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Miss California

Define 'Semi-Nude'

5/6/2009 6:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanSo how's this for a new twist? Carrie Prejean believes she did not violate her Miss California contract when she gave pageant officials written assurance she never posed semi-nude.

Carrie's rep tells us the photo that's circulating is not a semi-nude pic -- "It's not a semi-nude pose because she's modeling for lingerie."

Fun Fact -- even though we haven't published the four semi-nude pics that were sent to us (because Carrie claims she was 17 when they were taken), we can assure you she was not wearing a top and she was flaunting some side boob.

One of the photos that's circulating shows the same.

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This chick looks like one of those stupid woman reports on Fox news. Talk about looking like a piece of plastic. You want to bet she will be a Fox News reporter in a few months.

1995 days ago


People that jump on the "evil ol' media" bit crack me up. As I've said before, if you make yourself the center of attention, then you can't get upset if people pay attention.

If you want to scream your opinion on a contraversial subject to every media outlet that will listen, you can't cry "foul" if people respond with their opposite opinion. Quit crying about your right to free speech, then complain about others that would like to exercise that right themselves.

1995 days ago


Carrie Prejean, I am so proud of her for standing up for what she BELIVES in, even if the new mainstream society doesnt like it, or it's just not politically correct. Herr conviction are her convictions, GOOD FOR HER. Where I stand is in the middle on the issue, coould care less if men want to marry men, or even if a human decides her wants to marry his faithful companion his dog, and claim fido as a dependent on the year end tax return, but to scold someone for speaking THEIR TRUTH, is sad. get a life people as soon as NC passes the gay right act to marry I am going to push for puppy love marriage, i need a new exemption my kids are grown and no longer at home, I love my dog, who has the right to tell me I cant marry my pooch, and claim it as a dependant. FREE AMERICA everything goes RIGHT?

1995 days ago

common sense    

Come on people, this is not semi-nude. There is no private parts exposed. Open any page in a fashion magazine and you will see more than this. This is simply an act to try and embarrass her and strip her of her crown just because she disagrees with gay marriage. This is ridiculous and much to do about nothing.

1995 days ago


Hey all you brain dead zealots, here's a news flash for you...Your Dear Leader Obumble has ALSO spoken out against gay marriage. Why don't you hypocrites have a problem with THAT?? Isn't HIS opposition just a *bit* more of a problem for your cause than Miss California's? Or is it just that you don't mind bending over for HIM? What a laughable bunch of idiots you are, with your meaningless, misdirected outrage...

1995 days ago


This idiot's 15 minutes of fame should be long gone. Who the heII cares WTF she has to say? She's plastic craptastic bimbo personified, who actually is listening to anything this fawking blow up doll is spewing out? Buh bye!

1995 days ago


Carrie is an attention whore who cannot accept that she lost. Go Away already, America is sick of you and your BS.

1995 days ago


You lie-You lie--You lie! No crown for you miss underwear model wanna be---LOL.Your parents must be so proud. My daughter, the almost underwear model, de crowned Miss California, gay Hatin big mouth fame whore. May the good lord bless and be with you, may he make your career ambitions successful ones, may he provide an opening at the Victoria's Secret Catalogue so you can pose semi-nude all day long and it will be all nice and legal and sanctioned by the lord above. May the good lord keep married Gay couples out of your path so you won't feel distressed and say something stupid that will piss everybody off. God Bless miss X-California, I forgive your silly little heart and am very much looking forward to seeing much more of you..if you know what I mean, wink, wink.

1995 days ago

cry me a gay river    

3. Maybe she didn't violate her legal contract with the pageant, but she sure violated any sense of reasonableness or responsiblity as a Christian woman. God put Adam and Eve in clothing

Are you kidding? WHO made the clothing you refer to?

1995 days ago

Johnny Crockett    

TMZ needs to stop giving her such a hard time! The media is just attacking her, it's ridiculous! I had the pleasure of meeting Carrie last Sunday, and she is a very sweet, genuine person! It's okay to disagree with her views, but she at least deserves some respect for standing up for what she believes in! She respects others views, but she is not going to lie, and say she supports same-sex marriage. As for her breaching her contract? Yeah, maybe she did. That would be her fault. But she still deserves your respect.

1995 days ago

ACLU member    

Just how on the earth those pics can be considered semi nude? You see those kinds of pictures in every magazine so does it mean magazines such as GQ, Vanity Affairs or Sports Illustrated...etc pornographic magazines according to the Left Wing's standards? So super models such Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Cathy Ireland have been posting "nude" or "semi
nude" in pornographic magazines?

1995 days ago


This is such a disgrace how they are treating her !This is the pageants fault they hold the contestants to such high standards then they have this no morals disgrace of a judge asking her questions.Who put this kind of a judge there anyway ?

1995 days ago


lol....Side boob? This is considered nudity now? Comeon. This is a blatant attack on someone who is guilty of speaking her opinion. Hey! Wonder where TMZ would be right now if they were attacked for the same. IN FACT....that's what we are ALL doing on this comment board. Right??

Perhaps we should pick out a few folks and rip 'em a new one for having an opinion. Yeah, boy! That would be fun.

1995 days ago


"12. She's a lying hypocrtical whore!

Posted at 5:54PM on May 6th 2009 by Prejean is a dumb whore!"

A "whore"?

She's a whore because she's a Christian?

She's a whore? Because she holds the same view on gay marriage as Barack Obama?

She's a whore? Just like Vanessea Williams? Just like every Victoria's Secret model? They're whores too?

You are mentally ill.

1995 days ago


I saw the photos and they are the same as what would be on a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. I really can't believe people are making a big deal out of this and especially TMZ after some of the stuff has published. If think Miss Prejean is nude or semi-nude, them TMZ would be considered a porn site.

1995 days ago
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