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Allred Goes into Labor War with OctoMom

5/4/2009 5:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred just announced what her new fight with OctoMom Nadya Suleman is about -- she wants to make sure the octobabies are gonna get paid for being her miniature cash cows.

Allred's mystery client is a former child star named Paul Peterson, who's also the president of "A Minor Consideration" -- a company that protects the rights of child actors.

Peterson said he filed a petition in Orange County to appoint a guardian for the estate of the octobabies -- to make sure Nadya doesn't waste all the money she makes from constantly selling them out.

Allred said she also sent a letter to the California Division of Labor Standards & Enforcement, to investigate whether or not OctoMom has violated laws set up to protect "child performers."


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FiFi LaRue    

Thanks NonDo....but I don't deserve all that. After all if you hadn't been brave enough to venture over to her profile and make comment on it...I would have never written that comment. Never...ever...ever..ever...ever ( somebody stop me) ..ever ever....ev ( phew, thanks)

I have never posted any pictures of my sons on a public website....sorta looks like a personal dog & pony show. I don't have to use pictures of them to validate my role as a mother. The way my sons have grown up...the way they treat other people , the fact that they are compassionate, generous, charitable. loving and respectful is enough validation for me.

1972 days ago

Nichole in Michigan    

Isn't Gloria doing the exact same thing? Exploiting these children whenever she gets the chance? She wants to make sure that these children are taken care of financially. Yet, Nadya will have to spend money to fight this in court. She will also have to spend time away from all 14 kids to be in court. Gloria can't have it both ways.

What about the Duggar's and Gosselins. I don't see Gloria going after them. They have been doing it from the get go. I think there is a little bit of discrimination going on here. It is ok for married couples to exploit their children. But it is not ok for a single mother to do it. I think that Nadya is doing just fine. I don't agree with her having the 8 babies. There is nothing we can do about that now though.

Leave the woman alone. Gloria Allred is not only an opportunist. She is a attention WHORE!~

1972 days ago

Jesus juice    

Hmmmmmm...on a softer side (yes, I have one)...didn't read Milady's comments at first...but just went back and read it on the Dr. Phil blog. Listen lady....while I AM SORRY that you were sexually abused, you really NEED to get some help....if you are too paranoid to leave your house, or allow your children to be "involved in life"---and you can't tell me that the boys don't want to be involved in sports---they "probably are not interested" because somehow your fears about being out in the world have made their way into your kids' heads....and to "protect you and keep you from becoming uncomfortable", they are telling you they are not interested. I'm kind of confused because you write about "not attending church because of the wolves in sheep's clothing", but you take them out in public etc..... Something is NOT making sense....that and posting their pics on the internet for the whole world to see. Does your therapist know about this? (seriously....not being mean...but Ankaret is seems like you are out to prove "something". I can tell you right now you have severe anxiety...probably depression and definitely "controlling" issues. I really hope you are getting lots of therapy to "overcome" your issues because we all only have one life.....(and your children are little individuals themselves---don't deny them new experiences, and let them decide if they "like things or not") Just my thoughts. mom was sexually abused by her stepfather. She got married to my dad, had 4 children....went to work at various stores...and went back to school at the age of 49 and became an RN--registered nurse. (She got straight A's BTW) She is now in her 80's...with alot of health problems---but she is my best friend and I'll be with her through thick and thin. Just saying you may want to look into support groups, etc..... no reason to sit in your house as life goes by.

1972 days ago

Jesus juice    

Oh LORD!! (Now what's next???) Looks like PIGSLUT is going in to have that tummy tuck done!!! She is claiming she is going in for a myomectomy--uterine fibroid removal. Radar is deeming it as she is having a portion of her uterus removed and won't be able to have any more kids (OMG....either she is REALLY THAT STUPID or she thinks that everyone else is!! FYI..according to myomectomy guidelines....she can come home the same day in many cases..or will be in the hospital for 1-2 days at the most. (Guess she will be spending more of the taxpayer's money again on another hospital bill---OR she will be dwindling down the donation money before the courts find out what her assets are) DEFINITELY ANOTHER ONE of her DESPERATE ATTEMPTS for attention and sympathy!!! How SICK!!!

