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The Aikens

5/4/2009 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken, his nine-month-old son Parker, and artificially inseminated Clabymama/best friend Jaymes Foster visited some of Aiken's family in L.A. this weekend.


The 30-year-old former "Idol" has learned fatherhood comes with baggage.


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Another Ann    

It's obvious some of the commenters don't have a clue about this family,the baby is not adopted and Jaymes is his mother. Others are here for their hater agenda,they spew the same crap every.single.time. And the stuff they make up is ridiculous crap.

The baby is adorable.:)

1906 days ago


There are no ugly babies. And Clay's baby is beautiful. He's well loved. And whether Clay is fat or thin? I don't think he cares what you think anymore. I'd love to see all the crics out there. Yeah you-put down that Big Mac and look in the mirror. I'll bet you are not only overweight but you have fur on your toes and drool. Yeah. G-d's work. Video phones will never become popular for adults.

1901 days ago


Wow! For all these people who don't like Clay Aiken, they sure love him enough to go on and on and on...I think they protesteth too much! These people love him so much they can't stop talking about him. You are what you focus YOU are the weirdos...I'd say get a life to all you so called haters, but you need a brain to have one!

1884 days ago


Beautiful baby!

1908 days ago


Poor kid...the kid should be put up for adoption so it has a chance of a normal family life

1908 days ago

Linda Mott    

It's a shame that all the great single guys are gay. The straight ones are either bums or married.

1908 days ago

Hugh Gentry    

what a big fat homo. Why is everyone getting fat?

1908 days ago


There's a much clearer picture of Parker on Poptart which TMZ has a link too. He's a sweet looking baby. And is the mom's name actually pronounced James like the man's name? Just curious to know. At first I thought well maybe it's Jayme but I keep seeing it with the s on the end so obviously it must be like the mans name James.

As long as Parker is nurtured, fed, loved, provided for, played with, exposed to other children, educated, etc. he'll have a normal life bonehead. What are you insinuating? Who doesn't have a normal life right this minute are those 14 children octobitch birthed and we have provided for, and she has defrauded the government over, as well as the public, and she had that last batch of 8 for nothing more than to pimp them out to make money off of them and to hire other people to care for them. She knows nothing about being a mother except for when she sits her ugly mug in front of a photographer and holds a baby or two or 8 for a photo op and that is it. Ugh, that is not mothering.

1908 days ago


what a cute baby. Good for Clay.

1908 days ago


Awww! Cute baby!

1908 days ago


Oops it's Popeater not Poptart, LMAO.

1908 days ago


OMg. he's too cute. lots of other pics on other sites showing better, clearer pics. too cute.
clay's a sweet person! and i am glad for him. the baby will be very loved.

1908 days ago


Clay looks pregnant

1908 days ago


No this Child will not have a normal life if he goes to shool he will have to explane to the other kids why he has 2 Dads when the other kids talk about how their Mom made cookies or or did this or that he will begin to know he is missing something that the other children have a Mother I say haveing a Mother is Important Clay is just a selfish person in the 1950`s Homosexuals used to go down to Florida an Cuba and buy Babys in that time Period Homosexuality was not acepted so the one male partner dressed and lived as a woman I dont think what Mr Aiken has done to get this child was right and the child will be the one that gets hurt

1908 days ago


Hey James time to wake up and crawl out from under that rock you've been living under.. only thing different between the 50's and now is you straight guys get arrested when you beat your kids, wife or some poor stranger you just decide to hate. Douche.

1908 days ago
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