Miss California Runner-Up: Get Out the Way!

5/6/2009 4:07 PM PDT
The body isn't even cold yet and the chick who lost the Miss California crown to Carrie Prejean is already tryin' on tiaras.

Tami Farrell shot an email to a pageant official and we got a copy. It says, "I would never want to steal someone's spotlight." Translation -- Yes, she would.

Farrell continues, like a lawyer: "Her [Carrie] beliefs are not what is in question, but her contractual obligations to the Miss California USA program." Translation -- she lied about semi-nude pics.

Farrell ends with this parting shot: "I...can only hope to refocus all of the attention from the current controversy onto some of the more positive aspects of the program..." Translation -- I'm clean, I'm lean, and I love the gays.