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At a Brit Concert, No One Can Hear You Scream

5/4/2009 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There was a hot mic two inches from her mouth -- but when a frightened Britney Spears screamed her face off when that crazy guy jumped on stage during her concert in Connecticut this weekend ... no one heard a thing...

Britney Spears: Click to view!

You get what you pay for, folks.


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Michael Graham    

I just want to make things clear I am not trying to mess with Ms,Spears Career i made a joke and Lord Behold The Joke Was true And as a Gambler would say Right On The Money, so I have Copied what I posted on April 10, 2009 as reads in the site on TMZ That talks about her not wanting Weed Smoke at her Concerts ./138. people listen to this Chick,,,,It's like trying to use a DR-670 without a manual and never seeing one before.

Posted at 3:22PM on Apr 10th 2009 by Michael Graham

1994 days ago

Michael Graham    

And Who was the sexxy Lady who took that Moron off Stage? she is out of Sight.

1994 days ago

Big Bear    

I have a dog that is smarter than Britney. Do not yell or talk into the mike when they are playing your voice off a CD.

1992 days ago

britney fan tired of the games!    

Hey Britney I love your music and have supported you from day one.

I'm here to ask you to stop lip-syncing, it really has got to stop TODAY, RIGHT NOW or else!!

Since Mid 2000 you've been letting the pre-recorded vocals run while you continue to move your lips to the rhythm of the music and purposely allow no vocals to enter the microphone/headset.

It is not fair that the fans are paying hundreds of dollars to see you in concert and your not singing, plus your not dancing - last time I checked walking and poising isn't a form of choreography.

You need to either admit to lip-syncing or just start singing live or your career is going to take a bad turn and THEN it will be completely out of your hands!!

So take control now and stop lying to your fans.

NOTE: By confronting this demon your career may END but you made the choice to start lip-syncing in the first place!

God Bless You

1992 days ago

for now    

1. Fans should not be on the stage.
2. Britney was not the least bit afraid.
3. There was no danger.
4. To ignorant people: It's Britney's voice,recorded not live.

1990 days ago

Obama is a socialist    

Fake airbrushed photos
Fake hair
Fake singing...

What is real about this wh0re?

1996 days ago


First! Ha

1996 days ago


She's a complete joke anyway. Everyone knows she doesn't really sing by herself.

1996 days ago

Ut Oh    


1996 days ago

nobody special    

That is frickin hilarious! She screams into her mic and nothing happens! Its too funny for words!

1996 days ago

arte help    

Knew her back in the Disney days, great kid, I don't know what happened to her. Even taught her how to orally pleasure a man, using a carrot.

1996 days ago


Assuming you actually wanted to listen to her music, wouldn't it be easier to just listen to one of her garbage CD's at home or in the car versus wasting a bunch of money to go and watch her lip-sync live in concert?

1996 days ago

fred smilek    

LMAO...she sounds so bad! fake hair and very fake singing

1996 days ago


all those people spend all that money to hear her "sing" and she is faking it. SHE should be the one arrested.

1996 days ago


lol.. that guy looks like a zombie or something... mad creepy.. than maybe the tech saw the guy before she did and cut her mic.. BUT I REALLY DOUBT IT :) shes trying at least.. smoking kills

1996 days ago
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