1972 days ago

Jesus juice    

You know.....I definitely would not want her around my kids. WHY does she even film those videos? If she honestly was going to have a myomectomy, then her doctor would have told her "what" it involved. A myomectomy does NOT involve removing a portion of the uterus!! That, and as I wrote above, she will NOT be in the hospital for a week--as she is stating. Soooo, she is going to be away from the babies for a week.....for, obviously, a "secret surgery" (most likely more plastic surgery) whereas she will be in the hospital for a week. There you have it.....the LOVING, SELF SACRIFICING "MOTHER OF THE YEAR". I'm out of here...I think I'm going to vomit!!!

1972 days ago


I don't understand why some people are upset that Gloria Allred is doing this. True, she may be an attention seeker like Nadya but at least she is trying to do everything she can to make sure that the babies are protected and secured financially for their future. What is so bad about that? Because she pokes her nose into something that's not her business? If nobody else will, then who will? Those 14 kids need a guardian, they need someone trustworthy and certainly not their mom to make sure that they have a separate trust fund meant only for them and which Nadya can't get her hands on.

1972 days ago


96. Milady,
I am a "Domestic Engineer" do you know what that is? Do you know what it involves? Why don't you wake up? Just look at the video's she does with radaronline each day, never mind her-watch the kids and how they act! You must be a mother like she is! What a shame for your kds! She is "Octo-nuts" and so are you to attack somebody else! Go get a "star-bucks" with "Nadya".

Oh Wendy,

So hung up on puffing yourself up to call yourself a "domestic engineer" LMAO!

No wonder you want to belittle everyone else. You feel slighted in life? Take your ego and shove it in the closet. Every family is different and does things personally I wouldn't do. Not my choice, not your choice.

Snippets on a tape are not the whole sum of what is going on in the house. As a MOM, I can honestly say when I am on the phone, answering the door, visiting with friends. My kids, like all kids will PREFORM/ACT UP/BE WILDER. why because these are times they think we will let it go. Sometimes it works, most least in my home.

I drink lattes a couple of times a week, doesn't make me a terrible mother.

1972 days ago


102. I cant look at octomom she really makes me sick nothing rattles her its like something isnt right their the only good thing about her being the attention horror pig that she is is that everyone is watching her every move so if anything happens to those kids they will be taken away i dont know witch would be worse being in a foster home or in her care more than likely they would be neglected and used i know because i lived it first hand but their being exploited now and they will continue to be this pig thought ill have all these kids like all these other parents of multiple children and ill cash in i dont think they should have been rewarded with houses and cars for making the choice to have so many kids and neither should octomom this is where crazy morons get these ideas the reason that people have a problem with her is that she is an unwed jobless bottom feeder who is so unbelievably stupid its mindbogglingly that is a recipe for disaster with that many kids to look after look at Kate gosselin shes married she has all the help in the world and shes still got her hands full how this one dimwit is going to raise these kids has alot of people scratching their heads i'm afraid for those kids i really am

Posted at 6:39AM on May 5th 2009 by wendy--

Most of this post is just your same rants about how you don't like her and name calling -very high school.

So the unmarried part pisses you all off. Big deal, divorces happen:
* Number of marriages: 2,230,000
* Marriage rate: 7.5 per 1,000 total population
* Divorce rate: 3.6 per 1,000 population (46 reporting States and D.C.)

So don't dis single parents-men and women. I know lots of parents who had children BY choice who are wonderful if not nutty parents.
I ask you all this: why was there no reports of her parenting BEFORE these 8 babies? Because there was and is nothing there. Allred is a bitch who tried to get those babies from her BEFORE they were even home, then she finagled the AIW crew who were there to find issues not help a mother who clearly needs services for her family. Now she is latching her hooks into this NEW claim. I am sure DCF has been involved but like it or not they cannot take a child away from a parent without clear abuse going on.

The kid with the bites, if this is the autistic kid, he may be self-injurious and wild.

I have a son like this who has autism, bites the crap out of himself, us and his teachers/aides on occasion due to frustrations. . Doesn't make us bad people but it is hard to be on top of them every moment.

You need to chill out and stop the childish name calling crap.

