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Adam Lambert -- The Question We Wouldn't Ask

5/4/2009 7:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" finalist Adam Lambert is on pace to be the very first contestant who also happens to be ... uh ... well ... hmmm, how do we say it ...?

Adam Lambert: Click to watch


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they meant the first winner whos gay. Clay Akien got beat by Ruben and never won American Idol

1998 days ago


Personally, I am sick of his screaming! I am not hating on anyone, but dont have to "add a scream" to every song. Gay or straight who cares Adam is very talented, but I think he would have alot more fans if he would drop the theatrics & drama and just be real! I was an Adam fan at first, but now after weeks of the same "make-up, nail polish, & screaming with his tounge hanging out"..........NEXT!

1998 days ago


Of course all the good looking ones are! God trying to be funny.

1996 days ago

FOR HOWARD THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!    

loki4ever, good for you stop watching American Idol. That's the way to go if you do not like the show cause no one is pointing a gun to head to force you to watch it!! But I'm pretty sure you can't help but playing peekaboo. HAHAHA!

1996 days ago

FOR HOWARD THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!    

Shadowwolf, the girls are 2 of Adam High school friends and they grow up together.

1996 days ago

FOR HOWARD THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!    

Hey blonde are you jealous, cause he has good looks and talented and you're not? Grow up!

1996 days ago


Every week Randy says the same thing - Adam is current, he is fresh, he is ready .....and that is true. This has nothing to do with his private life. I like the way he answers those questions regarding his sexuality, he said he has nothing to hide, he is fearless, it has nothing to do with a kissing competition, it is about his is not about his eyeliner, guess what ELVIS PRESLEY wore eyeliner also, LEAVE ADAM ALONE - YOU FOLKS THAT SAY HE SCREECHES DON'T KNOW TALENT EVEN IF IT HITS YOU IN THE FACE...........ARE YOU KIDDING! THIS GUY IS VERY INTERESTING - HE HAS A FAN BASE RANGING FROM ABOUT AGE 16 ALL THE WAY UP TO 73, and that the truth. He carries himself well, his mannerism is humble and respectful and I think he deserves it back. I liked when he helped the TMZ guy by saying "first what - first friend you"? I think the camera guy probably felt like 2 inches tall after that. KEEP VOTING FOR ADAM LAMBERT UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER - HE DESERVES TO WIN THE COMPETITION, HE IS TOO TALENTED TO LET IT GO TO WASTE AMERICA!

1996 days ago

Kistra von Z    

Your cameraman, who I won't even dignify with the title of journalist, is an ass. You flag down someone who is more than happy to answer your questions cordially (which is more than most people would do) and then you pretty much threaten them with an unasked question.

Honestly, who knows or cares if Adam Lambert likes women, men, or both. WHO CARES! His voice is stellar, along with his stage presence and his proven acting ability.

And as a non related reference point, how many people in the entertainment business are bisexual or gay? PLENTY.. and there are plenty more 'rumored' to be, but who cares?

How many people in this world have never identified with something other than heterosexuality? I would venture to say that most people have felt feelings of attraction to the same sex and many people think that sexual preference is something that is not set in stone.

Keep on promoting the idea that sexuality matters in a singing competition. Your pithy little attempt at pseudo-journalism is laughable.

1996 days ago


I'm with you #11....

1995 days ago


I love the way Adam insults him so politely.. God how this guy embarrased himself

1994 days ago


Who the hell cares if hes gay or not. Its a singing competiton, not a sexuality one and man the kid can sing his heart out!! and i dont think he has to come out and say if hes gay or not, then the focus will be on that even more than it is now and not about his awesome singing. IF hes gay, good for him, thats his own business, hes not out promoting it!!! There are plenty of gay singers out there, boy george, clay aiken, prince, only to name a few. Leave the guy alone and let him enjoy his success without the drama and scruitiny of being gay!

1991 days ago


ADAM is amazing and he seems really down to earth. I agree that his blonde girlfriend is very pretty and has a great smile. I predict he wins the whole thing and has a very successful career.

