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Gerard Butler Sold on the 'Slumdog' Kids

5/4/2009 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler took time out from hitting on hot chicks to spend the afternoon with those "Slumdog Millionaire" kids in India this weekend.


The 39-year-old Scottish star did not purchase any of them.

Of course, there are reports he was only in India to get some face time with one of the country's most ridiculously sexy ladies -- Priyanka Chopra. According to a few Indian papers, Butler rolled through a party she was at where he was spotted doing some hardcore flirting.

We can't confirm if he scored in the end ... but it's Gerard Butler we're talkin' about -- so what do you think?!


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This is just my opinion: He's gay, he doesn't want to be outed yet so he plays the game. He has to watch kissing his costars because he may have Hep C. He's tired of playing the game and just wants to be himself. He doesn't want to settle down with one woman because he's just not that into women. But he's great with his fans and is fun to watch in interviews. It's too bad Hollywood is still hush hush about sexuality.....we are in the year 2009 aren't we? Not 1950??

1995 days ago


Gerard Butler went India for a vacation and with Richard Lagravenese for potential work. To be friends with Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra is a huge bonus for his career. India has over 1 billion people fan-base that is somewhat conservative. Gerard has made it known he would marry her (in a calculated jest or not). If he is thinking of her in that way, the ball would be in her court. I come from a family similar to Priyanka’s mom’s side. This kind of family raises children to go after their careers but are extremely conservative in their families and choosing future spouses. . . Ash Rai played and voiced that card many many times. How Priyanka is portrayed to her family/fans is very important. She probably is very interested in Butler yet have a little trouble with the package (ex-smoker-drinker-almost 40 man). . . . it may be better to have a non-smoker/drinker vegetarian-20 something like Shahid Kapoor as a (public) boyfriend. As for Butler, if he is very interested, the question is - will she pursue more than the casual phone calls, texting and small gatherings? If so, dating will be anything but casual. Butler is a player yet smart. Top Indian actresses cannot play lightly with their personal lives if they are to have staying power in India. He would not portray her any uncomfortable way if he is interested (for work or other).

As for the slumdog kids. . .celeb can shed light on their needs. . . it's so hard. . . you give help to one person on the street there and there are hundreds standing right behind them. It is heart-wrenching. The question becomes: how does a democratic country like India help these people and deal with the issues of overpopulation?

1973 days ago

artie help    

TOOSOFTFORYOU,sister you are very much a pest.

1997 days ago

Linda Mott    

He seems like a good guy. If he has a lot of ladies, it's because they think so too.

1997 days ago


WOW, Priyanka Chopra is smoking hot...totally worth the trip to the S-hole that India is.

1997 days ago


He is adorable in that picture. He has a big heart good for him. I wish him the best, and the kids too.

1997 days ago


Hes such a player but damn hes hot (and hes so honest abt it so u cant help forgive him for that). He sure gives off the impression hes a nice guy although one would have to wonder if he really is since he deosnt seem to be able to keep a girl around longer then 1 or 2 weeks.

1997 days ago


Hey, he's single and unattached...he's allowed to play the field, but I really doubt that anything happened if he was there to see her. India's pretty strict about stuff like that at least in public. Richard Gere had an arrest warrant issued for him simply for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty because it was considred "obscene" to do so.

1997 days ago


He's totally a playah with women, and word on the street is the guy's gay and has been in a long term relationship with a little-known film maker (not sure if he's still in the relationship, but he was). Either way Gerry's a nice chap and is always great to the fans.

1997 days ago


That hair style makes GB look a little gay.

1997 days ago


Priyanka's man was in attendance, so nothing happened between GB and PC. IMO, it was very immature of GB to hit on the woman while her man was around. Someone should give him a reality check.

1997 days ago

stephanie s.    

He seems like a nice guy but not ready to settle down yet. He's 13 years older than Priyanka and I think he just wants to tap that and leave it.

1997 days ago


Nice picturre of them all and wow on the Chopra lady, she's beautiful!

1997 days ago

Rap sucks    

Slumdog sucked so bad but poor kids. Hopefully they get the respect.

1997 days ago


Why don't you ride the 39-year-old actors for being on the verge of turning 40, the way you ride the women. Btw, what's so great about this guy? He's kind of doughy and slimy for a near 40-year-old to be running around like that.

1997 days ago
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