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Carrie Prejean --

I Was Only 17!

5/5/2009 6:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanSo someone sent us pictures two days ago of Carrie Prejean -- showing the Miss California/Miss USA runner-up modeling topless, partially covering her breasts with her hands and wearing panties. So, we ask, What would Jesus think?

We contacted Carrie's rep, who gave us this statement yesterday: "This was a photo that was taken several years ago, when Carrie first started modeling. In her naivete, an agent convinced her to pose for this photo to submit to a lingerie company, claiming they could make her the next Victoria's Secret model. She has since learned what a lie that was, and what a mistake it was to have the photo taken."

A short time later, we got a second statement: "Is there any allowance for the fact that she was a minor when the photo was taken, that would allow you not to post? She was only 17."

We had our doubts ... especially when comparing the photos to photos of Carrie at the Miss California Teen USA pageant in 2004, a few months before her 18th birthday. But we just got a handwritten statement from Carrie herself, and she's towing the line: "The photo in question was taken when I was a minor, several months before the 2005 pageant. The photo was not meant for disclosure to the general public."

Carrie PrejeanA honcho at Miss California USA told us Carrie may have violated her contract, because she represented several times in writing that she never posed nude or partially nude for any photo. We're here to tell you ... that's not true.

We haven't posted the pics and won't unless we know she was over 18.


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Okay folks, I have a 17, nearly 18 year old and a 13 nearly 14 year old pair of daughters. We are not bible thumpers despite living in the bible belt. Now the way I see it is this:
1. This is a free country with freedom of speech and Carrie is entitled to her opinion no matter what any of us think. Even the KKK is entitled to their opinion, again no matter what any of us think about it one way or another. I feel strongly that the shove it down your throat gay activists, as opposed to those who are more civilized about their activism, are jumping on this statement that she was entitled to give constitutionally and making a mountain out of a molehill. Really, people, are we so rigid and intolerant that we can't react by saying "okay, she feels that way, so what? I may feel differently but then again, so what?" If you read her whole statement then only the touchy wanting to cause trouble types would be offended. She even said that she didn't intend to offend. Honestly, with all that is going on in the world in our lives at the moment, this is extremely petty.
2. I have seen the so called nude photo and, I say so-called for a reason. It shows nothing other than a typical shot, seen countless times with countless girls, a young woman with a beautiful body in a pair of pink undies turned away from you covering her breasts with her arms. Actually, I feel that the celebrity chef beauty in the Hardee's commercial is far more suggestive than this photo by today's standards. My dauthters agree. I am not going to judge this young woman because it is not my, nor anyone else's, place to do so. I know that my daughters' both get regular come-on mail for modeling, acting and padgents. We take none of seriously but some young girls do when they are mesmerized by the thoughts of fame and riches. They are naive. My oldest wants to act but is going into college under a double major- both drama and pre-med. She loves them both but acting is a siren song. Some young girls, and at 17 a female is a girl not a woman, are naive and make bad judgement calls. ANY young girl can get caught up in these schemes despite coming from good homes. Just do a google search and you will see the lawsuits and arrests. Many of these photographers are actually peodephiles (sp) in disguise...just look it up.
3. In the end, any person is not just one facet, we are very complicated creatures and everyone has skeletons in their closets.You, everyone. I would submit that before the reporters or the gay activists that are throwing stones at Miss. Prejean, be required to be honest enough that they air their own dirty linens in public prior to allowing their right of free speech to override anyone elses. Who do they think that they are by giving themselves a higher standard of rights than those they choose to talk about and target? The last time I sat in a law school classroom everyone had the same set of rights, period. So, why can't we respect that? Let's all stop trying to one-up one another and just live and let live. That is one of the biggest problems that I see in the world today, in every culture and every country, we have all become busy bodies with the speedy dissemination of information world wide of which 90% is highly innacurate. Come on folks, let's look at the bigger picture and solve something that really matters, hmmm?

1965 days ago

Stella Cadente    

The reason everyone is opposed to this chick is that she's a hypocrite.

1965 days ago


People are so quick to judge this girl, and most Christians for that matter, because they disagree with her views they throw any logic and reasoning out the window. several quick points.
1) Just because someone says they are a christian does not mean they are perfect. The whole point of Christianity is that NOBODY is perfect and EVERYBODY sins, but that God and Jesus offer forgiveness. Every time people want to denigrate someone who is a christian they find some mistake they have made and call them a hypocrite for not following the word of the Bible, or for picking and choosing what parts they want to follow. But again Christians do not pretend to be perfect and sin free, they simply follow the word of God as a guideline on how to live a moral life.
2) Calling a her a hypocrite for posing topless while being against abortion for religious beliefs is simply laughable. I would imagine that everyone here would consider both lying and murder immoral and unethical acts. So if someone professes that they are against murder, but soon after they are caught in a lie, are they now a hypocrite? They are both immoral acts, as she believes abortion and posing topless are. As if she is a hypocrite for posing topless while being against abortion, than anyone who tells a lie and is against murder is just as much of one.
3) Aren't the real hypocrites the ones who lash out at and judge Christians for their beliefs? They complain about Christians being judgmental and holier than thou, and then judge them and think they are better than them because of it. is that not hypocrisy?

