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Levi Fires Back -- Bristol's Not 'Realistic'

5/6/2009 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after Bristol Palin preached about abstinence being the best way to prevent teen pregnancy, her baby daddy was already calling her out on a morning show of his own...

Levi Johnston: Click to watch

Levi Johnston told "The Early Show," "I don't just think telling young kids, 'you can't have sex' ... it's not going to work ... it's not realistic."

For the record, the unwed teenage parents did use protection ... some of the time.


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A parent should talk to their children about having SAFE sex not abstinence. Children will start dating and start having these feelings no matter how much parents try and talk to them about waiting until marriage. My mother instilled the fear of GOD in me when I was younger so I did end up waiting until I was 18 and with someone who I love before I lost my virginity! (PS. 10 years later I’m still with the guy- happy and more in love than we were when we started dating!) Instead of being reckless (for lack of a better word) he took my to the Doctor for my first Pap test and I got on the pill. He also, to be extra safe, had an AID's/STD test.

Sex is a natural thing that the vast majority of people will experience before marriage so insteaded of teaching abstinence, teach your child/children about how to do it safely!

1993 days ago


I saw the Palin girl on the Today Show today WITH HER CREEPY FATHER! If Bristol wants to be a spokesperson, why in the heck does she need her father at her side? When Bristol was asked a question about Levi, she waffled and just said that Levi was being able to spend time with the baby. Then her father had to get all involved in the discussion - can't stand him. If she's big enough to have a baby, and she wants to be a spokesperson on the subject, she should do it alone without that creepy father hanging over her so they don't say the wrong thing to ruin it for that awful Sarah Palin. Its ludicrous.

1993 days ago

southern grace    

BRISTOL and LEVI both need to grow up and stop trying to get so much media attention.. bristol is stupid for having a kid and going around saying abstinence is the only way..she should hav thought of that before she spread her legs... and what she said before about abstinece being unrealistic--now she is saying that was taken out of context...GROW THE **** UP n pay more attention to your kid-both of you--not tha media.

1993 days ago


It takes a real man and parent to STAND BY his daughter during her trials and tribulations. Bristol's father is honorable and not at all Creepy for going on television shows with his daughter. Mr. Palin is doing exactly what a responsible parent needs to do to protect his family. Just a reminder, didn't Bristol's parents do the present-day hip thing by letting Levi hang out in their home and Bristol's bedroom prior to her pregnancy?

Levi, life is not all about toking and stroking. Shut the heck up, get some career assessment and counseling, then, focus on your future before your son figures out that you are a Loser.

1993 days ago


It amazes me how people want to stereo type Republicans by this situation. Is it really that uncommon for teenagers to be parents, weither they are Democrate or Republican? No one wants to take blame for their own actions, it's always someone elses fault. Sarah Palin never once tried to hide her daughter and the situation. You can only do your best, in the end people have their own minds and are going to do what they want, this includes children. It's not the mistakes that you make, it;s what you learn from them. Levi seems to have learned NOTHING! He wasnt his quick fame and to bash the Palins any chance he gets. Sarah Palin is an amazing women, anyone with half a brain can see that.

1993 days ago


That was hilarious, did you see him reading his comments off the base of the screen? Watch his eyes, he's reading some PR flack's response and poorly at that! The Mat-Su education system hard at work! lol

1993 days ago


the boy should have kept his johnson in his levi's

1993 days ago


I thought Levi was going to be a model..
Isn't his mother in trouble with Meth sales....
I would be afraid to leave a child in his mom's house.
Even though Levi is a jerk I will admit he is a good looking jerk.

1993 days ago


I like Levi, he's a cutie

1993 days ago


He's cute? So what? Lots of people are cute but never become models and stars because they are the equivalent of a mindless moron. Or, maybe just a moron. Interestingly, no one is hiring him. Consider joining the Army pretty boy. I don't doubt for an instant that there are many tramps nationwide who don't care that Levi created an innocent child who he now needs to be responsible for. Back off stupid little girls.

1993 days ago


Baby drama, whateva.... I'd still suck the socks off him!

1993 days ago


Every time Levi opens his dumb mouth, he proves he is WHITE TRASH,. I hope the baby has more of Bristol's genes and brains.

1993 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

#46 - you are exactly right that "anyone with half a brain can see that Sarah Palin is an amazing woman." If you had a whole brain you would know that she is a hypocritical, intolerant, big talking wanna be.

1993 days ago


I don't know why the Palin family can run their mouths all over the media and Levi can't. They are guilty of the same things they are accusing him of. First they said he was running to the media and talking about the baby and this and that, and now they are doing the same. And, they are flaunting the fact that they get the baby and he doesn't. Levi has as many legal rights to see his child as it's mother does. He has every right to use every tool at his disposal to expose the truth and fight for his son.

1993 days ago


Grow up Levi!!!

1992 days ago
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