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Bristol Palin -- Do As I Say, Not As I Do

5/6/2009 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just what every kid wants to hear: If she could do it all over again, Bristol Palin would have made Levi Johnston keep it in his pants.

Bristol Palin: Click to watch
Despite calling her 4-month-old son "the best thing that ever happened" to her, VP wannabeen Sarah Palin's 19-year-old daughter was on "GMA" this morning promoting teenage abstinence. Whose bright idea was this?!

Look closely, her puppet strings are showing.


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SoCal Razzles    

This chick needs to just shut up and keep her hairy legs closed.

1997 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

Posted at 1:37PM on May 6th 2009 by Manjuice

Dude you sound like a pervert. Stay away from the high schools....and any other minor. Freak.

1997 days ago

Have no shame    

WOW!! Did I miss something? Is Bristol running for Republican office???? Typical do as I say and not as I do Republican nonsense!!!! What about the usual gay parent nonsense about how "a kid doesn't just need two parents, they need a mom and a DAD." Only applies to gay parenting not to straight irresponsible Republican teenage girls!

1997 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

The family is NOT normal. Sarah Palin is governor of Alaska. They are in the media spotlight. It is NOT a normal life. When you preach family values instead of protection and then end up with a pregnant daughter, it's pure hypocrisy. The neo cons were sure quick to jump on Jamie Lynn Spears and yet defend Bristol Palin. Why is that?
I also don't like it that the Palins are using their money and power to try and keep Levi from seeing that baby. To Bristol: like my mama used to say, " if you think he's good enough to sleep with, then he's good enough to be a father to the baby that will result." She can't change her mind now and decide he's not good enough.
Team Levi!!

1997 days ago


What is wrong with her baby? No squirming, smiling or cooing ? Is he always exhausted ?

1997 days ago


Given her and her Mom's affinity for boys' names that begin with the letter "T", and Briston's alternative advocacy of "safe sex", maybe she should have named her baby "Trojan".

1997 days ago

not medicated    


1997 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I see she talks out of both sides of her mouth and flip flops just like her mother. You do all realize that she was being paid by Candies to make the appearance, so she said whatever they wanted to hear wheather it was true or not, again, just like her mother!!

1997 days ago


Ok so like everyone else who knows common sense I'm just going to add shes full of it, is she really stupid enough to tell teens abstence is better? wow her stupidity makes me want to sleep with her even more, I love the ditzy clueless ones.

So teens watching this are suppose to think ..."you know what because Bristol says abstence is better I am going to quit having sex, quit having orgasms and quit wanting to have sex with the opposite a teen, but when I turn 20, because I am not a teen I will resume with my sexual desires"

I don't believe one horny teen on the planet will even consider this, and every boy teen is just going to fantasize about screwing her brains out without using a condom too. yep thats the reality of it.

She is just standing up in front of the nation and saying, Don't smoke crack, but I will!

I suppose Bristol will refrain from having sex and take her own advice? No way, shes a nympho and shes gonna go after it when the chocolate wears off. hormones.

So this who speech and mission she is on is just a big waste of time, and guys like me are just like oh dam I wanna get up on da MILF, and say screw abstence for 18+

bristol if your reading this, I'll be available for you to magically break your vow to refrain from sex since you are a legal 18 year old teen.

palin stupidity at its finest, a real turn on for alot of guys!!!!!

1997 days ago

John Edwards    

Keep doing the day time shows Bristol. Every time will be a nail in the coffin for your Mom's run for the White House. Which I don't think anyone is worried about anyway.

1997 days ago


MILF, but a stupid ass MILF, when will these moron Palins GO AWAY!?!?!? Take your hypocritical ass back to Alaska and watch your child, and keep an eye on Russia for us.

1996 days ago


i think it would have more of an impact , if she walked the walk, not just talk the talk.

1996 days ago


Abstinence IS the only way to 100% pregnancy... I think it's pretty obvious that that is what she was trying to say. She made a mistake and is owning up to her responsibilities. Why is she a hypocrite? Because she made a mistake and has learned from it? She's offering advice which is obviously needed considering the number of teen pregnancies these days. She shows that it doesn't just happen to people who are poor, underprivilaged or uneducated, that it can happen to anyone.

1996 days ago


Well well well....A part of me respects that she has the guts to stick up for what she believes in, Another part wants to laugh in her face and call her a PHONY! Telling other people to not have sex is fine, if you were a good example and could walk the walk. She's basically saying that although she was raised with good morals she couldnt keep her panties on.

1995 days ago


To everyone who seems to want to make this a political situation and continue to bash the Palins for a teenage pregnancy lets look at the fact the O'Bama's mother was pregnant with O'Bama when she was still a teenager herself and he grew up to be President of the United States! Teenage pregnancy isn't new and unfortuantely is very common these days. I do think that both Bristol and Levi need to stop giving interviews and start raising their child.

1995 days ago
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