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Michael Jackson's PR Flack -- She's That Good!

5/6/2009 5:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonWe just got our hands on the lawsuit filed by Raymone Bain, Michael Jackson's longtime publicist. This is the best ...she's suing for $44,000,000, plus attorney's fees.

What comes to mind immediately ... is Jacko's image so good it's worth 44 million clams? Just askin'...

In all fairness, Bain claims she ran every single aspect of Jackson's life ... which raises the question, shouldn't he be able to sue her?

Bain says she arranged his housing, paid his bills, ran his companies [into the ground?], saved him from foreclosure, and on and on.

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::CHILD RAPIST AND PEDOPHILE. He should have went to jail for what he did.::

Yes, and both of his accusers families have criminal histories for trying to sue others for false claims in the past. When are they going to be in jail for their publically recorded fraud?

1962 days ago


The contract with Bain clearly state that she had an agreement with MJ and that she would get 10% fee of any agreements MJ goes into if its generated by, or due to the direct efforts of Ms. Bain or any of her contacts.

And she believes/argues that she was the main force behind his deal with AEG and therefore should get paid for it.

However, her claim of being responsible for his deal with AEG contradicts with the ceo of AEG, because Randy Phillips have said that THEY in 2006 gave Michael a standing offer to do shows. Ms Bain claims that she started to negotiate about shows in 2007.

However, she is also seeking 10% of the proceeds from Thriller 25 sales and from the Sony/ATV refinance. All of this makes 44 million dollars?!
Im pretty sure that MJ hasn't get paid yet by AEG, so how can she claim that amount now? Hmm!

Lawsuits are always exaggerated so the negotiations circles around big bucks! If this goes to court.. she has a lot to prove that she was in fact the one who negotiated the deal.

1962 days ago


ENOUGH of trying to milk celebrities for money, you didn't like your job? QUIT! I can't imagine staying at a job for 15 years, quitting when the company is budget friendly and can't give me raises, only to turn around and sue them because i decided to stay there for years...Yes, celebrities made copious amounts of money and are ridiculously OVER-PAID but that doesn't mean that others should feel free to get a piece of their pie without common sense-valid reasons

1961 days ago


this dumb chick ain't going to get one cent from the gloved IDIOT.

not one cent.

1961 days ago

Interracial facial    

I doubt that the ungloved one is in good enough health to pull off a world tour. But when you're that well off, gofers will work for you for nothing just so they can eventually sue you for a big payday. If it weren't for his Beatles catalogue, Jacko would be a Wacko Vegas sideshow playing with his lifesize toy figurines and arcade video games. As it is, he's still foolish enough to try a comeback and bizarre enough to be newsworthy, a celeb psycho circus that comes to its own town 24/7.

1961 days ago


Am I the only one who doesn't see this so called come back tour taking place? MJ will bail on it... watch and see!

1961 days ago


Michael Jackson is a pedophile. His fame & fortune "bought" him his freedom. In the meantime he's "f**ked" over everyone who's had ANY business dealings with him....why anyone would spend $$$ to see him "perform" is beyond comprehension!!!

1961 days ago

Tim Brown    

Wow enough about Michaelk Jackson. He is a freak why can't he be like
Trey Noran who left the gay life and helps the homeless. All the money
Michael had he could have done good not freaky stuff.

1961 days ago


Bain says she arranged his housing, paid his bills, ran his companies saved him from foreclosure, and on and on. If she paid his bills why didn't she pay herself that sounds very fishy. I would have paid myself first.

1959 days ago


Michael sells out 50 London concerts, and John Landis, Ola Ray, and Raymone all finally decide to sue him NOW. So many parasites after his money,..actually, they're like leeches. John and Ola had 25 years to sue MJ!!! Michael doesn't have time for this CRAP!! He's too busy rehearsing for his 50 London shows. He actually earns HIS money with DIGNITY!!

1959 days ago


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1425 days ago
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