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O & Mrs. O

5/6/2009 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The most powerful woman in America ... and Michelle Obama, had dinner in NYC last night.

Oprah and Michelle Obama

With apologies to Gayle King, it looks like Oprah has a new BFF.


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The sasquatch and her tamer. They're a joke. I can't believe were going to in theory have to put up with these idiots for 4 years, But then again i see BO being deported back to his homeland before that.

1995 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

It used to upset me how the Obamites blindly defended their man by the only means available to them; They'll throw out the race card, The infantile "J" word (Jealous Hater), the disgruntlred conservative-republican jab, the simple direct insult or the inevitable comparison to the Bush Administration. . Oh yes, it upset me how people would so blindly follow a man we know nothing about or who's accomplished absolutely nothing that any of his followers can specify to anyone's satifaction. Then it occured to me; we're debating with people posting on a gossip-entertainment website who more than likely worship the likes of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears...Oh yes, now it makes perfect sense...

The World's Biggest Celebrity!!!

1994 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

And YOU are here too, so what does that make you?? Oh yeah, a typical republican HYPOCRITE!! LOL

1994 days ago


Would anyone like to guess what Mr. Obama did on "EARTH DAY" (Another pathetic ploy by the gov to steal more money) Here's what he did....spent over 10,000 gallons of fuel flying around to do a speech! Talk about a Hypocrite!!!! Everyone else should stop using fuel but him!! He makes me sick. If I hear one more time how people are pissed off just because there is a black man in office I am going to scream! HE'S NOT EVEN BLACK!!!!! Why in the hell will noone address this? HIS MOTHER IS WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about offensive. Where is the White side of his family? If it weren't for his WHITE MOTHER You FREAKS wouldn't have a president to WORSHIP. GIVE ME A BREAK, HE'S NOT BLACK, HE'S NOT A LEADER, HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT!

1994 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

So you can fire questions, like, two or three times about Obama's qualifications and I answer TWICE. Where are your answers about Bush and Palin's qualifications?? Just choose to ignore the question?? Maybe because you have no answers?? Hmmmmmm - I will assume that there ARE no qualifications for either one. Actually, I KNOW that Obama is more qualified than the two put together and I'll even throw in Jindahl and his fake name also. Have you looked up the HINDU origins of his real name yet??
I won't wait for an answer because it's obvious that you can scream and rant and question, but when you get a question you have no answers, just like Rush, Hannity, Coulter, and O'Reilly. All talk, no answers. Typical

1994 days ago


No, it's not that I don't want to answer your questions, well, actually I don't because I think your an idiot...but I do have a life outside of commenting on TMZ articles. I said previously that Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska population as of 2008 900,000. That's about 899,000 more than Obama has ever Governed. NEWSFLASH Bush is not the President anymore, so why are you bringing up his qualifications? HE WAS ELECTED AND ACCORDING TO YOU, THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!

No response to Obama being half white, half black? Interesting. Why do the Halfers always immediately claim they are black? I've never understood that. Let me ask you this...AGAIN...Has Obama ever been in the military? My God he doesn't even know how to salute..Has he ever been a Mayor? Governor? Never served ONE DAY IN THE SENATE because he was too busy campaigning for the presidency. You are comparing me to Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly? I am honestly flattered!! They are after all on the most watched news channel in America right now. Mr. Obama WILL NOT BE RE-ELECTED. He is killing this country, he's running us right into the ground, certainly I do not think he's doing it alone, and I 've got news for you, The Republicans aren't doing much better because they've set idle while all this was happening. Libertarian, ever heard of them? Do you have any clue what they stand for?

Look it's obvious that you are infatuated with this man (Obama) and there's not much else I can say to persuade you to rethink just why you are in love with him because you've been brain washed into believing this man is the second coming. I'm not buying into it, I didn't vote for him, I will continue to fight for everything he is working so hard to destroy, I will vote against him in the next election, and continue to speak out against his ignorance and blatant stupidity. The man can't even read a speech without the help of 14 teleprompters. What a joke...... He's pathetic. Good Luck to all you left wingers that have put all your stock in this man, you are going to be sadly disappointed later.

Quick Review, Obama is a Muslim, He hates America, He hates Christianity, He believes it's okay to kill a baby in the 8th month of pregnancy, He's never been in the military, Bows down to Foreign leaders in submission, Makes fun of the Special Olympics, Burns more fuel in one single trip in Airforce 1 than most will burn in 10 years, wants to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS the right to vote, Couldn't read a speech without help if his life depended on it. and did I mention that he's not even BLACK?????????