1972 days ago



WOW....seems the Octo-minions are out on force trying to defend Suleman. The majority of their "arguments" are just about as psychotic as Suleman is. have constantly made reference to "But she has the right to raise them as she wants as long as they have a roof, clothes, food, and are not being beaten by her or sexually abused ". ARE YOU KIDDING ME ??? Sooo...let me get this your opinion we should do nothing unless they are being beaten, sexually abused, starved...etc? You believe its in the best interest of the children do "deal" with this after the fact? Instead of preventing it from happening...?

Don't compare Suleman to the "other" reality show mothers. Theres a BIG difference in being able to actually "mother" your children than just being a figurehead. The Duggars have NEVER taken a dime from the Gov't regarding their children...unless as tax deductions, and we all do or did that. They have supported their children through wise investments and hard work. They never had those children for the sake of the media and a buck....unlike Suleman. The media searched them out because them found them interesting. Same goes for John & Kate....they did NOT set out to have those children for the sake of the media. Furthermore they actually take care of their children...and did not leave them to fate. And AGAIN the media searched them out. Suleman on the other hand...already had 6 children she couldn't / wouldn't care for. Then to take money that should have been used to care for the first 6...she goes and impregnants herself with 8 more. Sure...she has the right to do whatever she wants....but SHE DID IT AT THE EMOTIONAL COST OF THE FIRST 6. What about THEIR rights???
I'm all for Allred bringing THESE facts back into focus...and she waited for the perfect moment. Just as news hit about the autistic child showing up at school bitten and bruised...and apparently without an explanation from Suleman as to what supposedly happened.
Allred told the media what was transpiring in the Suleman compound....and Suleman proved it whilst she was out spending money like there was no tomorrow and not at home with her children. We all saw THAT!
Someone made a "stuck on stupid" comment that Allred should have gone on welfare instead of going home to her parents? HUH? Some people have more self respect than to rely on the gov't to support their children...even if it means living with your parents whilst you attend school. Then graduate school with a degree and be self supporting...and I'm damn sure Allred paid her parents back in one way or another.

This was bound to happen...Suleman could not continue to abuse the system under the pretense that she didn't expect to have 8 babies. Of course she did...that was her modus operandi all along, even at the expense of the other 6.

Posted at 8:33AM on May 5th 2009 by Ankaret

You need drugs!

First off, while her choices to be a mother are hers alone, she is not hurting YOU. There are no DCF reports before she had the eight babies, makes you wonder if Allred is just being a publicity bitch.

As for her other kids, they will work it out just let them. The autistic boy may very well be self injurious and that is part of autism. My son continues to do this when frustrated and he is lightening fast about hurting himself.

I agree! When at all possible families should help each other, both young and older generations.

1972 days ago


169. THANK YOU for your kinder, gentler tone.

YES (you are WRONG) NADYA is STILL getting food stamps, living OFF HER OWN MONTHLY SSA disabiity payments, THE monthly SSA disability payments FOR HER CHILDREN ... PLUS ALL that the State of CA and the FEDERAL government ALLOW (INCLUDING WIC --she applied for THAT, TOO). Keep current (this info came from her newest mouthpiece Czech).

HOW does one CLEAN A HOUSE? Let me tell you: YOU PRIORITIZE. You do NOT GO OUT SHOPPING DAY-in and DAY-out/ YOU FOCUS on first things FIRST: YOUR CHILDREN (keeping THEM CLEAN) WHICH Nadya CLEARLY NEVER DID. Neighbors REPORTED HER at the old house TO CPS because HER CHILDREN WERE RUNNING AROUND "loose" LOOKING like DIRTY ragga-mufins. The talk of the neighborhood was HOW DIRTY and barefoot ALL HER KIDS were.

BEFORE shopping (her overworked MOTHER could have been let loose to do any SHOPPING) .// BUT BEFORE shopping .. SHE should have seen to it that HER HOUSE WAS CLEAN; Soap and water is CHEAP and LABOR IS FREE. If you cannot keep your kids CLEAN and your house semi-clean ... WHY would you WASTE TIME shopping>?

SHOPPING is something you can send FRIENDS to do Ibut NADYA never would --she THRILLS at the prospect of SPENDING MONEY_/

NADYA (has been reported by MSM) to have made about a cool MILLION off selling photos of her babies. ALL THIS was NEVER used TO pay for her HUMONGOUS hospital bill --NOR was it used to SUPPORT the kids. Nadya is incapable of handling money/ She has no financial plan NOR even a remote IDEA of how she will ever be able to EDUCATE ANY of her children.

