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Miss Universe Org. Declares War Over Anti-Gay Ad

5/5/2009 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Miss Universe Organization just told us they've fired off a cease and desist letter to the National Organization for Marriage -- after NOM used footage from the Miss USA 2009 pageant in an anti-gay marriage commercial.

The commercial -- which is currently still playing on NOM's website -- uses Carrie Prejean's pageant response to the gay marriage question as a selling point for the ad.

This doesn't mean the MUO is taking sides on the issue -- just saying NOM can't use the copyrighted material to promote their agenda.

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no one you know    

I'm curious what a beauty pageant and politics have to do with each other.....It's ALL freakin propaganda!

1993 days ago

gay is sin-sin is death    

gays dont understand life, gay is so stupid they dont reproduce , thank God for that, gay lifestyle is self distructing, these are sick and diseased people who will wither away like weeds , gay doesnt repent therefore it is a full blown sin

1990 days ago


I don't understand why people are so sensitive over her answer, 65% of Americans believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage bibical or not is for the benifit of offspring and well being of children created between men and woman. Until same sex couples can create life together I don't think marriage is necessary. If they want a legal union contract that is fine. How strange that the heterosexual world is moving away from marriage unions and the gay community is pushing so hard for them.

1988 days ago

Tired of Hypocrites    

Ok, enough already! If Ms. Prejean believes in "original" marriage, whatever that is, fine. But, her hypocrisy is rather evident. She says she stands by her beliefs about marriage, but lies about semi-nude photos of herself. Of course, that's what the Moral Majority, or any other Christian organization does. Whatever fits their agenda at the time, is the part of "God's word" they use. Any other time, the Christians would be up in arms about someone having nude photos of themselves being taken, but because Ms. Prejean's platform coincides with theirs, suddenly it's not a big deal. Such hypocrisy! Believe whatever you want, whatever is convenient at the time, just don't shove it down my throat. Live and let live!
Oh, BTW, I was raised all my life in a Christian home and in the inner circles of pastors and evangelists, so I've seen it all! Most churches are no different than any other showbiz production with some of the best actors in the biz. It's "The Jesus Show", complete with "alligator tears", with a license to rob people blind by either "guilting" them into or scaring them into giving up their hard earned money. After all, we all know, God needs your money! He must have spent all his! Funny how he is all powerful and omniscient, but broke, and, oh yeah, jealous!

1987 days ago


Ww listen to all thesour grape bs. yeah sure you defended her. yet you fall for the un authenticated photos right off the bat?
The bottom line (no pun intended) is that if you are asked a question on your political position you should be judged on how well you present your position not whether or not you agree with the judge's position.
Miss USA pageant should not allow bias of this type to judge their pageants. What a stupid contest. It should be called the "No freedom of thought in the USA pageant!"
I thought these things always stuck to the World Peace answer to all questions anyway.

1968 days ago


I was shocked to find someone doesn't know what original marriage is. After thousands of years of male female marriage they haven't heard or seen original marriage. Hmm. This brings up another point. after 6000 to 10,000 years, of male female marriage, all of a sudden marriage between same sexes is correct? Even the ancient Greeks who rampantly practiced homosexuality still reserved marriage for man and wife. But lets not concern ourselves with details. spoiled brats want some new thing forced down everyone elses throat, and you either give it to them or they will throw temper tantrums and fits and thow up signs and fists and shout you down. Whaa!

1962 days ago


Am I first?!?!

1994 days ago


this is war~!!!

1994 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

Miss California is such a farce. She posed in half-nude pictures, and say she is a Christian.

1994 days ago


Guess not!! ha ha 2nd!

1994 days ago


This is why they are hated.

1994 days ago

fred smilek    

She does not know what she wants! poor loser, like you said she thinks is a christian but she is really not.

1994 days ago


Here's a prime example of a huge problem. Americans love to ride the "freedom of speech" bus, but as soon as someone says something "politically incorrect", whether it is their belief or not, they are crucified. Ridiculous. I don't think there should be same sex marriage, either. That's my OPINION, i won't try to make anyone who disagrees change theirs. In an effort to please "the bleeding hearts" of society the right to freedom of speech has been pushed under the carpet. Truly sad.

1994 days ago


it is on with this silicone bitch

1994 days ago


Well, to be fair, it doesn't say that Ms. California's the one calling for them to stop. It's the Miss Universe Organization telling them to take it down.

But like most everyone else here, she does seem a little hypocritical.

1994 days ago
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