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Anderson Cooper:

Oh Daddy!

5/5/2009 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Look at that adorable face ... and the baby is pretty cute too!


While out in Beverly Hills with a friend, Anderson Cooper showed off his paternal side -- and his legs -- by holding a baby in his buff arms.

Coop can cover even the most sensitive of topics.


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@Mike, Yes, I remember how "concerned" he was and he has been doing a lot of unnecessary lectures lately. I say unnecessary because they are usually at the same places and based on the summaries I have read, he doesn't say anything new, but from what I understand he makes at least 50K each time.

The resemblance is unmistakable, It is obvious that Anderson is related to this kid. If in fact he is indeed a Godfather to this child and not the father it would have to belong to one of his two adult nieces. That could be the only other explanation.

You know this woman won't settle for anything less than millions and later she'll come back and say she needs more to sustain her "way of life." Maybe she is breast feeding the kid that is why it is in California.

This guy looks like he might be some sort of bodyguard/nanny, but if not, maybe it is some sort of bizarre menage a trois with Julio.

I don't know anything for sure either, but the speculation will intensify about his private life now that this is out.

Let's face it Anderson was never the perfect guy that he appeared to be.

1960 days ago


He has said in the past he wanted to retire at 40. If he is paying a mother to live on and be quiet, he won't be able to do that. Goes with the territory of a person making millions of dollars a year.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

I wish I could go speak somewhere and make 50K. That would be amazing. But of course nobody cares what I have to say.

1960 days ago


@Mike, You are right, if this isn't one of his nieces' kids he is stuck having to pay this woman not only until the kid is 18, but for the rest of HER life if Anderson wants to keep this quiet. She must be living high because these photos were taken in Beverly Hills. I don't think his mother is worth that much because of that scam that made her sell everything she had and she ended up living with him.

He better start worrying about how this might affect his following because his ratings are pretty bad and he ain't getting any younger and his looks are a large part of his appeal.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

I don't know "AH." If I had to guess I'd say that YOU are Anderson. AH = Anderson Hayes right?

Plus you know way too much about Anderson. You're probably playing the TMZ game either out of boredom, to get people confused, or to steer them on the right path. The choice you make out of all those 3 depends on the mood you're in.

Am I right? Told you I was a smart girl. *I* should be the one to have your baby. What do you think about that?

1960 days ago


@The 1 & Only, I wasn't going to respond to you, but your comment
was way too funny! I am not sure if it was an insult or a compliment,
but no I am not Anderson. However, he has been known to post under
Erica's sign-in on the live blog in order to try to confuse and make
fools out of the viewers that post there. I am sure that he and his
bunch over at 360 get a good laugh out of it.

I have never posted on TMZ before, but this was too tempting to pass
up and I enjoy enigmas. Everything I know about Anderson is already
out there, I just pull it all together. Don't take offense, but I
hope that Anderson chose a woman with a higher IQ to carry this kid.

1960 days ago


AC360 will not last forever and one can assume CNN will not keep him forever. If he is paying a woman, whatever she is getting was probably based on what he is making now and worth. Would he be able to make the same amount of money somewhere else until the child turns 18.

1960 days ago


I think you hit the nail on the head - the guy is narcissistic enough to bring a kid he won't acknowledge into the world.

As for A.H. being Anderson, I doubt it. Anderson's not that articulate.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

Well you didn't need to insult me AH sweetie. That wasn't very nice. Now I'm gonna go cry.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

Anderson, I KNOW you are not calling me stupid. You know better than that. I'll spank you.

1960 days ago


@Mark, Oh he will have to pay long past the kid's 18th BD to keep the birth mother quiet. Unless there is another Katrina in his future I highly doubt that Anderson will continue to receive the high salary he is currently enjoying. However, he could make some big bucks if he wrote a complete autobiography. Also, it might be a good time for him to reconsider that Playgirl spread. Frankly, he has had his moment.

@K.T,, Thanks for the compliment. Anderson is definitely a narcissist. He always says he doesn't like to do things that draw attention to himself, but he takes a job on a major cable news network and has a show named for him, not to mention the "60 Minutes" reports. He writes a book about his work and selected parts of his life and goes on endless lecture tours. He also goes out of his way to be on shows like "Regis & Kelly," Ryan Seacrest, Leno, Letterman, and Conan. He turns up at fashion shows and Oscar parties and now he walks around Beverly Hills holding a baby.

I am just amazed that this is the first photos we have seen like this. Are the Paparazzi asleep at the wheel or have they been paid to look the other way? I have to wonder who tipped off Final Pixx about Anderson being in that house and why the tabloids have not found out who lives there.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"Everything I know about Anderson is already out there, I just pull it all together."

But you put it together in a way that only a true stalker would know. Plus you started to insult Anderson slightly - which I thought was odd. I love Anderson (or you) and I wouldn't be able to tie all those things together and I obviously have a TON of time on my hands.

When are we gonna make that baby? Whatever way you want to do it - is fine by me. You are the king.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

STOP insulting yourself Anderson! I'm gonna tell your mom.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

Who is KT? Is that Anderson or one of his co-workers? To say that Anderson is "not that articule" is very strange. You have to try a new game.

He wote a book that topped the New York Time's best seller list, he has his own show which is on CNN every weekday night, has won numerous awards on his reporting abilities - and all you can come up with is "He's not that articulate?" C'mon - you have to do better than that.

Go and watch the Situation Room. I don't want to hear from you guys anymore. I'll see you on the live blog tonight.

1960 days ago

The 1 & Only    

"articulate" ...

1960 days ago
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