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Boobylicious Babe Rushes Adam Lambert!

5/8/2009 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert was singing "Mad World," but it was a mad girl everyone was looking at during his hometown visit when some random chick stripped down to her bra and stormed the stage!

Adam Lambert: Click to watch
Security quickly took her away. Guess she wasn't quite his type.


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Still in Shock    

I don't know if anyone here has seen the pictures of Adam on the internet this past week...I saw them and I thought I was going to throw up. I have watched Idol all season and was really pulling for Allison or that Allison is gone and what I saw Adam doing in a lot of the pictures on the internet...I'm not even going to watch Idol anymore.
I had just finished eating supper....and got on the computer.....I went to a reputable site on here..and I nearly fell out when I saw Adam tonging these guys and dressed in drag...OMG!

I told my husband about it and he looked at the pictures and he was a fan of Idol as well.
After we saw the pictures we were both so disgusted...I literally felt sick the rest of the night.

1992 days ago


Post #32. It's ignorant, hateful people like you that make ME feel sick and want to vomit. You are what is ugly and wrong with the world. By the way, where have you been, under a rock? That news is SO 2 months ago!! NOBODY CARES!!!

1992 days ago


You people who think he's sexy are pitiful!!!! This guy is GAY people!!! These women look like a bunch of desperate idiots!!! By the way, he screams his songs. Next please!

1992 days ago



1992 days ago


homophobes should crawl back under the rock they came from, I'm glad I raised my kids better that that!

1992 days ago


...better THAN that!

1992 days ago


To comment on number 31 Shelby's post.

So here it is guys listen up. What Shelby said is absolutely correct. Go over to you tube and just take a look at the videos of women of all ages are making sweating so bad over Adam, take a look at the forums, take a look at the websites, jealous?
I think yes and for good reason the man transends gender and age. Women of all ages all over the world are going wild and that girl who ran on stage in her bra is just a taste of the effect he has on us females. News flash to you all the boys not men boys from 10 to 100 who just don't get the the Adam bomb. Well it's dropped guys.

Women don't give a damn if he's gay, bi, straight we don't care because he is hot as hell makes moves on stage that are so sexy they should be illegal. What difference does it make who he wants to date? Are fans of any male sex symbol ever going to get with them? Women understand those boundaries. We can just enjoy their music, go to their concerts, see their movies, watch their tv shows and just enjoy it. So what difference does it make what Adam's sexual preference is to his female fans.

Adam is the most talented performer to come along in decades and sings any genre. A song is not just some lyrics and a catchy tune with Adam he makes you feel so much just with a few notes, it's art. Who can sing like Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Axel Rose pitch perfect? You want to hear screaming listen to Danny's Dream On that's screaming. Not to mention that he writes and arranges his own music. Seen Crawl Through Fire Yet? If you haven't where have you been it's one of his top viewed videos on You Tube.

Adam is incredibly handsome has eyes like a cat and exudes sex appeal from every pore of his beautiful body. When he sings his voice goes straight to your heart and it is truly hypnotic. But even more amazing to us females is the fact that with all this talent and instant success Adam is down to earth, kind, charming, funny and sweet to everyone. He has shown nothing but kindness to all the contestants helping them out with their performances. Who else would do that? He thanks the band who does that? So here's a lesson for men of the world to learn. Women love a man that is sexy, handsome, talented but is not afraid to show a sensitive side as well. He's got it all and we want it.

1992 days ago


i was watching adam's stuff today... his appearance at his local fox station, concert and such, and I have to say... Danny and Kris had a much bigger turn out.

Wonder how they're going to make it look like their fave Adam got better than he did next week?

1992 days ago


Hey, I live in the area! I wish I knew he was playing! I would have loved to see him sing in person!

