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'Dallas' Star Sued Over Dog, Poop, Gun

5/5/2009 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Victoria Principal apparently has taken her role on "Dallas" a little too seriously -- she's been sued for allegedly pulling a gun on a maid.

The woman who played Pamela Ewing is being sued by Maribel Banegas, the former maid at Victoria's Malibu home. Banegas claims she had taken the dog for a walk -- when she returned home to an enraged Victoria who couldn't understand why it took so long.

Banegas explained the dog wouldn't poop, but Victoria wasn't pickin' up what the maid was puttin' down. According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Victoria fired Maribel on the spot. Maribel asked for her final check and Victoria went upstairs, allegedly only to come down with a gun, "which she then pointed and aimed" at the maid.

Launch PhotosThe suit claims Victoria "verbally threatened to kill plaintiff"... and asked another housekeeper who was present "to stand aside in order that she could kill the plaintiff."

The maid claims assault, false imprisonment and emotional distress. She wants unspecified damages.

Oh, by the way, the dog's name is Mei-Ling, and we're told it looks like a Shih Tzu ... seriously.

UPDATE -- Victoria filed her own lawsuit against the maid. Click here to read it.

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White people always wants the maids to pickup dog poop......I wish they would start pickin up after the Obamas......

1974 days ago


dang - That woman is CRAZY - should not let her a - lone by herself - murder waitin to happen - what a NUT

1974 days ago


victoria ought to sue her plastic surgeon husband for what he did to her face! who is she exactly?

1974 days ago

Rob Lafferty    

White people, as well as black people and purple people do not like picking up dog poop! This message is for Oprag, figure it out! It's only black and white to racists, there's plenty on both sides unfortunately!

1974 days ago


Purple people? I'd like to see that!!! Oh wait...I don't see "color.." (light melody in background)...I only see PEOPLE...ahh,, racism at its worst

1974 days ago


You mean by that comment that you think all the white people from
coast to coast take turns over to the white house so's to clean up
and pick up the obama families body excretions ?? Better chance of
'em going over to kick their asses on a daily basis most likely -
- yes sir -

1974 days ago


I have never cared for Victoria Principal. Even back in the 80's, it was very evident that she is extremely self absorbed. It's her way or the highway. No matter how you get there.

1974 days ago


Victoria knows she will be cleared of all charges. Movie stars, sports stars and democrat party politicians are exempt from the laws of the land. Laws are meant for "other" people. Just ask OJ, or Ted Kennedy when it comes to murder, the top crime against humanity.

1974 days ago

Frieda Jane    

Since I don't know the gal personally, can't say what she is like. I will say that shei s not aging with grace. Too many facae lifts I would guess??

1974 days ago


Remember that young Gibbs brother? The one, who was in love with Victoria? He killed himself. I agree with those who say: Both of them, need to grow up. Their versions, make both of them sound like nuts. The other maid, should look for employment elsewhere... Victoria, might pull a gun on her, one day...

1974 days ago

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