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Miss Vietnam USA Claims Pageant No Pay Her

5/3/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yen LeCongratulations Miss Vietnam USA -- you've just won $10,000 (which you're not getting) and a new car (which you have to finance yourself).

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Orange County, Yen Le -- who was crowned Miss Vietnam USA in November 2007 -- is suing the pageant organizers because she alleges she was supposed to receive $10,000 and a new Mercedes for winning.

Now get this -- not only does she claim she never got the $10K, but she says the pageant made her lease the car in her own name ... and then they defaulted on the payments.

She's suing for over $50K in damages, plus interest, attorneys' fees and court costs.


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That chick has a lazy eye....

2002 days ago


My my my. Look at all that white guilt boiling over. It makes whitey feel good about themselves. I bet all the whiteys on here haven't felt this good since voting for Obama. Where was this outrage when TMZ reported on Jamie Foxx calling Miley Cyrus a "white bitch?"

2002 days ago


That is a really offensive headline to the story. Come on!

2002 days ago

um, no thanks    

What makes people think this story was not posted by a minority?

1. Never make assumption.

2. People who live in glass house should change clothes in basement.

3. Man who walk through airport turnstile sideways going to Bangkok.

2001 days ago


One more for your team of sophomoric, beer guzzling, ethnocentric, media-attention desperate, Hooters-loving, sad, sad, 'renegades'. Nice headline. I'm assuming you're all WASPS from the Mayflower crew.

2001 days ago


When I saw the picture of her, I said, ugh, Vietnamese? Really? She has to have a white parent in the equation. As for the headline, I personally can't stand racism, but in this case, I see no reason to blow a gasket. I do however, hope she wins her case.

As I said awhile back, I think pagents (all of them) should be banned. I don't care who sponsors them, don't care what age bracket the contestants are, they are not healthy, they do not promote confidence, self-worth, or any other good quality. They teach excess, perfection, it is all about winning that big trophy, the crown, or whatever else is the prize. You can't be in a pagent and look normal, you must be overly done up in make up (in excess), false eyelashes, hair pieces, extensions, right down to friggin teeth implants you take in and out, spray on tans, a coach to teach you how to do a talent, a coach to teach you how to walk, a coach to teach you how to answer question, the most expensive of costumes for your talent routine, the most expensive of dresses for your gown competition. Mmmmhmmm all that is teaching confidence and self-worth etc.? Yeh right. And than heaven forbid if you're a few pounds overweight, than we enter the cycle of over exercising or not eating, or dieting to the point that will eventually lead to bulimic or anoerix tendancies or diet pills. And if you're a parent with more than one child, the other child usually suffers (or gets lost) because the parent or parents get so wrapped up in making their dream come true for their lil beauty queen. On and on and on. And when those girls start losing contest after contest, just what do you think that does to their psyche? To know that you've spent all this time, energy, money on them over the years and now they're losing. Or they reach the point where they just don't want to do it anymore, yet don't want to kill YOUR dream. Ban pagents!

2001 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Who comes to a site like TMZ and then acts like their all high and mighty and offended? If you have been to
this site more than once you know what kind of comments people post, yet you come back.
Also; There is
an expression which goes "Me doth thinks you protest too much.". Which means that the people that complain
the loudest about something are most guilty of the very thing they are complaining about.

2001 days ago


Can she sue TMZ for the "no pay her" crap?

2001 days ago


Check your racist titles.

2001 days ago

420 GIRL    

What's the first think Vietnamese woman teach their daughters?


2001 days ago


Harvey, you and your staff are a bunch of RACIST MORONS.

2001 days ago


Very offensive....not cool at all TMZ

2001 days ago


she rooka rike she need go eat WHOLE buffet...she bone-y!

2001 days ago


Vietnamese people are the nicest people.
I feel soo sorry for Yen Le, she should have been paid something.
The pageant officials need to go to jail.
The ridicule and joking is all the pageant officials fault !

2001 days ago


"No pay her"? More offensive than any slant eye gesture. Shame on you! I guarantee you Miss Vietnam USA got better SATs than 1/2 your staff, you ignorant bitches.

2001 days ago
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