1990 days ago


It's not surprising how many homophobic comments are on here when there was a time when left handed people were considered mentally ill and interracial marriage was outcasted. Who cares what the dude's sexual orientation is. Who cares if you seen internet photos of him kissing another guy (that's what being gay is! Um you kiss your own sex). And what about the comment about being "his lost if he's gay"? I'm sure gay people are quite fine being gay and have a lot of courage do disclose despite the risks it takes. Do you not think of a second how much heterosexuality is overtly around? And comparing him to Perez? Oh come on now...

People really need to grow up and think a tad bit more critically.

1987 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Adam is a GREAT SINGER, but the stupid THEATRICAL tongue screaming has to go!!!!

Adam will be #2 because of the stupid screaming!

Oh, he also likes balls across the nose!

1985 days ago


Have we reduced ourselves to a biased, petty, intolerable society when people can bash & judge others for whom they are? Are any of you, or I, so perfect in our behavior that *no* one could or would make fun of us,
call us names & pretend they're so much better than we are? Would you like to be put down for who you are & what you do? America is a free country made up of many *individuals* & whether we all approve of each others race, sex, religion, clothes, careers, education, financial state, hobbies, movies, books, or music we enjoy, TV shows we watch, our families, our looks (are all of you & I so beautiful or handsome?), political affiliation... need I go on? The point is for some of you who can't or refuse to "get it', we're *all* unique in our tastes, experiences & lives we lead.

You have the freedom to be who you are; would you like to be put down or blasted on the Internet with your true names/identities, & not these user names we all *hide* behind? Would you like a camera in your face, or a tabloid scrutinizing your home, kids, family, looks, clothes, & everything you show to the world? With all your habits, likes & dislikes put on display for all your bosses, neighbors, pastors & friends to see? Would you be popular, or would you be shunned? Would you be admired or despised?

Don't just blast me back & call me names, though I'm sure many of you will put me in my place & feel satisfied that you did. Long after you read this, seriously look at your own lives & ask yourself if you have the perfect life & looks, worldwide acceptance, envy & respect of everyone alive. If you *know* that you are, than you're pretty amazing & I hope to see you on TV, movie screen, newspaper, Time magazine cover, winner of a Pulitzer or Noble Peace Prize, student with a 4.0 GPA ( grade point average), PHD, DR. ethical lawyer, politician teacher, preacher, leader, CFO, CPA, or a decorated fireman, policeman, solider, hero &/or making millions of dollars & have thousands of adoring fans & not one person who disagrees with or dislikes you. How would you be jugged or voted by viewers if you were on a reality or talent show? Would you win by 100% of the votes?

America is supposed to be a nation of freedom. Yes, freedom of speech is granted to all of you here on this site & soldiers are dying right now for your right to speak & write, but shouldn't we show the world, that *as* a great nation of diversity, we're kind, tolerant, accepting people? Do we, as Americans, want to seen & defined only as name calling, judgmental, self righteous bullies? I thought we left that behind in grade school. Who is proud of being a 20, 40, 65 year old bully? How brilliant & special you must be to have gotten this far in your life, that you can say derogatory, statements about those who aren't nearly as smart, rich or talented as you. Whether you like Adam or not, he's an individual who isn't afraid to show who he is, which is more than many of you can say, with your mob mentality & intelligently creative messages. Look at your faults, if you have any, & if not & then act & speak like the mature person that you are. Unless you'd like me to call you some names?

Many come to mind as examples: cheaters, uneducated, unsophisticated, poor, abusers, red necks, snobs, uncouth, conceited, irreligious, boring, obnoxious, sexually deprived, office buffoon, clown of the party, drunk, homeless, right wing, left wing fanatic, door mat, ugly, need I add more? Do you fit into any of these categories & are you proud & strong enough to come out & declare that you are, ( like Adam) using your real name? I think not. I'm sure I could reply to each & every negative post & find something trashy to say back to you, but I choose not to lower myself to such childish & rude behavior. Shame on all of you that aren't perfect & I sincerely apologize to those of you that are.

1980 days ago
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