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Gloria Allred vs. Octomom -- The Mystery Lawsuit

5/4/2009 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom, Gloria AllredOctomom is being sued ... but the person behind the lawsuit is keeping their identity a secret!!!

Mega-mouthpiece Gloria Allred is letting everyone know she has been hired in a secret case against Nadya Suleman, but she won't reveal who her mysterious client is or what she is suing over. That is, not until she holds a press conference today at 11:30 AM PT to give away all the juicy details.

All Gloria will say is that she is doing it "in an attempt to protect Nadya Suleman's children."

Selfless as always.

Oh, we'll bring you the press conference live at 11:30 AM PT. Damn you Gloria, you got us again!


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I hope Angles in Waiting are suing her for Slander (as they should). octo-loser said on several occasions they were nothing but a scam trying to make money (pot meet kettle). Since her current nannies were forced to sign Confidentiality Agreements, there is NO ONE to be a voice for the babies if someone is doing them harm. Gloria Alread makes me sick to watch, but in this case, someone needs to protect those kids. Nadya is busy looking for her cameraman all-to-ready for her close-up after just getting a fresh manicure.

1995 days ago

i pee freely    

gloria is just a media grabing whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1995 days ago

Real American    

She represented the mother for the benefit of the children, now she's representing somebody else against the mother for the benefit of the children. Is that even legal? It's certainly not ethical. As an advocate for the mother, she was privy to information she wouldn't have otherwise had, that she will now be able to use against her. To my knowledge, she would have to have a signed waiver from the mother allowing her to represent somebody else on the same issue, and I'm sure she doesn't have that.

1995 days ago


OMG TMZ why oh why do you keep showing this disgusting PIG? enough already!!!!

1995 days ago


Real American,

Gloria Allred NEVER represented Octomom. She has only represented Angels in Waiting this entire time. So there really is NO breach of ethics since she is still with the same client.

I think Octomom should be sued. She slandarized (is that even a word?) angels in waiting. She said they were going to kidnap her kids and were scamming her to make money... PLEASE... give it a break... Octomom wants to sue a magazine for "lying" about her stripping. They should sue her for lying about them being kidnappers.

1995 days ago

Sue Wong    

Gloria needs to go away or do good for the poor and downtrodden in society. There're so many who could use a mouthpiece like hers to help them out but she's just a media whore. AIW and Gloria Alfred need to leave the Octomom alone and stop harassing her. Mind your own damn business bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1995 days ago


Oh My Good Gracious,

For The Love of God!
1st (Sorry God), Gloria Go the hell AWAY DO NOT RETURN, YOU AMBULANCE CHASER!!!!!
Your making everyone hate you more than they already do.. Sue AWAY BIATCH! SUE AWAY AND GET LOST!!!!!


Watch your kids more closely & maybe read the bible!

1995 days ago


Octowomboom, is relying on the fact she has 14 children and 'NADYA THE NARCISSIST, expects that is her protection..Nothing like surrounding yourself with children to perform and act like a criminal. Thinking these little guys are your scapegoats..NO ONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD WOULD TOUCH HER, THINK OF THE POSSIBLE BACKLASH. WHO CARES GO FOR IT ALLRED. YOU CAN DO THIS, SHE MESSED WITH THE WRONNNNG PITBULL.
.What a super bitch, Since WHEN do we use the words MOTHER AND SELFISH in the same breakth? She is the epitome of greed, selfishness, warped sense of entitlement, media whore I have ever had the mis-pleasure of hearing about..'TAKE HER DOWN GLORIA, GO FOR THE JUGULAR, TAKE HER SORRY ASS TO THE BOARDS.

1995 days ago


Gloria should leave the OctoMom alone. Gloria just wanted to get some media sttention. She need to go away.

1995 days ago


Give it a rest Gloria. My God she is making it work, better then most of us thought she could, as a matter of factly. Get off your high horse and go find something else to bring your name up to the forefront. Leave mother and children alone! So she doesn't always make the right choices! Well, I will tell you what, she has to make some bad choices for herself in order to provide for those children. If I had to put it out there for the public to have the ability to provide for my children, you bet your sweet ass I am going to do it. It just shows us all to what great lengths she will go, to keep her family together and care for them all. I wonder how many children you have Gloria? Do you or did you ever have any? If you do, I would bet you had nannies. I am getting more tired of hearing your name then Nadya's. It's about time someone shuts you up once and for all. I think your career and your name will survive if you let this family be. You are startting to look like a sore losing, baby chasing, mother hating hag that just won't go away. Give it a rest already and quit being such a poor loser.

1995 days ago


GIVE UP - GLORIA ALLRED ! GET A LIFE - - Your wasting your time/energy and tax payers money. You know your lawsuit will be automatically dropped. Your going to be left as a laughing stock to the world .Why doesn't she find real issues to deal with . Instead of giving this OctoMom more publicity. Everyone in this world knows that this woman can't care for her children-but nothing will ever be done until at least one of the kids dies. The biological parents always get the children-even after there is signs of abuse and neglect.

1995 days ago


Nadya is a big time scam artiist. She lie, lie and continue to lie. Please remove her from being air as news on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, or any other TV stations. I don't want my kids to hear about this Trash..............

1995 days ago


You go Gloria !!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to see that SOMEONE is out to protect all 14 of these children....Child Protective Services seems to be of little value. Octomom is too busy getting herself tattooed, manicured and making money having Radaronline follow her around all day. She is simply an opportunist that could care less about her children. Octomom, show us you are a decent mother by quietly staying home to care for your children instead of flaunting your narcisistic face all over the media. I for one are soooooooo over you!!!!!!!!!!

1995 days ago

formerly fat    

The only person more disgusting than Octomom is that skeevy shyster, opportunistic, moldy, publicity hungry whore of a lawyer Gloria Allred.

1995 days ago


8. HAH poor mother of 14 she should be brought up on fraud
charges for sucking up tax money for kids she cant afford herself

Posted at 11:44AM on May 4th 2009 by bob

Her and over half the country sucking up on welfare breeding like rats.

1995 days ago
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