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Levi Fires Back -- Bristol's Not 'Realistic'

5/6/2009 8:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Minutes after Bristol Palin preached about abstinence being the best way to prevent teen pregnancy, her baby daddy was already calling her out on a morning show of his own...

Levi Johnston: Click to watch

Levi Johnston told "The Early Show," "I don't just think telling young kids, 'you can't have sex' ... it's not going to work ... it's not realistic."

For the record, the unwed teenage parents did use protection ... some of the time.


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Posted at 11:19AM on May 6th 2009 by GG

Another clueless idiot. Blame the man for knocking her up. Bristol is not trying to be a role model. She is a horrible example of a useless teen and my niece's will never look up to that media wh^re.

Levi has every right to see his son and that tr^mp is withholding his rights as a father. He has not done nothing wrong for her and that b^tch of a mother of hers to withhold his rights. Every son needs a father in his life. Not some h^ssy. What do you say about that?

1961 days ago


Kids over 13 need to know the facts of life. If tell them nothing, then they will go to peers and get all wrong info. Such as age old myth "you cant get pregnent on your fist time". Or the otehr one "If you pull out, she wont get ..."

If parents are there for teens and answer questions, then kids will not rebel and go out and be slutty.

Also, for fathers to think it's OK for their boys to go out and 'get some and be a man', Will you like it if he gets girl pregnent and has to pay child support? No, he cant run away from it.

One other thing, conservative meaness towards pregnent teens leads to secret abortions! Girls get knocked up, and parents have told them "We'll throw you out if you ever..", so they get abortion and not tell, all "OK".

1961 days ago


Posted at 11:35AM on May 6th 2009 by GG

Biased. They are just reporting the facts, b*tch. If the tables where turned, and this where the Obamas family. They wouldn't have even come close to being elected because the devils and demons on the right would have whined about "Christian Family Values." Palin's family is not like every normal family. Not even close. Unless you live in a town where the population is less than 5000 and the education level is equivalent of a 7th grader. Sounds like Middle America. Aka Republican territory. Aka Poor Wh^te Trash. What an embarrassment to my race.

1961 days ago


Levi - what are you doing with your life? Bristol is finishing high school, making plans for college and taking care of an infant. And, oh yeah, her parents are footing the bill.

Levi - you are a high school drop out and not working because you are too busy traveling all over the country appearing on TV shows. Your mother is out on bail while awaiting trial in a criminal case. Have you paid one dime to child supprt? Hmmm ...

I would have more sympathy for Levi if he was working toward a goal - like learning how to support himself and this, in turn, would support his son. It is time to fish or cut bait Levi! What is it going to be?

1961 days ago


Some of you people amaze me calling her a hypocrit. God Forbid someone learn from their past poor judgement and try to help others making better, informed choices. You Go Bristol....

You go to Levi....GO HOME!

1961 days ago


Levi is totally right when he said that because he didn't use a condom with her a few times they ended up with a kid. But everything else is stupid teenagers should never have sex most of you are not mentally impaired so yeah don't have sex idiots because you will end up like them or worse and for you adult people who aren't married don't have sex especially not intercourse if you want to f* so bad like that get married that way if you do end up with a child it will not be a bastard child with no true last name you stupid humans and if you think those kids you accidently have are worthless and never should have been born well look at your damn self in the mirror and break it if you want because it is your fault. I'm an abstinent 24 year old and will continue to be until the day I'm married, If I can do it so can you corrupted earth.

1961 days ago



1961 days ago

Linda Mott    

I will never understand why people air their dirty laundry on tv or in books. I would think that if you thought enough of a person to share your body with them, that you would keep your big mouth shut about it. If I ever had a relationship I would hope the whole world wouldn't be in bed with us.

1961 days ago
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