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Chris Brown's Lawyer Runs with Rihanna Pic

5/7/2009 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownWe've now obtained the discovery motions filed by Chris Brown's lawyer, Mark Geragos, asking for all written statements and reports from the LAPD regarding the photo of Rihanna posted on TMZ.

Geragos believes the photo was leaked by an LAPD officer -- He writes, "...this highly prejudicial photograph was sold by an LAPD officer to the entertainment website, Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ). The photograph was immediately viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers and was plastered on every news channel for the following weeks."

Geragos wants notes from the Internal Affairs investigation, along with police officer notes and other documents, stating, "I intend to use such evidence at the preliminary hearing to attack their credibility. The defense intends to prove and argue that the afore-mentioned officers are not credible and that the Court should not believe some of their statements."

Geragos adds, if the court has questions about the credibility of officers in the case, "I believe there is a reasonable likelihood that the case will be dismissed at the preliminary hearing."


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A Mom    

Anything to direct attention away from what this guy did. Smoke and mirrors, IMHO, albeit legalalities.

1974 days ago

Tired of Suckas that abuse and support abusers    

Geragos is a slime bag that represents slime bags like Chris Brown. Leaked photo or not, if he beat the crap out of her, he should pay for it. I say "if" because of our justice system theory of "innocent until proven guilty" It is a very weak argument to say that a leaked photo that will probably be excluded from evidence would absolve Chris of his purported crimes. The victim statements and photos (the ones that weren't leaked and will be admitted as evidence) will corroborate to convict. Though, his penalty may be as lame as probation, since it's his first arrestable offense. To "The Great" - you are correct, we don't know what really happened, but a leaked photo is not injustice - allowing an abuser to go free is injustice. Again, those photos that will be allowed as evidence will prove the case, but you contradict yourself when you take his side, because you assume she "deserved" it NOBODY deserves that. You're probably an abuser yourself. And to "Peacemaker_09" You are just an idiot!

1974 days ago

M. Smith    

It shouldn't matter who leaked what. The bottom line is that he caused those injuries!!!!

1974 days ago


Glad Geragos changed his name from Geragosian. As an Armenian, I wouldn't want to admit he's one of ours.

1974 days ago


Couldn't TMZ (Harvey Levin) be subpoenaed to testify, under oath, about the source that illegally sold them the picture?

1974 days ago


I guaranteed you the majority of ppl who are posting this anti-Chris comments are or predominantly white! Again, a blck successful, rich, handsome kid is caught up in an everyday thing that happens in ppl lives. Many of us are in their business b/c they are entertainers and you have paparazzi, such as TMZ following every walk they make. Leave this Kid alone and go all of you about your business!! I see many rich ppl killing one another and guess what most of you are quick fast to forgive them but again because CHRIS IS BLACK this story will never end! This is why latino's and blcks usually stick together in situation like this b/c the ppl who immediately turn they back when something goes wrong are....Leave CHRIS ALONE AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS!!

1974 days ago


To wish his career suffers is pointless...Your kidz love him...and will still support him with thier allowances...

If you want to blame the foulings of this case...blame our obsession with celebrities and their existance...

If there had not been a market to see the pictures or get the details of what happened (instead of waiting)...This would not even be an issue right now...

Hey the Sandlot guy's string has just been the way...he hit a woman too!

Thanks for keeping us up to date TMZ

1974 days ago

grim sleeper    

Ohh spit TMZ still hatin..GET OFF THAT MAN NUTS DAMN!!!

1974 days ago


Why are you people so concern about something that has nothing to do with you! I thought GOD was the only person that was perfect, but see on the website that we have many fakers! Mind your on business and worry about what's going on in your life. Chris Brown and Rihanna could careless!

1974 days ago



1974 days ago


They were probably combing for any loophole out and are reaching with this one.

Any judge who would go for this should be examined.

1974 days ago


I always wondered what TMZ stood for ;)

1974 days ago


Ha! Our legal system is so laughable sometimes. I do believe in due process....but he DID IT. What the heck does it matter who believes who or where the picture came from. There's no dispute that the picture was tainted soooo....he should be punished? Whether you're a fan of his or not, it's still his own damn fault because he DID IT and hitting someone is against the law. Let the judge and jury decide the severity of the punishment, but for God's sake don't throw the freakin case out!!! Stupid!

1974 days ago


Who cares who gave it to the papers? It SHOULD be public knowledge, the taxpaying public should be entitled to know who and why the service is being used, especially those involving felonies! Chris, you did it, you're just making this worse on yourself. Admit it, apologize profusely and often and start supporting women shelters and victims of violent crimes. I can't see you making it back into the public eye any other way. But ducking out like a coward here is NOT the way to go.

1974 days ago


Black folks, pleasee stop slaving for the white folks, TMS. BOSSIP.MTO, what about Drew Peterson that kill 2 or three wives and got away with it, how about the Craig list killer, and the list goes on,TMZ. MTO, and BOSIPP not making a big deal out of them, what about the the crazy people killing their familys, they not making a big deal out of that , most of them are their people, but they want to ridicule this poor Boy, for one mistake that is no where near the crimes these other folks have committed. And I say it again I believe God has forgiven him, trust me God have a better plan for him, he will make Chris enemies his foot stool, so you better watch it.

1974 days ago
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