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O & Mrs. O

5/6/2009 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most powerful woman in America ... and Michelle Obama, had dinner in NYC last night.

Oprah and Michelle Obama

With apologies to Gayle King, it looks like Oprah has a new BFF.


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as i see it    

I really don't think it is tea that the Big O wants to share with Mrs O. But them Bid Daddies like Varity,sometimes even just plain Americans

1958 days ago


and they say that Republicans are a dying breed...i think the media should check out these's a lovely picture of the two of them, the Obama's DO owe Oprah for her support and the sheep that voted Obama just because of Oprah's backing and now i am left wondering how much more can the media do to inundate us with "Barack is the the best thing to happen to America" coverage...have Michelle do 5 minute commentary on that days topic each and every day???

1958 days ago


to commenter ignorantstupidrepublicans, can you explain why he lived in Indonesia for a couploe of years while growing up and how is it that he went to the SAME Muslim school as my girlfriend's husband? and yes, WHAT was up with that bow? That's not being a friendly diplomat, THAT is showing inferiority...He is the President of the United States and is on the same playing ground as the King...Now, President Obama was being diplomatic with Chavez and the book gift (i do not know why that was blown out of control, he was being courteous people!!!)

I love how people now think if you disagree with what the President is doing, that you are now racist...the media is doing its job REALLY well, blind sheep...I guess we MUST all think alike and having only one political party is great...yep, one step close to a totalitarian society

1958 days ago


I hope you're happy, TMZ: Now I'm blind!

1958 days ago


If you're upset about America being one step closer to a totalitarian society - then stop doing all of those crazy things that are making smart people leave your party by the millions. Its your own fault you dumbasses. Nobody can stand the craziness that has become normal for some of you weirdos. Nobody is going to 'join' your party after reading the sort of comments like these and others I see all over other forums. If you want to complain about us become a one-party country then don't continue to scare people away from your party.

1958 days ago


jennifer thanks for using your copy & paste skills to post the same dumb post over and over again. It wasn't good the first time and doesn't get more interesting as the days wear on...

1958 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

C'mon #155 - are you really serious?? Obama lived in Indonesia because his mother remarried and his step father accepted a job in Indonesia, It's as simple as that. And, if it concerns you so much, why do you have a friend whose spouse went to the same school - is HE a socialst Muslim also? Is that all that school turns out?? HE WAS A CHILD!!!
And the conservatives just LOVE to jump on the fact that Obama met with Hugo Chavez...Do we forget that Richard Nixon actually GAVE two Cadillacs to Soviet leader Brezhnev - and this was DURING the cold war when Americans hated the Soviet Union?? I have no problem with that, all for diplomacy. And, of course, there was Bush #I, who had talks and relations with OSAMA BIN LADEN and Bush #2, who, amazingly, had members of Bin Ladens family flown safely out of the country right after 9/11. Hell, Bush #1 met with Bin Laden's brother on SEPT 10, 2001!!!! Where is your outrage with that?
No, I do not believe that all of those who disagree with Obama are racist - but, judging by the posts on Obama stories here, there sure are alot of them. They simply can't help themselves because they are ignorant.
If any party is now demonstrating the "blind sheep", "kool-aid" mentality it is the Republicans. They are desperately throwing anything out there to see if it sticks - well, anything but an actual plan, other that resistence to Obama. Where was their outrage while Bush was turning Clinton's surplus into a HUGE deficit. Where were the tea parties then?? That is pure and simple hypocrisy.

1958 days ago


Well, once again the left wing Obama butt kissers cannot debate with facts, All they can do is bash the person making the comment against him. I think he's an ignorant incompetent muslim baby killer. I think all that voted for him have no morals, no true character and one day you are going to wake up and realize what a moron you've elected to run this country only it will be too late.He has taken this country to a place in which it will take years to recover. Probably not in my or my children's lifetime. Someone wants to bring up what Laura Bush did when she was 17 YEARS OLD????? Is that the best you've got? In an accident? Guess what? ABORTIONS AREN'T ACCIDENTS and Obama thinks it's okay to kill every single day..., I certainly don't hear you complaining about that. Why is it okay for him and others who have abortions to kill with malicious intent and it falls under "PRO-CHOICE". Good Lord, what a bunch of BS. You people are pathetic. This president is a joke, he will go down in history as the worst president of all time. Not one person has yet to say what he did that qualifies him to be president. I 've asked several times for someone to step forward and tell me what he did to earn this title......Oh here's something.....He's having all other potential leaders MURDERED!!! Hey! THAT'S IT!!....ABORT ALL POTENTIAL LEADERS SO THEY WILL NEVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT! He's sick, dilusional and I can't wait until this loser is voted out of office, unless he's impeached and convicted first! No wonder this country is in such pathetic shape, some of the posts on this website are alarming. People really are dumb enough to think that this man has their best interest at heart...we'll see I guess. God help all of you that think it's okay to kill an unborn child. God Help you that think it's okay to silence Christians and remove God from every aspect of your life. God help you that think it's okay to "talk out our problems" with muslim extremist, God help you that think it's okay for two men to marry each other or two women, In the end it won't be Obama you have to answer to, he won't be able to save you then. We will all have to answer to one God, the only true way is by faith and belief in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...Not Alah, Not Buddah, I feel pity for those of you that think all that is going on in the world is true and just. I don't hate you, I feel sorry for you and pray that you receive Christ, for without him you are lost. What a sad existance that must be, To have no faith, no hope, to put your trust in a MAN?? MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU, BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU.

