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Miss California

Define 'Semi-Nude'

5/6/2009 6:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanSo how's this for a new twist? Carrie Prejean believes she did not violate her Miss California contract when she gave pageant officials written assurance she never posed semi-nude.

Carrie's rep tells us the photo that's circulating is not a semi-nude pic -- "It's not a semi-nude pose because she's modeling for lingerie."

Fun Fact -- even though we haven't published the four semi-nude pics that were sent to us (because Carrie claims she was 17 when they were taken), we can assure you she was not wearing a top and she was flaunting some side boob.

One of the photos that's circulating shows the same.

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Jenn P.    

To #30: What survey are you reading that 70% is against gay marriage. Let me guess, you heard that on Fox News. SURPRISE, SUPRISE. I'm sure 70% of Germany was supportive of what the Nazis were doing too.

"People can use percentages to prove anything that is remotely fact. 84% of people know that!" -Homer J. Simpson

1961 days ago


Wow, this girl is so full of crap and lies...she perfectly personifies hypocrisy!

1961 days ago


10. What happens here with the pageant and their supportes will definitely decide thier fate. If they continue to pursue this woman. I will find thier sponsors and remove anything they make, offer or sell from my life as well as the rest of the family.
I don't support bigotry against the gay community, I don't support bigotry against the christian community.
But, if they want everyone to take a side against the other....? I choose my god not my crotch.
Posted at 5:54PM on May 6th 2009 by The Dude
Gee The Dude guess you'll have to throw out those feminine products and your Nina footwear, your Darac beuty supplies, your Jessica Simpson swimwear, etc. didn't know you were a closet crossdresser but i think the lord may ba against that. time to rethink your values. ;-)

1961 days ago


Oh she'll be in that great Christain magazine "Playboy" in no time!

1961 days ago

The Doc Is In    


The sad part is that the twisted spin of "equal rights" is really endorsing civil unions which can easily be had now.
A majority would support a civil union vote and that would end any "equal rights" question.

The status of marriage is strictly social and has nothing to do with rights.

1961 days ago


I never take the time out of my day to comment on any of this rediculous stuff. First, anyone who is addicted to what celebreties are doing 24/7 are SERIOUS LOSERS! Get a life of your own. I do find the show entertaining but my GOD some of you people who are obsessed with these people are TRULY ILL! PATHETIC LOSERS WITHOUT A QUALITY LIFE OF YOUR OWN! Bottom line with this whole issue is she is beautiful and probably would have won if she didn't state her BELIEF on gay marriage. Whoever this Perez Hilton FOOL is was DEAD WRONG and showed his little GIRLY side by VERBALLY attacking her and many other homosexuals have ALL JUMPED ON THE BANDWAGON! This guy IS CLEARLY NOT QuALIFIED TO BE A JUDGE BECAUSE HE CAN NOT BE IMPARTIAL. LIKE IT OR NOT HOMOSEXUALS ARE IN THE MINORITY AND WILL STAY THERE FOR A LONG TIME (PROBABLY FOREVER). I don't know if that's good or bad. I don't realy care. Their lifestyle doesn't affect me either way. The liberals (PROBABLY THE MAJORITY OF READERS ON THIS SITE) should attack OBAMA AND TMZ SHOULD ALSO PUT UP OR SHUT UP AND ATTACK OBAMA (our savior) BECAUSE HE SHARES THE EXACT SAME VIEW/OPINION. LET'S SEE THE LITTLE GIRLY COMMENTATORS (PEREZ HILTON) WHO HAVE BEEN ATTACKING THIS GIRL (PROBABLY JUST MAD b/c THEY WISH THEY COULD BE AS FEMENINE AND PRETTY AS SHE IS **OH, YEAH THEIR MEN!) PUBLICLY ATTACK OBAMA AND HAVE TMZ SUPPORT IT! NEITHER OF THEM HAVE THE GUTS! SO ALL OF YOU HATERS SHUT UP OR PUT UP! MY NAME IS GLENN AND I LIVE IN TAMPA, FLORIDA AND I AM NOT ASHAMED OF MY OPINION.

1961 days ago


This is all just backlash because she voiced her personal opinion about gay marriage. Look if you don't want to know, don't ask!
But she was asked her opinion on gay marriage and I for one am proud that she didn't crumble under the pressure of trying to be politically correct. She has a view and was asked her view and she gave it. She should not be hated or villified for having/giving her opinion. It was an unfair question to be asked of her. How about if she was asked if she was democrat or republican and answered republican...would the democrats then go after her?

1961 days ago


And we care about this why??????

1961 days ago

Carrys F.    

Meat. Genesis. I could care less about the Mayans or anything else you had to say.

1961 days ago


Why do you people keep missing the point?

1. She signed the paper in the pagent stating she has never posed for nude or semi-nude pictures (ugh LIAR = DISQUALIFICATION)

2. It doesn't matter what the hell she's modeling for, she is considered semi-nude because she does not have clothing from the waist up and INDEED IS EXPOSING HER BREAST PARTIALLY - case closed

It does not matter what the hell her stance is on marriage, got that, it does not matter, quit harping on it. I don't agree with her position, but I've yet to say one word against her for that, not one.

Now to come out and ask for the definition of semi-nude, come on, that is purely laughable. What's going to happen? She'll be stripped of her title. She'll go on all the talk shows, news circuits, oh it will be a media sensation whirlwind for her to include the 700 Club and the like, after that, well, she better chose her path wisely, because she has be branded a liar now and they will all be laying in wait for the next persecution. As I said yesterday, you have Vanessa Williams to look to as a role model....she was stripped of her crown, title and is and has been quite the success.

1961 days ago

Carrys F.    

NC2KS. Not a single person on these posts said Christians are perfect. They are referring to her as a hypocrite because she bashed gay marriage and then these semi-nude pictures surface. The point is that she is not repentant of that sin. She is defensive. It doesn't matter WHEN she became a Christian. She should come forward and say she is sorry. She should do that anyway. For PR's sake.

1961 days ago

allen antrim    

TMZ pushing the gay agenda? Want to make this girl the poster boy.....errrr girl as the point around which gays can unite, sorta like a negative Alamo? She still is pretty and if everyone else including our government can break contracts and promises then so can she. That gay idiot who was a judge-why not dig us up some dirt on him or is he a love interest to someone on staff; let's be equal and fair here as he made an ass out of him self being bias and all.

1961 days ago

oprah & michel hater    

the bitch is now making christian woman would have even posed naked...and bitch naked is naked....if you cannot define that...then you are a stupid whore!

1961 days ago

Karl Kemerait    

OK, enough is enough ... I am sick and tired of Christians who constantly lie and twist the truth just to save their own skins. Get off your high horse, shutup and step-down. Believe me when I say the rest of the world won't miss you for a second. in two words ... GO AWAY!

1961 days ago


OMG, TMZ get over this already! She showed some "side boob"? What, are you people in, like, 7th grade? Anyone who shows "side boob" best NEVER. EVER. EVER. take a stand against gay marriage!

1961 days ago
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