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Flannel Attraction -- LiLo Spies on Sam

5/6/2009 4:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She isn't boiling bunnies just yet, but Lindsay Lohan is starting to get a little shady with her are-they-or-aren't-they relationship with Samantha Ronson.

Sam & Lindsay: Click to watch
Last night, Linds rolled up to the restaurant where Samantha had just eaten without her -- and started adamantly asking the paps who Sam was with inside. Lindsay even looked upset when they told her Sam was with "a girl."

After all this though, she went back to Sam's place -- where, we're told, she spent the night.


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looks to me like Lilo needs some mental help. She is waaaaaaaaaaaay too posesive and insecure. Wow

1966 days ago


I hate to say this, but I'm getting a bad feeling here. I don't think this is going to end well people.

1966 days ago


PLEASE boys and girls!! This is so typical young lesbian behavior. The problem here is Lindsay is a celeb. Sam should be so lucky as to have an attractive woman (any woman) chasing after her. So..Linds as soon as you get your life grounded, and you will, raise the bar a little on your gal pals. You could do so much better. Want my number?

1966 days ago

Brent Schmidt    

Creeper no creeping...

1966 days ago


Well for gosh sakes, where are ALL HER FANS to defend her? Last time I commented on her, I was told I needed some anger management classes and was asked if I was a mean girl in high school ~ LMAOOOOOO. I guess perhaps because I brought Mommy and Daddy, sister and even Grandma into the equation....ooooh gosh, touched somebody's nerve.

Well she's definitely unstable, that's for damn sure. As for the back and forth nature, I agree, so typical in young love (no matter what the hell your freakin sexuality is) -- but I do keep wondering if Sam feels sorry for her, that Lindsay in some way keeps uttering she's going to do harm to herself, i.e., she wants to kill herself, etc., so Sam comes to her rescue by allowing her to come over, and they end up in bed. In absolutely no way do I think Sam is the unstable one in the relationship. And ugh, hello world, when you have a lesbian relationship, how often have you seen 2 beautiful women together, ugh me, I don't think ever, one of them always takes the man look role.

As for Lindsay's "celeb" status, ugh, her status has faded to washed up has been in need of help status. Your mother knows it, you all know it and are just in denial and Hollywood knows it too and just won't utter the words outloud.

1966 days ago


To #24 Are you serious? Wait...are you a lesbian? Have you been out much? I hate to say it but NOT ALWAYS in a lesbian relationship does one take the "man look role". What is that anyway? I am a leabian, I am attractive and femne, my partner is also femme and attractive. Neither of us look like a man. We aren't the only lesbian couple on earth that look like women. AND as far as Sam feeling sorry for her and sleeping with about she probably didn't get lucky and used Lindsay...ALSO yes Lindsay is a celeb. You are talking about her aren't you? Just because she has had some issues doesn't mean she is washed up. She is young and needs to grow up...that is more than likely the problem.

1966 days ago


She still wants Sam's pee pee!

1966 days ago


Instead of spending all that money on useless vacations (only people that WORK take vacation) she should spend it on some SERIOUS therapy. Better yet, her and her idiot poor excuse of a mother should both go to therapy. Don't worry Momma Lohan, I'm sure Lezbo will pay for it.

1966 days ago


Why is it I see a murder/suicide story in Lindsey and Sam's future

1966 days ago


bye sammy

1966 days ago


I'm feeling very sad for Lindsay. Breakups are tough, let alone having it splashed all over the rags.

1966 days ago


Terri you were just a waste of sperm

1966 days ago


It all has to do with that bootie call..gosh, don't worry Lindsey there's a lot of fugly girls out there you can stalk..

1966 days ago


THAT GUY IS A VALET not paparazzi

your fact check meter failed yet again tmz

1966 days ago


You'd think the driver of the car would at least have a head on their shoulders. And what's up with the glove? She looks like a little rascal.

1966 days ago
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