1992 days ago


In answer to #40 I am getting very tired of hearing about the turnout for the top three. For one thing if you have done your reading, Adam for the first time in Idol history has been asked to perform for a closed concert tonight for our troops which will be more heart rendering than little kids screaming on the streets. And another thing San Diego is a huge city not a little town (a little town that isn't used to the press and camera's being everywhere) of course the people will come out. And from what I have been reading in Danny's hometown there were Adam fans just to check it out! So it wasn't all Danny fans there. And the turnout means absolutely nothing in the long run mark my words. Sick of Ignorant people today :)

1992 days ago

Still in Shock    

34. Post #32. It's ignorant, hateful people like you that make ME feel sick and want to vomit. You are what is ugly and wrong with the world. By the way, where have you been, under a rock? That news is SO 2 months ago!! NOBODY CARES!!!

Posted at 8:46PM on May 8th 2009 by shelby

shelby...I am far from ignorant and not hateful at all...the last time I checked we live in a country that has free speech.

Yes... it makes me sick to think of two people of the same sex having you read The Bible?? :/

It is Adam and Eve...NOT Adam and his gay drag queens.

You do not even know are judging ME by my opinion..which EVERYONE is entitled to.

I get tired of people trying to force their sexual orientation on people.

My husband and I would have continued watching Idol and probably voting for Adam...NOT ANYMORE!!

The pics of Adam and his boyfriends is just TMI.

Nope, haven't been under a rock...I work..and I work a lot of I am not able to just get on the internet anytime I want to.

You say nobody cares....well YOU DO, you responded....ROTFLMAO :)

1992 days ago

Still in Shock    

BTW/ that high pitched yelling thing Adam does..... he copied from Axel Rose..."Guns and Roses"..
that was SO 1990's.

1992 days ago


Hey! Comment from San Diego :]!!! I was there!!! I was in the audience in front and in the football stadium! It was funny when.... the MAD Girl ran up to the Stage to get ADAM LAMBERT :D! Ahahahaha.......... It took him 20 mintues to arrive in the school. It started at 10:35am in the HOT STEAMY SUN with HIM there. I got there at 10:25am with my friends. I LOVE THE ASSEMBLY and INVITED THE LOWER WHOLE SCHOOL NEXT TO THEM :D!!! Today was PROMOTED to ADAM LAMBERT DAY [May 8, 2009; 50809] in San Diego by SD's Mayor!!! It was TOO "HOTT" with ADAM LAMBERT there ;]!!! AMERICAN IDOL ROCKS("RULES") in San Diego with ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~~~ San Diego MCHS Class of 2009 Dancer Girl*:]^>

1992 days ago

#1 Lambert Fan    

Post #39, I could not have said it better myself. Adam is a gorgeous human being that is extremely talented. He makes every song his own, and exudes such sex appeal! He is our fantasy. We know we would never have a chance with him, and that's okay. We can dream, can't we? I love most his humble spirit- the HUGE smile that breaks out on his face after his performances, his sweet gestures of thanks to the judges and fans. He is the sexiest, most talented young man we have seen in quite a while, and just as he sang "It dont matter if you're black or white", to us "It dont matter if he's gay or straight". Adam is our Rock God, and we love ALL that Adam is! Thank you Adam for doing what you do! Dont change a thing about yourself!

1992 days ago

Kistra von Z    

#42 -
Let's say that you're in a singing competition. Let's also say that you are "different" in some way. Let's say that maybe you have a prosthetic arm or maybe you're just ugly. Maybe you have one brown eye and one blue eye. Maybe you have blond hair. Who knows, really. Anyway..this is just an example. We'll go with the blond hair option to make this easy. Try to follow me here.

Let's also say for argument sake that you have an amazing voice. I'm going to stop watching your competition and I'll never vote for you because you are blond. You have an amazing voice, stage presence, and I think you're wonderful. I won't vote for you because you were born with blond hair, though. You just being in such a competition shoves your blond hair down my throat. I get tired of being a brunette and people throwing their hair at me by being in my presence.


Not one of us knows what he has gone through.. we don't even know what his sexual orientation is. But how can you perpetuate this idea of hatred?

If you truly are a Christian, how could God be proud of such an idea? His voice is a well trained instrument, but I believe he was given a gift and has worked with it until it has become absolutely beautiful. I'm disappointed to hear people talk this way.

1992 days ago
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