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Teenage Megan Fox

What Awkward Stage?!

5/5/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before you click through the following pictures of a young Megan Fox in her various high school uniforms, remember -- the person you're looking at is under 18.

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We just got our hands on Megan's yearbook pics from her freshman and sophomore years at Morningside Academy Upper School in Florida -- which pretty much shows the girl never suffered through any of those awkward teenage years.


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25. In my country 13 is a fully grown woman

Yeah and in OURS it is still a child - not everyone believes in "when they're old enough to bleed they're old enough to breed".

You're nasty if you think that she was a woman @ 13 - body may have been mature - not her brains - maybe still not for all we know.

1941 days ago


I know she's pissed her pre Dr. 90210 photos are now out there. It's obvious she had a major nose job, got her teeth fixed, as well as lip injections and cheek enhancements. She had no cheekbones in high school. Ahhh, the wonders of plastic surgery.

1941 days ago

Rap sucks    

She not might have an oscar but she is WAY hotter than Angelina. Oh god she looks so hot with that school girl uniform oh god. Hey but what's she's doing with the black dude i hope she didn't get smack or even worse...

1941 days ago

from behind    

AMAN, I know you guys may think Louisiana is its own county and having sex with 13 year old is ok, its not and you are still part of the US

1941 days ago


Im an attractive,thin 25 yr old..and sercure enough to say that she is gorgeous. there are alot of woman commenting that she isnt,but come married and straight and yet IM attracted to her,lol.And she went to Hollywood..duh she had her teeth done ppl..quit hating on her.and she didnt have a nose job..she was a kid then..she just 'grew into it". the tatts are hot,the bod is hot..and the fact that this gorgeous girl was/is a little insecure is everyone quit being jealous:)

1941 days ago


Seriosly people! She is nice looking, whether you feel a 7 or a 10 on
the scale - she is attractive. So what if she doesn't have an Oscar!
That means nada. There are many successful actors out there who die
without winning one. They still chased their dream of acting and if
people not winning one means they are worthless to our tv and theater
screens, then we'd have nothing to watch! She doesn't have to be
Meryl-friggin'-Streep. She's young and doing her thing like anyone
in her boots would do. Good Lord people! Why must any brunette
actress with tats be considered an Angelina Jolie wannabe? She was
with Brian for years, doesn't have any scandalous stories or paps
flying over her home, so I just don't see the comparison. That's a
ridiclous line used over and over. She may be a Jolie fan, yes, but the
comparison is getting cheesier by the moment. Tats are VERY common
in our generation, period! Rib tats are common, too! She's her very own

Also, plastic surgery or not, looking at old pics you can see she's a very nice looking girl with or without it. I say who cares, as long as some guy didn't mentally abuse you into it - it's her body to do what she wants and if she got something done, it was done well (she doesn't look like that cat lady or something). We've got this one life, so I say enjoy it before it all ends suddenly out of the blue on you.

1941 days ago


She was pretty back then too and definitely looked more natural. I haven't seen what she looks like without make up since she's become a star. She's not that much older now, but she looks like she has some work done.

1941 days ago

Voice of Reason    

Judging by these pictures, Megan was always a looker. As far as surgery goes, she clearly didn't have a whole lot done to enhance her appearance. Keep in mind, she was just a kid here and these aren't even professional photos. Plus features can really change as you get older, trust me! Sometimes they call it an awkward stage, but in her case I wouldn't. Try having someone else compare some of YOUR OWN before and after pictures. You might be surprised what they might think. I know I Iook a hell of a lot different (maybe better) than I did as a kid. Obviously though, growing up, some people change more than others - and it isn't always for the good. Bottom line. Megan looked great then and looks great now. And if she did alter her looks, it was only minor. Otherwise, you would hardly recognize her and you're lying if you say you can't. Furthermore, MOST women mess with their looks TO SOME EXTENT nowadays. And since when is fixing your teeth a bad thing? People go around idolizing celebs like idiots and don't know what to make of it when they find out their beloved heroes/heroines are just as normal as they are. Megan's hot! Get over it!

1941 days ago


Surgery Checklist for Success:
Lip Injections - Check
Nosejob - Check
Chin Implant - Check
Breast Augmentation - Check

Megan in 10 years - Scary

1941 days ago


She is very pretty and I'm a woman. But people have their own opinions, maybe some people don't like her. It doesn't mean they are jealous. Not everybody thinks the same way. Grow up and let people have their opinions without being told they are nuts.

1941 days ago

420 GIRL    

but what's with that tats on the forearms?

that is so butch!

1941 days ago


yes she is pretty but shes not really the most beautiful girl around her looks are kind of generic pretty she doesnt stand out as someone who has features that are just more sweet or sexy and a genuineness to them...


1941 days ago


i wish i was a student back in the 90's...wait lindsay wasnt a student in the 90's thats a lie then she wasnt!!!

1941 days ago

who dat    

There is a guy that runs another site, whos name is todd. The guy is a creep who constantly posts worthless pictures of mf. He is most likely a stalker.

1941 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Just because your married, straight and you like her doesn't mean someone is "jealous" for not liking her. It's not even about the way she looks so much (plain but makeup does wonders)....SHE IS A BITCHY CHICK. That's why most women don't like other women. Please take you notes you morons.

1940 days ago
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