SHE SHOPS BECAUSE IT MAKES HER FEEL GOOD. And that, sadly, is ALSO why she had ALL THOSE KIDS: (not to take CARE OF THEM, nurture them, etc) SHE HAD ALL THOSE KIDS to make HERSELF feel GOOD.

Posted at 8:04PM on May 5th 2009 by KIDS AT RISK karen lee

Well jeepers!

Nadya seems to have kids who OMG get dirty! Horrors of horrors, were is the CPS reports? Why is it that alleged neighbors saying that her kids were not cared for? But CPS wasn't in there sweeping those kids out? Because there wasn't enough to take the kids. IT Takes more than just bare feet and dirt to take kids away. They go to the schools and talk to teachers, they ask tons of questions, pop into homes unannounced and reference your peds. MY best friend is a case worker. HE says that any of those things can put you on the list but not to take away. They may haunt your ass for years but it is hardly abuse to let a kid be dirty or barefoot. Two of the kids had/have nannies and theapists so they would surely report if there was any truth to this crap.

IF she is getting anything federally/state assistance still it is because she qualifies. Her kids would under disablitly and she would under the same. FOOD stamps/free lunches are part of it too. But with little or no income I can see how it would offset a limited budget.

I work in our local food pantry and welfare parents come in all the time stating the "aid" is not enough to realistically stretch that dollar. I don't be

As for her shopping. A few trips out and she is hardly outfitted with any New clothes seen. A few coffees and nails done hardly is shopping all day.

Until the state of california, not Gloria media whore allred says the kids are in danger. So far all we hear is harpies who think they know what goes on all day in that house.

1972 days ago


173. MILADY # 170 WROTE: " .....And NO one can say that just because she had 6 babies implanted....that 8 was her goal and that she did this on purpose. The chances of that happening were like SUPER slim. But it DID happen and now she is in this boat and she is making the best of it. I think people are mad because in the
[end OF QUOTE from above #170)




SHE CLAIMS she only wanted ONE KID. (AGAIN, with the HYPOCRITICAL LIES).

SHE COULD HAVE "saved" THE LAST BATCH OF EGGS (3 OR 4) to be USED --in the event the OTHER 2 to 3 DIDN'T TAKE.

what YOU APOLOGISTS simply will NOT get thru your thick heads IS: this woman PLANNED all this to DELIBERATELY generate the MULTI-BIRTH (hoping for 6 to 9 AT ONCE) ... .because SHE KNEW she wanted to LIVE LIKE JON AND STUPID KATE. "FREE RIDE" off the kids.

SHE PLANNED ALL THIS with deliberation, MALICE and FORETHOUGHT. HER GOAL was to have as MANY BABIES AS SHE COULD --so SHE COULD STAR in her OWN realty show.

EVERYTHING she told DR PHIL was a LIE. This is why SHE AVOIDED DIRECTLY ANSWERING ANY OF HIS legitimate questions -- AND HE WAS LEFT LOOKING LIKE A FOOL who didn't know WHICH END was up. SHE PLAYED DR PHIL. which is WHY a good portion of America NOW HATES Dr phil --for FOISTING THIS LUNATIC *and the 14 KIDS off on ALL OF US.

HAD she been FORCED to cope BY HERSELF with the situatiION she deliberately CREATED herself ... SHE would have HAD to FACE THE REALITY of what SHE HAD WROUGHT. AND MAYBE, dr phil COULD HAVE GOTTEN HER the much-needed MENTAL THERAPY she in truth GENUINELY NEEDS to overcome her NARCISSIST OBSESSIONS/ not a judgment -- JUST REALITY.

Posted at 8:23PM on May 5th 2009 by KIDS AT RISK karen lee


First off she has said in all her interviews that she wanted a big family.

IVF doesn't mean you will get more than one. In fact with most implants of 4 embroyos you might get singletons, twins or triplets. If they implant. Most IVF treatments can be a wash. I have 7 kids 5 of whom are IVF babies. In all I had 2 sets of twins. Our first and last IVF pregnancies. Just because you have that many embroyos does not gaurantee babies.

