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Jon & Kate Plus ... A Mistress?

5/6/2009 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He's got it bad, so bad -- is Jon from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" hot for teacher?

Kate Gosselin: Click to watch
The reality television father of eight has allegedly been having an affair with a third grade teacher, Us Weekly is reporting. The two reportedly met at a bar back in mid-January.

The alleged other woman's brother tells the mag his sister is not a homewrecker, but adds this TMI detail -- "A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um -- how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let's just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who's, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast."

We got Kate Gosselin yesterday in New York -- where she kept quiet about the alleged "nast" hookup.

Though a rep, Jon told us, "These allegations are false and just plain hurtful. As I adjust to the the attention that comes from being in the public eye, I need to be more careful and aware of who I am associating with and where I am spending my time. But the bottom line is, I did not cheat on Kate. I am sorry for putting my family in this awkward position, given some poor decisions and bad judgements I've made recently. I am working through this difficult time with my family. My family is my top priority."


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Forget child support from either one of them . Neither of them work - they make their money and perks from the show. Just split what they have, get joint custody and move on with your life. Kate needs to learn to stop that whining and complaining of hers. She thinks she is absolutely right on every issue and the rest of the world including Jon is wrong. I read an article where some people who live in PA near them have run into Jon and Kate - she is a snob and scarcastic - even off the show.

1995 days ago


Maybe the marriage is all for show...

1995 days ago

There is no such thing as reality tv    

3. WTF???!! When in the hell does he have time?? If he's not working, he's either fight with Kate or taking care of the kids.

Yes, how did he have the time for an affair with 8 kids????

1995 days ago


Why isn't she at home trying to fix her marriage and save her family? Seems like those kids probably need their mom right about now, and the husband needs his wife.

And correction for the camera guy- THE KIDS ARE THE BREADWINNERS, NOT KATE. She's just a freeloader on the backs of her 8 kids. Kinda pathetic.

1995 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

this family is trash...shes a bitch and an ugly one and he has the chinese disease..called small penisitis.

1995 days ago


WOW that camera guy is a real A-hole! But seriously what do you expect when you live your life on cameras and put your business out there, but on the other hand they got eight kids they need to take care of.

1995 days ago


The children will be paying big time for the foolishness of their parents. No matter who gets custody, no matter which parent they are with, they will get the results of the parents rage towards one another.

Children tend to believe THEY have caused family problems. This will be harmful to the kids also.

These kids will not be patiently parented. Their life has gone from terrible to unbelieveable.

TLC has exploited this ridiculous family. Now they have BROKEN this ridiculous family. Shame on TLC.

1995 days ago


If she so's concerned what is she doing in NY

1995 days ago


I don't normally condone infidelity, but, GOOD FOR JON. What a nasty, ignorant controlling bitch Kate is.

1995 days ago


The show will be replaced with OctoMom next season. :-)

1995 days ago


You people are mental.

First off, he is 32. He looks about 40 though so it would make complete sense to me that someone who is NOT making something up would look at his young sister and think that the guy is considerably older.

Second, they won't get a divorce. Jon was an IT analyst in central PA making squat. They have a $1.3M home. Jon cannot afford alimony and support and Kate will do anything to not have have to give up her lifestyle. Plus, there is a reason why her family is almost always not shown. They hate her as much as Jon does.

TLC and the producers are going to tell Jon to keep it in his pants and he will listen. 'Kate Plus 8' or 'Jon Minus 9' do not work as reality shows.

1995 days ago


For a stay home mom she sure is gone from home a lot. This week New York ... last week Los Angeles. Those 8 little kids have given "her" the life she wanted. Wonder what's going to happen with their future?

1995 days ago


Douche...go home, take care of your kids and quit trying to act like a "real" celebrity.

1995 days ago


All good points #65-Ken!

I suppose having a housefull of kids and a bitchy wife who's perpetually on the rag would cause a person to age.

Also, a divorce would mean a huge change in life style for all of them--including Kate not being able to go to the salon and maintain that gawd awful hair DON'T!!

Lastly, if no one ever knew, people might think Kate didn't have any parents / other relative. Makes sense why they're never shown on the show. Didn't know Kate burned her bridges with her own family. Crazy!

1995 days ago


Did anyone catch Kate on "Say Yes to the Dress"? She was just as controlling and whiney on that show as she is on their own show - which I quit watching a long time ago, due to her nasty behavior. When I saw that she was on the other program I switched channels after hearing her being her usual "demanding" self. She is SO into this showbiz attention - and everyone is right that it's the kids that are the money-makers, not the parents. I do so wish they would just all go away - nothing justifies having an affair but, good gosh, even I can't blame him! Pull the plug on the show - enough already. It's not cute any more.

1995 days ago
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