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George Clooney Testifies -- The Defense Rests!

5/4/2009 5:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rande Gerber's sexual harassment lawsuit is about to get even sexier -- George Clooney will take the stand. Put another way, he's testifying against the chicks, so they may as well fold now.

Gerber, along with a couple of his employees, are being sued for sexual harassment -- allegedly kissing and fondling two former waitresses. Gerber calls the claims a "blatant lie" and he's even got witnesses to prove it -- including Mr. Clooney himself.

A rep for Gerber tells us, "Mr. Gerber and Mr. Clooney are willing to take a lie detector tests to prove that the allegations against Mr. Gerber are false. Mr. Gerber will not settle this extortion case even for a single dollar and will take all actions necessary to clear his name, including filing a $10 million lawsuit for malicious prosecution once these allegations are proven false."

Case closed.

UPDATE -- Through his rep, Clooney tells us, "I was with Rande the entire night -- as were a lot of people -- they will all say the same thing that I'm saying. This event never happened. Period."


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I don't doubt for a minute that Randy Gerber cheats on his wife but who are you to judge? For all we know, it could be an open marriage that seems to be working better than most marriages in America. I do believe that Randy had some sort of sexual contact with these ladies but it was mutual. Now they're running back and trying to cash in on it by playing victims, I also believe that it's likely that these women are fat and one of them got rejected by Randy so this is their payback. It would not suprise me if these women were American bred. I liken this to the Michael Jackson molestation case a few years back. You know he is guilty of what he is accused of but just not to the person who's accusing him.

1962 days ago


I think it could well be true, but stock the jury with moronic 'Ellen' fans, let Clooney wink at would be funny if she had some witnesses too.

1962 days ago


Sounds as if the "witnesses" were being threatened ... "they will all say the same thing that I'm saying. This event never happened. Period" Ha

Sounds like more than harassment, it's assault. Seems these people are so locked inside their bubble VIP world they think they are untouchable.

1962 days ago


I have seen Rande in Vegas many times with other women and everyone knows this! One time was at a bar and he was with a blonde chick hanging all over each other. The first time was right after he appeared in People mag with Cindy about their wedding so EVERYONE really knew who he was at that point. Men cheat...even those with the hottest wives.

1962 days ago


A guy is going to testify for a guy, that he didn't grab ass on a girl? LOL the fox testifying for the fox-about some work in the hen house! lol Really? Whenever I see George Clooney doing anything and everyone beats a path to smell his breath I gag.....this guy is an overblown celebrity with a giant face-gross!. News flash: The Emporer isn't wearing any clothes and George Clooney is NOT a good looking guy! I have been shocked over the years that women fall over themselves for this guy-blek! Yes I am a girl and Yes I do have eyes-that is why I am willing to take a lie detector test to say George Clooney is pointless as a celebrity/star..........and not a hot guy PERIOD. lol

1962 days ago


Rich celebs think they're privileged and don't feel as if this behavior is demeaning to women because so many women fall over themselves to be with them.

What George "saw" may not have been inappropriate to him, but to others???

1962 days ago


What can Clooney say, except he knows him as a nice guy. He wasn't following Gerber 24/7 to know what the man is capable of doing.

1961 days ago
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