1994 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

You see there, Walle? You're not paying attention. The difference between us is I can both entertain myself on a gossip website and still maintain a degree of intelligence. Good luck finding that defense for your Messiah at any rate. And thank you for that personal insult. Falls right into my argument.

Check and Mate

1994 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

How is "Rock Star President" a compliment anyway...??

1994 days ago

Go Sarah!    


1994 days ago

Go Sarah!    

God help us! The Oprahfication of America.

1994 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

If you REALLY thought I was an idiot, you would answer the questions and set me straight. So obvious you cannot answer the questions. Not impressed with the population of Alaska. And was Bush qualified? No, that's why Cheney ran things.
Not infatuated with Obama personally, actually wanted Hillary. But I AM impressed with the turnaround the economy is taking. 8 of the last 9 weeks have been gains for the stock market. He has worked harder in 3 months that Bush worked in 8 years.
The attitude about Muslims and baby killing is not realistic. It really makes you sound silly. By that thinking I could use the same logic with Bush. He didn't change abortion AND his actions in Iraq sure killed alot of people, even babies. But that was OK because he's a "Christian" - right? And what about the death penalty in Texas - Bush was responsible for alot of death down there, don't you think?? Iraq, abortion, death penalty - he really likes killing in all forms.
And I guess Bush never flew Air Force one down to Crawford once a month - that must have just been crazy liberal rumors. Bush never even saw the inside of Air Force One, right??
Have you done your research on Piyush aka "Bobby" Jindal yet??

1993 days ago


Once again to "ignorantstupidrepublicans"......I do think you are an idiot because you cannot see what's going on around you. I am not a republican and I am certainly not a wacked out democrat. I am a libertarian, there is a difference....LOOK IT UP! You are truly happy with the way the economy is right now, WOW!!! Now who sounds silly? Does anyone agree with this fruit loop? Millions of people are losing their jobs, the stock market plummets, Gas went up 6 cents OVERNIGHT! Stupid rediculous bail outs for big corporations just so they can pay out bonuses to their employees??? Geez, surely you cannot be serious!
As far as Bush goes, all liberals just really cannot shut up about him. Newsflash, he's not the president anymore, now you have your savior in Obama. So why continue to bitch about him? GET OVER IT! As for the killings in Iraq,'s called a war and people are dying for YOUR DUMBASS everyday, they are fighting so that you, as ignorant as you are can spread your monotenous bile all over web sites such as this one. OBAMA believes it is okay to kill a child in the 9th month of pregnancy, you okay with that? Now he's trying to pass a bill that protects the rights of CHILD MOLESTERS, YOU okay with that? His grandmother is on her way to MECCA....But he's not a musilm? What a friggin joke! You foolishly brough up the death penalty in Texas....Let me tell you something, there are very bad people in this world, people who take the lives of others, toddlers, old women, teenagers, and rape them , cut them up into little pieces and eat them! You think people like this can be rehabilitated??? YOU ARE DREAMING! God forbid someone commit such a crime like this to one of your family members and you wouldn't want them executed? More of the same rediculous.."let's talk it out" idealogy that has gotten this country in the shape it's in. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid moron, unfortunately you are just going to have to learn the hard way. Good Luck with that!

1990 days ago


Oprah: This is in regard to a show earlier this week, concerning a young chef who developed stage 4 tongue cancer

1960 days ago


Dear Oprah:
In regard to your TV show earlier this week. Concerning a young chef who made several efforts to see a dentist and a doctor on his own about this white spot on his tongue and told not to worry, etc. Only to find out four years later that he had stage 4 cancer had it not been for the severe pain he was in. He was told that ratical surgery was the only alternative or he would die in 6 months. He seeked out other opinions and doctors until he found one in the states that treated him with cemo and radiation. So far thank the "Lord" he is doing o.k. to date and it has been several years since that time. I believe he wanted to stress that a second opinion in these cases are necessary and not to let one doctor run with the ball. As I could not agree more. However, being a surviver of breast cancer since 1992 and with a second opionion as well. I had about 2 weeks to make up my mind and can recall how difficult it was walking in a fog and on air for the duration with a 7 year old daughter at the time. The point I am trying to make is, this man should have been tested immediately the way I had needle biopsies after my mammo was reviewed. Bilateral surgery was done, none of the nodes needed to be removed and after the pathology reports came back I was spared cemo/radiation treatments. You see having a strong family history of this illness this dicision was made for me. I am happy my doctor gave me very little alternatives to what my future will hold had I waited for actual tumors to grow. Medicine is not perfect but like this young fellow his own instincts saved his life and future and sometimes that may be the best medicine.
Hope I helped someone

1960 days ago


No thanks.

1997 days ago
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