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Miss Vietnam USA Claims Pageant No Pay Her

5/3/2009 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Yen LeCongratulations Miss Vietnam USA -- you've just won $10,000 (which you're not getting) and a new car (which you have to finance yourself).

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this week in Orange County, Yen Le -- who was crowned Miss Vietnam USA in November 2007 -- is suing the pageant organizers because she alleges she was supposed to receive $10,000 and a new Mercedes for winning.

Now get this -- not only does she claim she never got the $10K, but she says the pageant made her lease the car in her own name ... and then they defaulted on the payments.

She's suing for over $50K in damages, plus interest, attorneys' fees and court costs.


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TMZ, your title is racist and demeaning. I can't believe you haven't changed it, you've been getting complaints since you first posted the title.

1965 days ago


Seriously, TMZ spent weeks milking the story of Miley Cyrus and the offensive photograph of the slanty eyes, and now they print a title like this?


1965 days ago


I must agree. The title is very racist. Even if it's just a gossip site, you shouldn't promote racism. How sad TMZ.

1965 days ago


TMZ you racist plicks!

1965 days ago



1965 days ago



wow, people are too sensitive. I told my husband when I read the headline, "i bet ppl are going off, calling tmz racists." sure enough...EVERYONE IS TICKED.

I really, could care less. No one gets upset at Chris Tucker for making fun of Asians in his movies. Why? Maybe bc he is Black? I think the fact that there was a Miss Vietnam USA is quite racists myself. I am sick of the double standards our country lives by.

Everyone has to be so PC now. You cant even say "God Bless You" to some one that sneezes in fear of getting sued bc they aren't Religious. EVERYONE GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. Laugh every now and then. Smile, Read a book...whatever, stopping picking things apart. IT WAS A JOKE.

1965 days ago


I guess at this point, we should no longer be surprised.

We already know what we're here for, and we already know what TMZ
does. And perhaps, sometimes, even they may foolishly be caught up
in their own sensationalism, while trying to make a product that they
think appeals to the masses and the people in it. We should no longer
feel surprised when we see them do something utterly repulsive and

It's what they're famous for.

Are they doing it just for the money? Is it their own fame that they
gain through the exploitation,
and without the consent, of others?
Is it because they think that's all we want from our entertainment?
Or are they just trying to keep us in the place where we are, still
ignorant, and in many ways, still wrong.

I think in the end, anything TMZ does, is just a reflection of
ourselves. Yes, they can cross the line too, just as we as people
cross the line in our day to day mistakes and dealings with one
another. Our world is about all the wrong things, and all the people
in it seem to be focused on the wrong things.

We are absolutely horrible in our treatment of others, and especially
horrible in our treatment of others that we may feel aren't "like" or
don't "look like" ourselves. I have many friends who are Asian, and
they suffer daily taunts even to this day, even from grown
individuals. Some of them have even been assaulted for nothing other
than being Asian, while those mocking always mock the same ignorant
characteristics. "Open your eyes" with the famous Miley slant, or
"You no speaka English". Come up with something more creative,
because you are only showing your own ignorance.

I don't even fault Miley Cyrus. She is just a young girl, who has
grown up in a racist society, and a racist industry that prevents her
from properly educating herself, while prohibiting the growth of her

She is only doing what she knows, which young people at that age
still do. She is only repeating things she has probably seen all her
life from the people she works with in the industry, or her friends
and sadly, maybe even members of her own family..

And yet, all the comments on that photo said, "Oh, it's no big
deal!"... "Oh, people are just crying over nothing. Get over it"
"Haha.. I think it was actually funny"... "Asians have slanted eyes,
so what!" and some comments were even violent, and spewing the same
ugly hatred that everybody seems to be spewing these days. Either
because they hate themselves, their lives, or the world they live in,
and can't wait to take it out on anybody, because they can't deal with
themselves. Hate is more fun.

If Miley did something that would have had Al Sharpton up her ass...
now there would've been problems.

But make fun of Asians, and it's okay.

I think in the end, all we see, is that we live in a foolish world,
with foolish people catering to our own foolish desires

1965 days ago


I am a black Canadian male, from Toronto. I have enjoyed reading your site and watching your show. TMZ comes up a lot during conversations with my peers. When I read the title of this post today, my heart sank. I immediately went to the comments section. After reading them all, and checking back periodically see if TMZ had heeded to the outrage expressed by those fun people that get a good laugh from this site, but have a conscience, and sense of right. Sadly that has not happened.
Correct me if I am wrong, but TMZ defends their right to report under the 1st Amendment of the U.S. constitution. But obviously the writer of this post and "powers at be" are willing to ignore the responsibility that goes with that trust and freedom that they enjoy.
To all of the people that chose to express their outrage, I salute you. It is people like you that give your neighbours to the north and others that you share this planet with, hope for your future.
I will check back tomorrow to see if if the title of this story has changed/removed completely. If it has not, I will no longer be a fan of this site.
All the best to you.

1965 days ago


Vietnamese Americans can't trust each other. This sort of thing happens because the organizers are the same people who helped the Americans kill Vietnamese in Vietnam a long time ago. Today, they're no longer in Vietnam, so they spend their time screwing over Vietnamese Americans. Probably, what happened is that they took the proceeds of the event, then everybody took a turn at taking a handful of US dollas. That's what they did back in the old days. This girl is actually lucky, because back in the old days, she would have gotten raped, killed and called a communist, and the amount of money taken for her life would have been a smaller fistful of US dollas, split up among a larger number of men.

1965 days ago


LOL @ TMZ posting up "racist" articles and hating on other people for being racists like the people who altered the poll on MTV, but then here they are a bunch of racist bigots themselves!

1964 days ago


It's too bad that only with fake hair, fake eye brows and contact lenses that she's considered beautiful. I'll bet she looks better looking Asian rather than like a fake white person.

1964 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

she so nunt FU..She NOT gay love you longtime so you hate her.

1964 days ago


this chick looks like the white version of rhianna

1964 days ago


The title to your article is racist, and someone should be fired for it unless they are willing to apologize for it.

1964 days ago


I love how TMZ was all over Miley cyrus for her slanted eyes thing, but the title of this story includes, "No pay her". I just love how they claim to be real journalists anytime anyone says that they aren't, but would be that childish and stupid. Maybe that lady in California should sue, TMZ now.

1964 days ago
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