1958 days ago


By the way, He's not muslim, right? I'm sorry, what is his middle name again? Oh yeah, that's right...HUSSEIN Shiite Muslims regard Hasan and his brother Husain as the true successors of Muhammad, and observe the day of his death as a day of mourning. The name is popular among Sunni Muslims as well as Shiites.

1958 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Thank you for judging those who disagree with you, Mr. Anti-Obama. It's exactly that kind of Christianity that turns me off.
And, by the way, I told you earlier that President Obama has earned his title BY BEING ELECTED!!!!!!!!!!! This IS still a democracy, isn't it?? I know you want a THEOCRACY, but it's not.
And if you are so worried about unborn babies, why don't you go out and take in a few foster kids. No one LIKES abortion, but aren't the conservatives about the govt staying out of people's lives? Then how can they intrude into a woman's body??
How do you debate someone who is alrady so set on the fact that Obama is an "ignorant, incompetant, muslim baby killer?"
I guess that Bush and Cheney were baby killers also...did no abortions happen on their watch?? Heck, they even had control of the Congress for 6 years - why didn't they do anything?? Because apparently they were baby killers also - as was Reagan and Bush #I. So stop blaming it all on Obama.

1958 days ago


Being elected DOES not mean he is qualified! I'm asking you what are his qualifications? Can you respond with facts or do you want to continue to say being elected is all he needs? I've judged NOONE! If you think you fall into the category I described, well then that's your own guilty conscience. Barak Obama is trying to get a law passed that calls for partial birth abortions to be legal...DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? Sure babies were aborted on Bush's watch, but he NEVER went out of his way to try and get a law passed that makes it LEGAL!!!!!!! MURDER IS WRONG, SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS WRONG, IF this "turns you off" well, then I'm sorry. The truth hurts and often several people will be offended by the truth. Ronald Reagan couldn't have been more against abortion and he fought tooth and nail to have it abolished.
And how in the hell do you know that I haven't taken in foster children???? 4 TO BE EXACT!!!!! GET THE FACTS ABOUT SOMEONE BEFORE YOU START SPOUTING OUT STUPID SUGGESTIONS FOR THEM.
By the way, care to elaborate on Barak's middle name and where it comes from? I went to great lengths to find out just where his middle name originated and what it means. JUST FOR YOU!

1958 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

You speak of "the truth hurting" - well...just WHO'S truth is it?? It is yours and not mine.
Barack Obama is very well qualified - he graduated from Columbia with a degree in POLITICAL SCIENCE and an emphasis on INTERNATIONAL RELATiONS. He then went to Harvard Law School (without the benefit of a big name like Bush or daddy's money) and was both editor and president of the Harvard Law Review( the first black ). Then he went back to Chicago, taught CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and worked on voting rights in the inner city. He was elected to the Illinois state senate in 1996 and sent to Washington in 2004 as a senator from Illinois.
In the 2008 election, the Republican's touted Sarah Palin as "the maverick" and "the outsider." Which way do you neo cons want it?? Why don't you tell me about HER qualifications and education. I think her degree is in, what, communications??? Being Governor of Alaska is like being the mayor Yakima, WA - roughly the same amount of people. Barack Obama represented Illinois, which has roughly 12 million people. Alaska has less (way less)than 1 million. And yes, being elected IS ALL YOU NEED!! My dog could run, and if that's what the people want, she will be elected. What DON'T you get about a democracy???
So if you want to use the argument about Obama's name, then guess that Bobby ( I mean Piyush, which is his real name, what is HE trying to hide??) Jindahl is out, his parents came here from India, where there are alot if Hindus, yikes, not Christians. I think he is really a closet HINDU!!! And anyone, McCain, Palin, Limbaugh, etc...who may have a drop of German blood should NOT be elected - - - they could turn into Hitler!!
Now, I would like the impeccable qualifications of Geo W Bush - and don't forget the part about ditching out of the National Guard and avoiding Vietnam, which Cheney also did.

1958 days ago


I stopped watching Oprah years ago when she declared on one show "Everything is about race!" I used to defend her and defend her to others who didn't get Oprah. Wow, pie in my face. She is a hater and only uses whites for power and money. She is a huge racist. It was more important to her to have a black pres/family in the white house, than a really good american pres/family in the white house. And her constantly saying how gorgeous Michelle is? You ever watch her walk, watch her back, she walks like an orangutang. Really, I've never seen anything like it, I love orangutangs, but to call Michelle gorgeous? And to go on about her arms? Ya, line backer arms. Please Oprah, you look and sound ridiculous. You are much prettier and more feminine than that football player ever will be. And Obamaman? He is more feminine than the both of them put together. He is truly metrosexual, man, in the worst way.

1958 days ago

jen jen    

god help us.

1958 days ago


This is ridiculous. Only reason why people are making a big deal about the Obama's is because of their skin color. If I was an African American I would be offended at the treatment they are getting just because they are black. it's sickening. Michelle Obama is no different than any other first lady. She just gets more attention because she's black. Oprah is just a phony bitch jumping on the Obama train.

Our country is full of drones and idiots.....This is probably not the place for a political debate, but maybe you all should have been informed voters and not dealt with the election as a popularity contest. Give me back my change because he hasn't done anything to improve my life but give my children and their children a bleak future.


1957 days ago
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