not even seen the show. Her shows are selling out so there are quite a few out there who love her and her records are selling. There are several of her new songs that are very good and some without the techno stuff and her voice is very good. I guess it makes some people feel superior to trash another person - never understood that. I wish her luck and hope she finds happiness.

1995 days ago

Ellie Mae Clampett    

She screamed because she was excited to see another former resident from the loony bin. All Britney fans are insane, why should he be any different?!?

1995 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Chew that hoof, Porky!

1994 days ago


I love how he pauses to fix his hair before making his getaway. Haha!

1994 days ago

I know the little queen...    

I know of this little gold digging queen...(Whorelando, Florida) .He's a twit in a world of stale twinkies.....Just a two bit hairdresser looking for attention and everyone around him is tired of him.
He is well on his way to being an alcoholic....any night of the week he's in the local bars drinking although he isn't of age yet.
People are tired of looking at him attempting to draw attention to himself.
His sugar Daddy boyfriend (wait he married the guy) pays his bills and he would be nothing if he different bend over for the money.

1994 days ago
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