1965 days ago


Just because she spoke her mind now everyone is hating on her. What's happened to free speech??

1965 days ago


Sorry, Carrie, but even at seventeen I knew better than to have pictures like that taken. I know this because there aren't any. Unless you're completely brainless, you knew what you were doing. Youthful recklessness is understandable, but not an excuse.

Instead of crying foul you should have the courage of your convictions. You're old enough to know better than to speak without thinking, but you didn't. You made a statement you now say you believe. If you had thought about it you would have realized that your words would be painful to some, and that you would be starting a firestorm. With you in the heart of it. While I disagree with your stand, I believe you have the right to your opinions. Now have the courage to face the path you have set yourself on.

1965 days ago

Tom Mariner    

There will be no limit to the amount of effort to dig up dirt because of the message it sends.

On the other hand, if the other side wants to fire back, anyone who downloaded or looked at the pictures in question is guilty of kiddie porn. She may get her title taken away, but the attackers had better get a great disk wiper so when the vice squad comes calling to sieze their computer, they can avoid a vacation courtesy of the feds.

And thank goodness there are all of these women's organizations who are representing the feminine half of the population and sticking up for Carrie. If they didn't, they should abandon their false direction and support something they believe in -- like okd Corvettes or something.

1965 days ago



1965 days ago


I hope she makes lots of money and smiles all the way to the bank.
Hopefully skipping while singing f*ck Perez Hilton the whole way.

She gave her opinion.
TOO freaking bad that some dont like it.

1965 days ago


omg! can any of you get a freakin' life? why don't we crucify her for saying same sex marriage is wrong...and let's also see if we can find she is a "sinner" too...well i hate to tell all you idiots.....NOT UNLESS YOU ARE JESUS CHRIST, YES, I SAID HIS NAME, JESUS CHRIST GOD IN FLESH, ARE YOU NOT HAVING SOME KIND OF SIN IN YOUR FREAKIN' LIVES....SO SHE IS HUMAN.... what the who is without sin, cast the first stone why don't you...oh i guess all of you are perfect and sinless since you all cast stones already....go ahead.....aim for me mother f*******...i have nothing to hide..and by the way...SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS AN ABOMINATION AND NOT A FAMILY UNIT IN GOD'S EYES...IF HE WANTED SAME SEX TO BE TOGETHER HE WOULDN'T HAVE MADE A MAN AND A WOMAN...AND OH YEAH, GUESS WHAT ELSE, THE PARTS FIT TOGETHER PERFECT TO MAKE A SINGLE UNIT.......TWO D***** DON'T FIT...AND YOU CAN'T JOIN TWO P******** WITHOUT A DILDO........

1965 days ago

Tim Bierman    

She a slut. I work for a popular rock band and she blew the lead singer and swallowed his load with a smile. She blew the security guys to get back to the singer

1965 days ago


Hope TMZ does not fall into the pit of Crazy Perez.

Give Miss California a Break! Please!

I think it's great she told her true opinion of what she believes in life.

1965 days ago


Homosexuality is a mental illness. Say NO to homo marriage.

1965 days ago


A true liberal while, disagreeing with Miss California's stance on gay marriage, would find the posting of her pictures (regardless of if she is 18 or not) without her consent equally offensive.

She is as much entitled to be a hypocrite as the rest of us are.

This is really sad! What people will to to make a buck.

What is wrong with us, can't we use arguments and logic to disagree with each other? Do we always have to destroy the one we disagree with to make our point look better? If we do then our point can't have been that good to begin with.

What a world! : (

1965 days ago

Bash a Pap    

Leave her alone!? She is putting herself out in front if a Christian group that is demanding the rest of us be moral and free of vice... So I say screw her... She is a lying hypocrite. And that is proven.

1965 days ago

poor poor MJ    

I say Whatever! How come it is always " I was underage so you can't post them". She knew what she was doing then, and she is trying to get out of it as soon as she can so that she can go back to standing "O's" from her homophobic coalition. All I can say little lady is don't throw stones in a glass house!

1965 days ago
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