As for dr. Phil, he is not a doctor and holds no water with his grab for ratings.

She needs help that is clear, but not from the likes of allred & co. toxic witch that she is.

1972 days ago


175. Karen Lee --Thank you for answering. I have read all your posts & support your opinion. It parallels my own. I am a mother , I work full time, in emergency & am well aquainted with child abuse. I advocate the rights of children to live , not just with the basic requirement for life...........but a well rounded fulfilled nurtured life, whereby each child feels loved, secure & wanted. Too many believe that food clothes & a roof over ones head is enough. It isn't. They need a foundation, to build upon. I gather that even food, is not always available for these children. Attention...........well there is a financial ticket attached. Sincerely, Jane

Posted at 8:38PM on May 5th 2009 by Jane
Just because she has 14 kids doesn't mean they are abused. There are not been any reports of ER trips or abuse allegations before the 8 came along. Neighbors claim her kids were wild and dirty-um under 10 are always wild and dirty. I don't know a kid who plays clean.

As someone who works in "emergency" you see the worst of things. Again, there are no reports of her kids being abused just rumors on the net of her lack of parenting skills based on 10 minutes or less tape.
As far as food, all kids need it and I don't care if it is the free lunch programs or foods stamps. This country sends more kids to bed hungry but we give to the entire world. It is time we had programs in place to feed our own people first.

1972 days ago

FiFi LaRue    

I need drugs??...Ok...I'll buy them off your children when they get older.

Don't you attack me for my opinions regarding Suleman...I have the right to be concerned about those children, just as I would ANY child if it is warranted. Apparently, according to the court of public opinion I'm not alone on the jury

Well..its not rocket science about no DCF reports before the 6 new babies...HER MOTHER WAS TAKING CARE OF THEM....because your little Madonna Incarnate couldn't be arsed. She was too f**king busy with plastic surgery...more IVF.......Stripping...maybe a little more plastic surgery...scamming anyone she could, just like the little chav pikey she is. Christ, I've passed much better begging gypsies in Spain. Before you start embarassing a little homework.

Don't presume because you have an austistic child that you are an authority on the matter. Did she write a note or go in and explain to the teacher what had happened? NO...she bloody well didn't. Instead she came off looking like a complete and utter idiot by saying she lost the note from the teacher.

THANK GOD, Allred and Paul found something that might possibly make her ACCOUNTABLE and to make sure there is a trust for those children. YOU DO CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN, DON'T YOU? Or do you just care about your little Madonna Incarnate..and what we are saying about her and her "parenting" ( and again, I use that term VERY loosely) skills? Shes a big girl...she brought/INVITED this to her table...and we're serving up a big platter of crow.

Did you see that tape on Rador where shes feeding a bottle to one of them whilst chatting along with the photogs...then the baby chokes...SHE DIDN'T SKIP A BEAT..SHE DIDN'T STOP AND CHECK THAT BABY...SHE JUST FREAKING KEPT ON TALKING ABOUT HERSELF....ME..ME...ME...then without even looking she starts banging that baby on the back. Her actions speak louder than words. That goes for everything this little pikey has EVER done...

God...I really hate having a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Are you sure the "multi" in your name doesn't stand for multiple personality?

Never has to HAVE a personality first.

1972 days ago

tired of octo-lips    

It is beyond me how anyone with a brain can stick up for octolips.........with a straight face anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She is such a fraud.First she has a half dozen children (without benefit of a father or a job) Then when she pops out 8 kids she has a PR firm on speed dial...............and of course still no mate or job.................Then she acts like woe is me..................How can anyone be so stupid.........At least the American people are smart enough to know when we are being played , now if the Gov. would just figure it out...............With the state of the economy I think that every person out there who is enraged over this women has a right to be....................

1972 days ago


allred just wants the money , the babies are not hers she can take pics any time she wants, Maybe we all should be sued for takeing pics of our kids. what about all the parents putting their kids on face book and my space should be sue them. in this world any thing is for sale look at ebay, if she wants to sell her kids pics its her business. allred mind your own business. the kids seem to be thriving. the hospital i am sure is checking up on her and they are a reporter of abuse. allred just wnats the kids to make money for herself and her friends she so calls professional guardians etc what a joke

1972 days ago
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