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'Jon & Kate Plus' ... Each Other

5/4/2009 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted with another woman this weekend ... his wife, Kate.


While pics surfaced of Jon leaving a nightclub with a lady friend last week, the not-so-happy couple appeared together at something called the Pennsylvania Women's Show this weekend.

Although Jon claims the woman was just a friend, he did admit his actions "showed poor judgement" ... much like Kate's choice in hairstyles.


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I love Kate's hair, think it is sexy and looks really nice on her. I do however, think Jon needs to find someone that will treat him well, she is a sucubus!!

1975 days ago


seriously, can anyone blame this guy? his wife is a nasty putrid bitch and she looks like she just got done eating ass meat.

run brother...RUN!!

1975 days ago



Kate is NOTHING BUT a Bitch---and NO! I don't think that is "editing tricks". She does too much off it NOT to show those.

To quote talk soup---"Jon and Kate Plus 8 has become a show about a Man with ZERO reason to live".

I'm surprised he's not vising MORE bars to numb the pain of that TRAIN WRECK of a Woman he's married to!

1975 days ago

Jerry O.    

Hey #18

u mention about how good she looks after 8 kids....well most women dont have FREE Plastic Surgery, Tummy Tucks , Boob Jobs ...etc given to them!!

also last time i took my kids to Sesame Place we didnt get free tickets , VIP Treatment and parts of the park closed just for us.....when was the last time Kate paid for anything??

1975 days ago

Jerry O.    



1975 days ago


Kate has to be that way with Jon. He's lazy and wouldn't get off his butt otherwise. She's carrying most of the weight in the marriage and I'd be p o'd if I were her too!

1975 days ago


I used to like them, when they first started. Now they are so demanding about getting things for free. It's crazy what money does to people. It's not just Kate that is a B to John, John is whiney too. All the kids seem cute and sweet, except for Maddie. I really wish they would just spank the poo out of that brat. I don't understand why parents don't spank anymore. JON AND KATE: come back to earth and be GRATEFUL for what you have. Some "christians" haha.

1975 days ago

that 'razzo is a RAT.    

Nice dress. She looks good. They need to do a little work on their marriage, but these photos with other women articles are blown out of proportion. You can't ever hang out with another woman other than your wife again once you're married?

This is brilliant publicity for the upcoming season (beginning May 25). Coincidence that they're getting all this press now that the show is beginning it's new season (the same way it got so much press for pretty much the same reason, for the season finale)? Hmm. For two months, no sightings of Jon with another woman and now - 3 weeks before the new season, here we go again. I bet they called the media and let them know where Jon was going to be. These "candid photos" are a set up for publicity. Everyone's being played by TLC. Free publicity can't be beat, and that's what they're getting courtesy of all the tabloids and news outlets - even CNN!

Way to promote them. Their audience is bound to grow now, all because of this free publicity.

1975 days ago

Kooky Fan    

Jon and Ket plus 8 = I'd rather MASTURBATE! Seriously - that woman needs a group 'facial'

1975 days ago


Jon was out on a date???? Wow...I hope it all works out...Kate does a lot of things does Jon give them a break...

1975 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I just hope that they have the sense to shut down production of the show and retire from reality T.V.
I think it's the only way that they will be able to regain a sense of normalcy and let the kids have a normal childhood.
No one really knows what goes on in a marriage. To be so critical and hateful of Kate and even Maddie is really kind of sick - there is real life and there is what you see on the show.
For all of those rooting for Jon to leave, remember...there are 8 kids involved here, divorce is easy, but will hurt those kids in the long run.

1975 days ago

OJ have no balls so i really dont feel sorry that you picked a bitch like that.

i understand oj too

1975 days ago


Her hair is awful....all the different lengths look terrible! She has changed so much - if you go back and watch the first season - she was so much nicer to Jon AND the kids than in the more recent episodes. She would actually play with them and laugh with all she does is boss him and the kids....and everyone else... around. I have stopped watching the show. Poor kids...

1975 days ago


Hmm, my post isn't posting, so if it posts more than once, my apologies beforehand. Grrrowl.

1975 days ago


Just another Cindy & George Anthony waiting to crack...

1975 days ago
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