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David Hasselhoff -- .39, You Gotta Be Kiddin'

5/5/2009 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We got David Hasselhoff an hour ago ... and he said the reports that he was unconscious over the weekend with a blood alcohol level of .39 are just ridiculous.

David Hasselhoff: Click to watch
Launch PhotosThe Hoff confirms what we said, he had been drinking and went to the hospital, but the story was utterly exaggerated, and he says his ex wife, Pamela Bach, is behind it all.


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Yes, David is an alcohlic and yes he did relapse. Hiis ex wife is so completely obsessed with him and can't handle that he will never be with her agaain that she tries to make him pay through the media, by making him look like a raging alcohlic. I've known the Hasselhoffs for years and our kids know each other and she is dying inside without him. It's really sad because David and the girls have moved on and enjoy their lives and all Pam does is obsess over him! Side noter, her ex before David was Joe Piscopo and he also dumped her for a woman named Kimberly! Double WHAMMY!

1974 days ago


No matter what he says, he has so little respect for his teenage daughter that he continues to victimize her by drinking in front of her. Did he used to live in a trailer park?. This guy is nothing more than an overgrown buffoon. He is a reckless thoughtless father. So what if he is having a relapse. He could do it away from the kid.It is shameful to put your child in the middle of it. Can Hoff say dysfunctional? Does he understand That dysfunctional parents who gets their roles confused set their kids up for a life time of neurosis , addictive destructive behaviours and psychological pain? I think he does and doesn't care.He is a narcissistic meaning he never thinks about the welfare of anyone but himself. People like that are just a waste.

1974 days ago


He was probably on his way to a bar at that very moment.

1974 days ago


He would be DEAD if he was at .39. Of course that's not true. He may have been seriously intoxicated, but it wasn't .39.

1974 days ago

Al Baby    

To all you ass holes that think you know what your talking about .39 is not unusual for a hard core drunk to blow you build up such a tolerance to it

1974 days ago

the whisper    

Dude -- Has NEVER STOPPED drinking . He just takes a break for a short while -- too dry out a bit . And then keeps ragging on again -- get it ! ( He doesn't really ever stop drinking ) He's almost always drunk or getting drunk -- CHEERS

1974 days ago

Truth Hurts    

Wow he's got a set of Moobies!

1974 days ago


And you trust the word of an alcoholic?

1974 days ago


I agree. No good deed goes unpunished by Hoff, such as saving his life. He is subjecting his children to such HORRORS of reckless and irresponsible behavior, and all he can think about is COVERING IT ALL UP and bullying those who won't enable him into his grave. He's the actor version of Richard Nixon, "I am not a crook", and George Bush "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction." Once you LIE like that to the public, the public never forgets it, and your credibility is forever ZERO.

1974 days ago

the whisper    

You get it ! He is the biggest lier- bullie - crook- abusiver - drunk . Who he himself or his people go online a write stories. And stands himself and his family ( kids incluede in this) in front of the public. He's done it many times people ! Look in the mirror and go to jail . Going to rehab in the 100,000 suite 10 times doesn't seem to work. does it !

1974 days ago


I very highly doubt this. A blood alcohol level of .40 is lethal.

1974 days ago

Ida Clair    

.4 isn't at all unusual in hard core, long term drunks.

Sad, but true.

1973 days ago

Thetan Mapother    

Mel had 0.6

1973 days ago


Your Ex wife wasn't behind the story The alcohol was!

Why do drunks always blame, do they believe themselves as much as others dont?

1973 days ago


He 's full of crap, there is always some truth behind the lies. He is just covering he ass, then he blames his ex for helping him when their kid calls for help. Next time she needs to call an ambulance so the paps can pick up on it. Just wait, all of this is gonna catch up to him, then we will see the truth. He's a drunk and does this in front of his kids. He needs help.

1973 days ago
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